Jazzin up an Old Sweater

So in keeping with my “I’m too lazy to come up with anything new” attitude thus far this week, I pulled out an old, comfy sweater this morning. I did, however, try and make it my own by adding fun accessories. Adding a statement necklace and colorful pin can make a “regular old sweater” seem less boring.


Sweater, tank, necklace: The Limited
Pants: Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Nine West

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12 thoughts on “Jazzin up an Old Sweater

  1. Elle

    I love that sweater (lol, your “old” sweater is pretty fashionable still…my old sweaters have bears on them). It looks terrific with the pin, good job shopping your closet! 🙂

  2. Vicky

    Tara, you look cute in everything, even this old sweater. 🙂 Funny I have a flower pin just like yours but in green. (remember it was in the picture I sent you for the Loft week?) Does that mean I can find an old pink sweater and add that green pin and look as cute as you? 😉

  3. Tara

    Jenni- Thanks! This flower pin has proven to be very useful!

    Curlsandpearls- Trust me, there are some things that look boring lol! 🙂 Like the old sweatsuit I like to lounge around the house in….

    Pamela- Oh how I wish it were Spring!

    Michelle- Having this blog makes me feel like I can’t just wear the sweater…so I had to do something to make it interesting haha 🙂

    Hope- Yay! I love pink and green together!

    Elle- Haha! I’d love to see your bear sweaters…they are probably adorable!

    Kristen- Thanks! Adding another pop of color always keeps things interesting 🙂

    Vicky- Yup, I remembered that you had the pin in green! You could totally wear it with pink…or so many other colors haha! I loved what you did with yours in the outfit you sent me!

    Kileen- Thanks so much! I love pink and green together!

  4. amy kelinda

    Awww, I don’t think you look boring because that sweater is already fun with its bold stripes and bright green! I love the statement necklace and pin with it, though!


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