LOFT Abstract Floral Skirt: Worth the Wait

So I was finally able to track down this skirt in petite this weekend! I’m still not sure why it didn’t come out at the same time as the regular size did, but whatever! For my first wear of the skirt, I totally copied the model. When I saw this picture, I knew the skirt had to be mine so I could recreate it!




Since this skirt is so colorful, it has many styling options….I’m sure you will all be seeing much more of it soon!

This skirt still isn’t available in petite online, I’m assuming it will be at some point. Here is the style number in case you want to search for it in stores: 256473

Skirt: LOFT
Belt, Tee, Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Steve Madden

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I need all Teachers have Class and Style submissions by Thursday!

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36 thoughts on “LOFT Abstract Floral Skirt: Worth the Wait

  1. kileen

    omg, i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw that you were able to get the skirt in petite!! i’ve been lusting after this skirt ever since i saw it out. i’ll have to call around to my stores today and see if i can track it down too! it looks even more beautiful on you than it does in the catalog!

    cute and little
    enter my giveaway!

  2. Jen HaHA

    I like how you added bolder colors to your tops than shown on the model, but not the colors on your skirt. It’s a nice contrast. I am interested to see if you do wear tops that match the colors on the skirt. That could be fun for summer! Or whenever. I like the beadwork/sequins on your light blue top.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. Jenni

    Love this on you! I think the colors in the skirt ate much more vibrant on you than in the product photo for sure which is awesome! Next time I’m in Loft I’l have to give the skirt a look! =)

  4. PetiteAsianGirl

    Gorgeous! It reminds me a J.Crew skirt from last year that I liked, but it never came in petites (which would’ve required alterations anyways) and was quite costly. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this and future sales. Thanks for sharing!

  5. amy kelinda

    Oooo, yay, this is so beautiful! The skirt is gorgeous, and WOW at that print! like others have mentioned, it reminds me of the J.Crew skirt from last year. It’s such a gorgeous color, too. And I love seeing your pup in the background of your shots, haha, sniffing at the snow and then watching the people below!

  6. Jamie

    So glad you were finally able to bring that darling skirt home with you. I’ve never seen it IRL, but it pictures it reminds me of J. Crew’s Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt. And I love the unexpected colors you mixed it with — you look so very springlike!

  7. michelle

    The skirt looks much better on you then it did on me! Glad to see you found it and loving how you styled it. I will send you my teacher photo soon, I have been waiting for semester to change to wear my new LOFT purchases.

  8. Cee

    Tara, the skirt looks amazing on you! I’m so glad you were able to track it down in petites. I think you might have started a new craze. Give it… two months time and every other petite blogger out there will be wearing the same skirt 🙂

  9. Pamela

    I love all the colors in the skirt. It really reminds me of one of the jcrew skirts I picked up last year. I like how you wore a blue top with it. I’m going to have to remember that combination for when I pull out my skirt. It just looks great together.

  10. Jan Russell

    This outfit is a stunner! I am completely in love with the tee you paired with the skirt! I ordered this print in the shell and it’s really beautiful. You look gorgeous!!!

  11. Michelle

    I agree with Kileen…the skirt looks so much more beautiful on you…the color is more vibrant! I have not seen this in store, yet!

    I will get you an outfit pic by Thursday! 🙂

  12. Hope

    Grrr, you WOULD buy this skirt, look absolutely adorable in it, and tempt me to buy it too!!! hahaha, jk (sort of!!). It looks SO cute and I love it paired with the blue. I’m really liking Loft’s styling of their spring stuff.

  13. Tara

    Thank you so much ladies!! I really was so excited to find this skirt, and I can’t wait to see if others of you end up getting it and how you style it! It definitely does remind me of a J Crew skirt from last year (Pamela, is that the skirt you’re wearing on your blog header??) The approximately $30 I ended up paying for the skirt is a much more affordable price point though than J Crew, and bonus points for coming in petite!!

  14. Shana

    Great blog! The skirt is so pretty! and I love the color of your top it really works well together! I am pretty tall so finding things long enough is always my problem! Great find!
    I am a new follower and I just created a blog as well..well I have had it but I am finally blogging! I am trying to bring color into my life..on all levels! Would love your help in a small giveaway I am doing to help me choose a header!

    Thanks in advance!

  15. PetiteXXS

    I couldn’t find the skirt in store, so I settled for the top in the same print instead 😛 Plus LOFT skirts in 00P usually don’t fit well on me anyway. But it looks great on you! Can’t wait to see more outfits with the skirt!

  16. Heather

    I love this skirt. I just recently bought it but haven’t worn it yet. I am actually looking for some heels like the ones you are wearing in this pick. Do you know the steve madden style name? Thanks! LOVE your blog!!!

  17. Elegance Personified

    You are looking quite springy for a snow day and I love it. =) You look even prettier than the model. Love this skirt, I wish I had it (the regular, not petite.) I am looking forward to seeing you wear this skirt again and yeah def. worth the wait. =)


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