Pink Sparkley Leopard

Yes, I am wearing my sequined leopard shirt again! This is my attempt to make it appropriate for teaching. I paired it with my pink ruffled cardigan I picked up last weekend during the sale at Loft in NYC.
Cardigan: Loft
Shirt: Ann Taylor
Pants: Express


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7 thoughts on “Pink Sparkley Leopard

  1. Michelle

    I love that soft pink color on you! I am hesitant about t-shirts at work, but it can be pulled off if they are not too sheer, and are paired with more structured/nice items…just like you did with the cardigan.

  2. Tara

    Thanks everyone….I figured the sequins on the shirt dressed it up a little bit…haha 🙂 I actually didn’t have anything soft pink in my wardrobe, so I was happy to find the cardigan last weekend (hooray for Loft sales!)

  3. TZ (Sunny)

    I love this outfit. It’s the detailing that takes it from ordinary to stylish. Speaking of stylish, your “teacher” outfits are all so, so stylish! I love it! Can’t say I recall any of my teachers being that stylish! =P


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