Petite Fashion Challenge #5

The Challenge: Brighten up you winter work wardrobe

I have to admit, this bright fashion outfit challenge wasn’t really a “challenge” for me, lol! As most of you know, its kind of my thing to wear seasonally inappropriate colors all of the time!

I decided that the backbone of my look was going to be one of my newer LOFT sale purchases, the Moody Leaves Ruffle Shell. I stalked this shirt at many stores and finally found it in my size, and got an amazing deal on it several weeks after Christmas. Going along with the bright color theme, I added a teal cardigan that I bought on Ebay recently (also LOFT). My LOFT orange and pink necklace and Ann Taylor shoes top off the bright color! My dark piece is my newly aquired LOFT Denim Pencil Skirt. I can’t wait to see the other bright looks you petite ladies created!


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37 thoughts on “Petite Fashion Challenge #5

  1. Hope

    Actually the pink dress today RANDOMLY appeared on Loft’s website at the beginning of the month, like it was an older thing that reappeared for a split second (they seem to do that a lot). I don’t remember it AT ALL from the Fall though, so who knows where in the world it came from! 🙂

  2. Tara B.

    I absolutely love this color combo. I tend to complete ignore so-called “season-appropriate” rules of fashion, like no white after labor day, etc. So this outfit is right up my alley!

  3. Em

    The teal of the cardigan goes so well with the magenta/orange of the shell! I would’ve never thought they would go together, but you made it happen.

  4. curls-and-pearls

    Ok Tara, I think this is my favorite outfit!! This is SUCH a great way to mix colours up (and you are so totally brave to be wearing the open toe shoes IN the snow!!. That blue makes your eyes POP! You look fabulous!

  5. Tara

    Hope- Thank you! Some people are so afraid of color, and its my mission to make them understand color is ok (even at work!!) And that’s so funny about the dress…I hope you got a great deal on it!

    kileen- Thanks! I feel like LOFT has some of the best deals to be had if you are patient enough!

    ReallyPetite- Thank you! I figured the outfit was supposed to be bright, so I would go all out haha!

    Tara B- I ignore them too haha! I say have fun with your wardrobe, no matter what the calendar says!

    Em- Thanks! I feel like I always think of teal or turquoise and pink when I think of Hawaii…I guess that’s what inspired this look.

    The Little Dust Princess- Thank you! I was so happy the fashion challenge was for bright clothes!

    curls-and-pearls- Thank you! I always wear my snow boots to work now and change when I get there…I definitley don’t walk around outside in those shoes!!

  6. Ledda

    Wow! those colors look great on you, and the shoes are awesome . I just got that skirt and I love it. I think now I have to get the Ruffle Shell, I’m in trouble!

  7. Amanda

    I need to take a color lesson from you. I just default to black…every day. brrrr…your toes make me shiver…aren’t they cold? :0



  8. PetiteAsianGirl

    The shoes seal the deal! I love the pop of pink down there to tie in your pretty top. But your poor toesies in the snow…be careful : )

    I was at LOFT today and immediately made a beeline for your floral print skirt in petites. But the bf got impatient (and I was wearing 5 layers) so I never made it to the fitting room. Darn winter…makes trying things on such a pain! I ended up with a clearance blouse in a print similar to what you have on here.

  9. Tara

    PetiteLittleGirl- Haha…this is like my wardrobe every day 🙂 Next time, my challenge should be “toning down my colors” lol!!

    Ledda- Isn’t it a great skirt? This is already my second time wearing it in two weeks!

    Alterations Needed- Actually, I wear my snow boots outside and change into other shoes when I get to work…definitley not wearing them outside (exept real quick to take pics lol)

    Amanda- I totally do wear a lot of color…I think its so fun! And yes, it was cold taking those pictures…but I wear boots outside and change at work!

  10. Elle

    Your outfit is so gorgeous, you really took this challenge and ran with it. I love everything about it and especially like the fact that you chose a more conservative skirt (in terms of color) to balance out the vibrancy of the rest of the outfit! 🙂

    The LOFT top is SO WORTH THE WAIT!

  11. Tara

    PetiteAsianGirl- I hope you get the skirt…you would look fabulous in it! Glad you got a good clearance find though 🙂

    Elle- Thanks…I figured the brighter the better in this case haha! I really do love this top, and love the price I paid for it even more!

  12. Cee

    I like how everyone created outfits around a dark piece. And your one dark piece isn’t even that dark! Great mix of colors as always and I really like the print on this blouse.

    PS – You’re so brave to be wearing peep toes in the snow!

  13. amy kelinda

    Wow, I really love the dark teal with the pink! It really helps to dial down the saccharine factor that pinks can invoke and make the whole look really mature, but still fun! You are the master of color combinations for sure!

  14. Michelle

    Georgeous!! That teal with the pink looks amazing on you!! I knew you would not fail at this challenge! You always have bright colors in your wardwrobe!! 🙂

  15. Tara

    CynthiaC- Thanks…I thought about it, tried, it on, and figured it worked!

    Cee- Thanks! Yea, you’re right, my dark piece wasn’t that dark haha!

    Amy- Thanks for saying it looks mature…that’s something I do worry about when it comes to all of my colors!

    Michelle- You’re allowed to make spelling errors on here!! Even teachers can have bad grammar on the internet sometimes lol!

    Jen Haha- yea, can you tell I love LOFT…its slowly taking over my closet!

    Collette Osuna- You should totally check out LOFT…there are great deals to be had!

    Jan- Thank you! I need to wear these shoes more often!

    Erin- Thanks! You should totally rock the bright colors!

    Leah- Yea, it was cold out there…all in the name of a blog picture!! Ha!

    Kiki- Thanks…I don’t think I’ve worn those two colors together before…I’ll definitley be doing it again!

  16. Vicky

    Love the colors, Tara. The pink shoes are such a nice touch! Aren’t you cold out there? lol, you certainly don’t look it. Unlike my outdoor pictures that look like robots in action.

  17. Callandra

    Oooohhhh! Great job of mixing that blouse with the teal cardi, very inspiring! Btw, you know that skirt we both ordered in regular sizes? Mine didn’t work out, but when I took it to the store to return they had petite sizes so I was able to exchange and keep the discount! Whoo Hoo! 😉

  18. Tara

    Tricia- Thank you so much…its very summer like haha!

    Vicky- Yea, I’m freezing…but its sad what I’ll do for a blog post haha!

    Callandra- Thanks…I can’t wait to see what else you come with for it…I exchanged my skirt for the petite also…did you see my post (a few below) with how I styled it??

  19. Elegance Personified

    WOW you look great and I know mixing a bunch of “crazy colors” isn’t a challenge for you but what would be a challenge for me (and that you do quite well) is wearing pretty tall and skinny heels on snow, outside. I would sleep and fall. I am actually good in heels and wear them often, just not during snow days. LOL



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