New Year, Old Clothes

Back at work today….I was so unmotivated to put anything new and exciting together. I went to one of my old standby cute and comfortable outfits. I have worn this shirt and skirt together countless times, but this was the first time I paired them with this color cardigan. Happy New Year everyone!


Shirt, Skirt, Belt, Tights: Anthropologie
Cardigan, Necklace: LOFT
Boots: Nine West

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14 thoughts on “New Year, Old Clothes

  1. Tara

    Ashley- Thanks so much 🙂

    Allie- The skirt is really versatile…the color goes with so much!

    Jan- Thanks! I have lots more color mixing planned in my head, we’ll see how it turns out!

    Kileen- Yup, I’m trying to curb the shopping as well!

    Really Petite- I got this cardi in this color and also the yellow…I’ve seen the fuschia one on you, and wish I had gotten that!

    Michelle- Awesome…glad I could help haha!

    Hope- Yes, blogging is great…so many new ideas…and ones that are old to me are new to others haha!

    Jenni- Thank you! I’ll probably be doing a lot more of that in an effort to stop shopping!

    Pamela- Thanks so much!

  2. Elle

    Everyone has a standby outfit that they love…and there is a reason why…you look simply fab! I think you can wear this everyday and get away with it. 🙂

  3. Elegance Personified

    This is definitely not uninspired. Those are some beautiful rich colored in all your 3 pieces and I love how you have them paired together. I particularly love the skirt and top. I need to find a belt in the same exact style as yours, love it.


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