Abstract Waves

I’m beginning to feel like everything in my closet is from Loft. Here is one of my recent super cheap sale acquisitions….
Dress, Cardign: Loft
Boots: Nine West
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10 thoughts on “Abstract Waves

  1. Michelle

    Oh yeah! That dress was so cheap this weekend! After 40% off and teacher discount, would have cost me $10 or less, I think. My husband voted no, because the top part was too poofy on me. :/

    The boots you paired it with look awesome! Good thinking to use a belt, even though the dress already had a ribbon waistband.

  2. Michelle

    Oh yeah…forgot to ask…does your LOFT let you add your 15% discount on top of their current promotion? If not, they should be. Some of my local LOFT’s would not grant me the discount on top of the promotion, so I emailed corporate and they told me that it should be granted. So be sure you are getting your extra 15% off!

  3. Tara

    Thanks Michelle! Yes, most stores are doing the extra 15% off. Sometimes I have to argue with them though. It seems some associates aren’t too sure what they are doing haha! Oh and I saw you on Loft’s facebook page! You go girl!!

  4. Michelle

    Lol! I am excited but nervous. I had no clue people could comment on my pictures. Sounds weird saying that since I have a blog, but it feels so much different on Facebook. The blog is more of a friendly community. I hope the people on Facebook are nice with their comments. :p

  5. Tara

    Pamela- Thanks! I think Loft may now be my official favorite store!

    Michelle- The blogging community is very friendly! I am sure you will be fine, your picture is adorable. And I left you a nice comment!

    Jessica- You should go! I have gotten some outrageous deals there!

  6. Janelle

    Love that dress! Does it run big for LOFT? Typically I wear a size 4 in their dresses, but have even been able to size down to a 2 or 4P in some of them.

  7. Elegance Personified

    Very pretty water-color dress, I should have bought it when I saw it. LOL I love how you match colors perfect in your outfits by always having the perfect boots, belts, handbags, necklaces and such, to go with your cute & colorful clothes.


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