An Outfit Built Around a Scarf

For today’s outfit, I was totally inspired by my new LOFT scarf. The scarf was a gift from my awesome sister-in-law. This scarf has so many pretty colors in it, which include coral and lavender. I chose those colors for my cardi and tank, added an necklace (also a gift-this time from my brother and other sister-in-law) and belt, and was all set!


Is anyone else dead exhausted this week being back at work? I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get used to it! 🙂

Cardigan, Top: J Crew
Scarf: LOFT
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Pants: Express
Shoes: Nine West

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19 thoughts on “An Outfit Built Around a Scarf

  1. Jan Russell

    Oh wow, you look fantastic in this entire belted look – I wish I could pull that off! The skirt is beautiful, and once again you’ve come up with the prettiest combination of colors!

  2. Really Petite

    Oooo oooo ooooooooooo! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this look! Totally am going to copy it! LOL

    I have so many LOFT scarfs that I haven’t worn but now I am going to make it a point to 🙂

  3. Michelle

    I love this look!! Such a soft and feminine color palette! Great job!

    It is tough being back at work after all that time off! I want to be lazy again. :p

  4. Elle

    Your sister in law has great taste, such a gorgeous scarf! And I love how you wore it!

    I am having trouble getting back into work mode too…feel so meh at work.

  5. amy kelinda

    Gah, I am TOTALLY exhausted by being back at work! Oh well, we’ll be readjusted to the grind soon, haha! And what gorgeous gifts! The scarf is lovely, and I like how you belted it. It gives it a much more funky look!

  6. Kristen

    What a perfect piece to center an outfit around! That scarf is so pretty.

    And I’m absolutely dying at work this week. Just cannot get back into the swing of things. I’m praying next week is better!

  7. Tara

    Jan- I’m sure you could pull it off, and look totally adorable doing so!

    PetiteLittleGirl- She does have great taste! She picked the perfect, colorful gift!

    CurlsandPearls- I figured the spring like colors might brighten my “I dont want to go to work” mood!

    ReallyPetite- Definitley copy it…I’m sure I will copy one of your fabulous outfits sooner or later 🙂

    Michelle- I know! All I want to do is stay in my warm, cozy bed and sleep 🙂

    Peggy- Thanks! This scarf has many colors in it, so we will see what else I come up with!

    Pamela- Thanks! I feel like the belt makes the scarf less bulky and a little more structured…but I love wearing scarves any way haha!

    CynthiaC-Thank you…its a look I’ve tried a few times, and have been happy with the results!

    Vicky- Copy away! Isn’t that why we all have blogs…to seal each others outfits! HAHA

    Elle- She did a great job picking an awesome scarf from my favorite store!

    Amy- Yea, I am so tired too! And I agree, the belt make the outfit a little less ordinary!

    Kristen- Thanks! I hope next week I’ll be better adjusted too!

  8. littlemissfanciepants

    I’ve seen scarves worn like this throughout several magazines and catalogs ~ it looks so cute on you! The colors are gorgeous. 😉 And yes, I’m totally wiped. I’ve bbecome rather spoiled and a bit of a baby after working only 4 days in two weeks. Ha! ~ Susan

  9. fshnonmymind

    I tried the belted scarf look earlier this week and really liked the look. I would definitely try it again.

    I went to LOFT at lunch today and saw all of those wonderful flowered scarves. Seeing your picture is making me want to go back and get one because that looks beautiful on you!!


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