Girl’s Night

As I mentioned yesterday, this week is Red Ribbon week, which is for drug awareness. Today’s spirit activity was wearing sneakers, so I was in sneakers and a school t-shirt. Not very exciting. These photos are from last Friday night when I went out to see a band with a friend 🙂
Top: The Limited
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
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10 thoughts on “Girl’s Night

  1. Michelle

    So apparently this week was red ribbon week at school! I was under the impression that it was next week! We usually have such a cool week planned, but hardly anything this time around! So strange!!

    The emerald green is gorgeous on you!

  2. Tara

    Lorraine- Thanks! I really don’t have a lot of that color in my wardrobe, so the piece was a nice addition!

    Lori- Thanks! And being from the Limited, it was a good deal too!

  3. Elegance Personified

    I have the orange version of this top which I love. I wanted the emerald green one, too. Both are pretty. It looks real nice on you and it’s the perfect top for a fun club/bar night out.


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