Purple & Teal

I woke up this morning with a total lack of inspiration. I had a really long, tiring weekend (some fun, some not so much) and was pretty much still exhausted when I woke up. I received this LOFT sweater for Christmas from my husband and hadn’t worn it before this weekend. I wore it with skinny jeans and boots over the weekend, but I have had trouble coming up with anything creative for work. At the last minute, I decided to repeat my sweater from Saturday and pulled out my teal skirt. I’m not sure that this completley works, but it turned out pretty well for the amount of planning that went into it 🙂



Sweater, necklace: LOFT
Skirt: The Limited
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

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19 thoughts on “Purple & Teal

  1. Hope

    I think this TOTALLY works. The necklace ties it all together and the blue and purple compliment each other nicely 🙂 GREAT choice, sometimes my planned outfits work great but sometimes it’s the ones I just throw on that I like the best! 🙂 Thanks for your last couple comments!! 🙂 I’ll def be posting about either a huge snowstorm, a MAJOR disappointment, or a death-defying drive.

  2. Mimi

    This sweater is really cute and I love it with the turquoise..
    um, I love that your dog is in the picture. Mine gets to have a lot of guest appearances on my blog as well….who am I kidding, he writes the blog, I just model the clothes!!!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Michelle

    Yes! Definitely works since you chose to wear the teal necklace, too!

    I love that LOFT sweater, but did not buy because the fit was all off on me. Big bummer! 🙁

  4. Melissa

    I really love purple and teal together! Those boots are awesome, that skirt is gorgeous and that sweater is so pretty on you. I think you look great!

  5. Tara

    Tara B- Thanks! I’ve really been trying to push myself, I’m so happy you like it 🙂

    Elizabeth- I’m a sucker for stipes as well!

    AppGal- Thank you 🙂

    Mimi- My dog follows me everywhere…so yes, she ends up in many pictures!

    Tricia (or should I say James lol)- Too funny! Thanks for the compliment!

    Jessica- Thank you…I’ve said it before, these boots go with everything!

    Michelle- I figured the necklace helped…I don’t think this color in the sweater ever came in petite, but luckily the XS worked for me

    Jules- Thanks!

    Really Petite- I guess it was more like a last minute revelation…or maybe an accident that worked haha!! Thank you!

    Melissa- Thanks! This is one of my favorite skirts!

    kileen- This skirt is way more versatile than most people would think 🙂

    Death By Shoe- Thanks…yes, she makes many guest appearances!

    ENTWINEDhair- This was a new color combo for me 🙂

  6. Pamela

    I like this combination and the colors work really well together.

    Sometimes putting together a look on the fly turns out to be the best combination.

  7. Tara

    Hope- Thank you! And you’re so welcome, you have been rocking it lately….stay safe with all the snow!

    Pamela- Yay! Thanks for the reassurance 🙂

  8. Elegance Personified

    I tried that sweater on during one of my loft trips. I kinda liked it on the hanger however it felt blah, paper-thin and kind of cheap on me, but I still managed toget 4 sweaters that day. This looks great on you and I love it with the cool Turquoise sweater but prefer that bold necklace even more. =)


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