It’s Monday again…

As you are reading this, I am in for a fun filled day of curriculum mapping at work. I am totally bumming it today, but here is an outfit I wore shopping over the weekend. I ended up picking up a skirt and top from LOFT, both of which I’m sure will be making their debut on here soon. Unfortunatley, they did not have the one skirt from LOFT I really wanted in petite. I have been obsessed with this outfit since it came out on the website, and I really wanted the skirt so that I could recreate it. On a recent flyer LOFT sent out it says it comes in petite, so I called customer service. They said it had hit some stores in Florida and offered to order it for me. However, they said I could not use my giftcards (um, weird!) So being the good trying-to-save-money girl that I am, I did not put it on the credit card. I decided to go to a local LOFT store, buy it in a 2 regular, and pray the petite hits stores soon so I can exchange it.

Oh, and another interesting side note, both LOFT stores I went to this weekend allowed me to combine my teacher discount with the 40% off. They haven’t been allowing this recently when the whole store is on sale. While believe me, I appreciate the discount, I would really love some consitency LOFT!



Cardigan: LOFT
Blouse: LOFT
Jeans: GAP

Boots: Steve Madden

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18 thoughts on “It’s Monday again…

  1. Hope

    They never let me combine my educator’s discount at my store, but they have at the store near my parents. I hate the inconsistency too!! I also hate how AS SOON AS I buy something, they do a crazy 40% off sale. Grr!

  2. Cee

    I’ve been obsessed with that skirt since seeing it on LOFT’s website too! But when I saw it in person this weekend, the print seemed more cluttered up close. It might have been the one that I saw, but I wish there were more white space and less colors, like the one on the model. Can’t wait to see you wearing it though! I hope it makes me change my mind 😀

  3. PetiteXXS

    I took a look at their new ‘looks we love’ and that was my favorite too! Too bad none of those items is available in petite sizing though… good for my wallet I suppose lol.

  4. Cassandra

    I love this look! The peach looks really good with your skintone and that cardigan is just adorable!

    And I didn’t realize you were a teacher! Wow, I feel out of the loop, haha. I’m currently studying to become an elementary teacher myself!

  5. Tara

    Cupcake Adventures- They let you use a coupon as well as your rewards card? That is amazing! Since when are you allowed to combine coupons?

    Hope- Yeah, I know…that’s why I try to only buy from there when they have sales…cause I know they will eventually have one!

    Elle- I think it just hasn’t been released in petite yet…but hopefully its coming soon!

    ReallyPetite- Thanks so much! I get inspiration from catalogs, other bloggers, and honestly just playing around in my closet for hours haha!

    Cee- I hope I find the skirt in my size! Then you will definitley see it..its so colorful, right up my alley!

    PetiteXXS- The skirt apparently will be at some point…but I’d really love to know how they choose which items will be available in petite!

    Elle- Yea, its not the most exciting way to spend the day!

    Aubrey- LOFT credit card holders get $20 rewards for every $400 spent….its the only reason I hold a credit card there (I make a payment immediatley after each time I make a purchase)

    Cassandra- Thanks so much! I teach 5th grade social studies and 6th grade special ed. Good luck with your teaching aspirations!

  6. Vicky

    Another beautiful outfit, Tara. I love the coral top on you! I haven’t shopped at Loft recently except for using up my $25 coupon they sent me in the mail.
    The skirt you are trying to find is really pretty and very spring like. I’m really not thinking about spring yet. 🙂 On another note, I really like the shoes she’s wearing. Notes to myself.

  7. goldenmeans

    That skirt is absolutely beautiful and totally meant for you, what with your penchant for and gift with color! 🙂 Crossing my fingers it makes its way to you somehow!

  8. Tara

    Jenni- Thanks! It’s always good at LOFT when there are good sales!

    Vicky- Thank you! It is hard to think about spring with all the snow we have been having….but I’m a sucker for bright color any time of the year!

    Kileen- That would be awesome if you got the skirt also…I would love to see your styling ideas!

    goldenmeans- The skirt is really pretty, I want it so bad! I really hope I find it!

    Amber- Thank you!

  9. Callandra

    Loving that skirt!…Can’t wait to see how you style it!! Great job on wearing bright colors in the middle of winter. It’s so easy to melt into grays and blacks.

  10. Elegance Personified

    You look incredible in these rich camel/orange/coral tones and of course a stripped long cardi usually goes with anything. =) The Loft skirt you’re talking bout I didn’t care so much for. I am not petite but I got their regular size and it didn’t do it for me.


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