Wind Blown

Yay! It’s Friday! Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?? I’m going shopping with my sister on Sunday, and I am so happy because LOFT has 50% off clearance and 30% off new arrivals!
When I took these pictures, it was super windy outside. I had to take an extra picture inside so you could really see what the outfit looked like when it wasn’t being blown around like there was a hurricane or something. Once again, I am experimenting with pattern mixing today. A few days ago, Petite Early Morning Style posted an outfit with a LOFT blouse that I already owned and a black and cream striped cardigan over it. I thought it was really cute, so I decided to try it out on casual Friday with jeans and my white and navy striped cardigan.
Cardigan, Blouse: Loft
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Nine West
Dog: Bratty Australian Shepherd that can’t stay out of pictures 😉
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9 thoughts on “Wind Blown

  1. Michelle

    Oh! Love the railroad tracks! Love the mix of patterns. Looks great! I am starting to feel more comfortable with it after seeing it styled on others.

    I am so excited about the LOFT sale, too! I am going to get that maroon striped sweater this weekend. It should be 45% off for me with the teacher discount. I am willing to pay the $7.50 shipping from another store if the store I go to does not have it. Although, LOFT has free shipping online all weekend through Monday, should I try to haggle for that? Muhahaha!

  2. Tara

    Jenni- I know haha I’m trying to be adventurous!

    Michelle – are we going to be allowed to use the teacher discount? I thought you couldn’t on whole store promotions but I always ask anyway haha…..good luck tracking down the cardigan it’s worth it!

    Brianna- zoey was being extra bratty today ……I’m out with Steph right now seeing that Guy Jimmy who used to be in Split……he is in a new band now haha

  3. Michelle

    Yes, we are. I emailed corporate about it, and in the email it stated that I get an additional 15% off any purchase. I can forward it to you if you would like. I bring it with me to LOFT now, just in case!

    Also…just did some shopping last night. I got my striped wine sweater for $33 and a bunch of other stuff I “needed” for work. 🙂 I am going to get a post up soon about my “savings.” :p


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