FALLing for Winter

All of this snow that we’ve had recently is absoultley crazy! The students were off for MLK day (teachers had an inservice), we were off Tuesday because of an ice storm, and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow (and possibly Tuesday too)! At this rate, the kids are going to be going to school until July haha!

So normally I am all about bright color, no matter what the calendar says. Today, however, I ended up putting together a combination that is a little more fall like.



Cardigan: J Crew
Shell, Necklace: LOFT
Pants: Express
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: JC Penney

If you are a stylish teacher, be sure to check out Teachers have Class and Style!

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16 thoughts on “FALLing for Winter

  1. Jenni

    Love this look on you…the colors are so great with your skin tone and hair color. Hope you don’t have to go to school till July! You’ve had some crazy weather this year!

  2. amy kelinda

    Oh wow, that’s so funny about all the delays for starting school! I bet the students are loving it, haha! I like the oranges and browns you did here, too — very autumnal!

  3. Hope

    Great colors and I love how you tied the scarf. Super cute. Sorry, but I still have my fingers crossed for snow tomorrow. We haven’t even had a DELAY yet!

  4. Jan Russell

    I’m not sure I have it in me for tomorrow…these snow days are looooong when I am home all day with all three boys.

    LOVE your mix of oranges in this outfit – fall colors are my favorite and they look fantastic on you!

  5. curls-and-pearls

    Ha now I can comment from home! I love these colours! And I wanted to comment about your stylish teach feature. I never thought that teachers had a rep for being frumpy but when I read your post and I think back to all my teachers I can’t think of ANY whose style I admired!

  6. kileen

    fall is definitely my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors, so naturally i’m in love with this outfit! and i love how you tied the ends of the scarves — a creative way to shorten up a scarf! and the blue nail polish adds some edge to the whole look! 🙂

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  7. Tara

    Jen HaHA- lol, I know what you meant…my outfit it kinda “pumpkiny” in color 🙂

    Jenni- Thanks! I am off again today…this is getting kind of old haha!

    ReallyPetite- Thanks so much!

    CynthiaC- Isn’t the cardi great? I love the extra ruffle detailing that makes it special!

    Amy- Yea, they are loving it now…but won’t be when we have to make these days up during spring break or the summer!

    LaToya- Yay for no work! Exciting!

    ShyGirl- Thank you! I just decided to play around with knotting the ends, and ended up going with it!

    Hope- Hope (ha!) that you get your delay or day off!

    Callandra- Thanks- I know there is a lot going on, but that has never stopped me before haha!

    Jan- I’m sure its rough for you when the kids have no school!

    Sarah- Thank you…this was a new scarf tying experiment for me 🙂

    curls-and-pearls- Yay, you can comment! Yeah, teachers are pretty notorious for bad style…I think back to one of my teachers who had this black jumpsuit with bright yellow bananas all over it!

    kileen- Fall does have so many pretty colors! Oh, and I paint my nails so many crazy colors, they often don’t go at all with my outfit!

  8. Elegance Personified

    This would be the poster outfit of a pretty Autumn Day with frightful, empty trees, dry brown branches and lots and lots of yellow, golden and brown leaves around every corner. I am especially enamored with that gorgeous scarf which I am sure you have gotten it for a great deal @ Penneys.


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