Happy Friday!

Yay for the weekend! I am so ready to relax, its not even funny! Today was causal jeans Friday, and I was all about it! I decided to wear one of my favorite cardigans from Anthropologie and accent it with a newer LOFT shell and some leopard print shoes. Here’s how it turned out….


My favorite part of this cardi is the back….


Is anyone else planning on hitting up the LOFT/Ann Taylor 40% off sale this weekend? I know I have some giftcards burning hole in my pocket….and there are loads of lovely new arrivals 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Tara

    ReallyPetite- Thank you! It is a great top…especially since I got it on super sale!

    jamie-lee- Thank you! I was drawn to the top because of how vibrant the color was!

    kileen- The leopard shoes are the Steve Madden Ulltra…I wouldn’t reccomend this pair though…the “hair” that was on them rubbed of in the back from wearing them under jeans…so now I can only wear them under pants, no longer with skirts 🙁 I know I saw similar ones at Ann Taylor recently on sale…if you are heading there anyway, I would scope them out!

  2. Jan Russell

    Gorgeous! I love how you were able to incorporate your signature pop of color into this outfit – so pretty! I used my Loft gift card from Christmas to order with thte 40% off – I got two tees and a floral shell, can’t wait for them to get here!

  3. taylorbaby

    I had the same problem with the shoes too! Before I even put them on I noticed the calf hair rubbed off in places. This was my second attempt. I thought the first pair was a defect, but the second pair had the same problem. I’m returning them on Monday. 🙁 Too bad because they are soooo cute!

  4. Cee

    I love the bow paired with the cardi. Beautiful pop of color with a pretty print! I looked for the longest time at LOFT and AT, both online and in stores and could not find anything to buy. I hope you’ll have better luck though!

  5. Tara

    Callandra- It’s really cold out, but I really just don’t like the quality of my indoor pics…sorry you have to work…there is always online though 🙂

    sgrudzien- The cardigan is from Anthropologie last year, so it definitley isn’t available. The LOFT shell isn’t online anymore, but I have still seen some floating around on sales racks in stores (as recently as yesterday)

    Jan- Yay! I can’t wait to see what you bought!

    taylorbaby- I know, so annoying! I actually have the SM Ulltra shoes in the blush and berry color too and love those…these shoes are the perfect heel height for me to wear teaching! I’m so upset I can’t wear them with skirts anymore cause they look like crap!

    littlemissfanciepants- Thank you! I hadn’t worn my leopard shoes in awhile, and figured why not, leopard can be a neutral haha!

    Cee- Sorry you couldn’t find anything…I ended up with a skirt and top from LOFT…would have bought more if they had my size in a few other things 🙁

  6. Elegance Personified

    How beautifully put-together you look, jeans or not. I love love that cardigan, it is one of your best cardigans in your big cardi collection. I love it just as much as your stripped long cardis (the gray and the purple ones from Loft.) I also love the blouse. I am a sucker for a pretty, feminine, girly yet modern blouse that features a bow neckline. I have several of my own and always tend to add more of those to my closet. 😉


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