Game Day “Fashion”

I’ve already shared that I am a huge sports fan, so its always fun to try and look cute while still looking game day appropriate. Everyone always thinks its so funny when they find out what a huge sports fan I am since I am so girly with and into my clothes (and shoes, and purses, and makeup- HAHA). Back in high school and college I was always so upset that there was no team apparel geared toward women. It was either wear big baggy men’s t-shirts or buy kids shirts for a more fitted look. It was always this fantasy dream of mine to create a team apparel line for women that was fashionable, as I had numerous friends that agreed with me. Of course, by the time I was out of college, more and more women’s pieces were starting to come out (I still think Alyssa Milano stole my idea that could have made me millions, darn her!- lol) Anyway, here is what I wore while rooting for the Giants (they won- Yay) (I’ll be rocking my Jets tomorrow night!)
Tee: Old Navy
Necklace: Shopmamie
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Nine West


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10 thoughts on “Game Day “Fashion”

  1. amy kelinda

    Hi Tara! Thanks for sending that sweet email my way and reading my blog. I think you put together some adorable outfits here! I never had the “no women’s apparel” problem with sports apparel, mainly because I’m not too into sports, but I definitely understand the frustration because of my experience in trying to buy concert tees, haha! I think it’s awesome that you’re a lady and involved in sports — break those stereotypes, girl!

  2. Tara

    Amy–thanks for reading! I look forward to checking out your outfits daily.

    Callandra- Thanks! I don’t think a work wardrobe needs to be boring 🙂

  3. Elegance Personified

    You are sporty, sassy, casual, cute, girly, stylish, chic, elegant colorful & fun all rolled into one, when it comes to your style. That makes your style pretty damn cool be admired (which I do.)


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