Welcome to Mix & Match Fashion

Welcome to Mix & Match Fashion!

Welcome to Mix & Match Fashion: RedDressFloralCardiganWorkOutfit

Hi! Welcome to my adventures in fashion!  I’m here to share both my work outfits and my casual outfits.  I’m a middle school special ed teacher, so I will be sharing business casual looks that are not boring and are full of personality.  I have lots of love for colors and patterns.  My motto is work doesn’t have to mean boring!  This red dress and printed floral cardigan are two of my favorite pieces and pair perfectly together for an office appropriate look that is anything but boring.  Thank you so much for reading!

Dress: Loft
Cardigan: Anthropologie

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mix & Match Fashion

  1. Elegance Personified

    Hi Gorgeous Tara. I have been following you for a while here and on Facebook. We are style buddies because we dress alike and shop/favor the same stores, plus we both LOVE COLOR and we are the same golden age: 30. You look beautiful here on your very first post. I love everything you have on, especially dress, cardi & belt. =)


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