Teachers have Class and Style

One of the reasons I started this blog was to prove to the world that not all teachers have bad style! Although I know there are many teachers out there in desperate need of a Stacy and Clinton makeover, I would imagine this is the case in any profession. I’ve gotten so many emails from readers who are teachers or are studying to become teachers that are surprised to see you can still be stylish while teaching! I think teachers have a really bad reputation for being frumpy, and I would like to help put an end to that!

If you are a stylish teacher or school employee, I would love to hear from you! I am looking forward to putting together a feature next weekend featuring stylish, well-dressed educators. If you would like to participate, please send a picture of your stylish work outfit, your first name, and grade you teach to [email protected] by Thursday, January 27th. I hope to make “Teachers have Class and Style” a monthly blog feature, and support from all of you educator bloggers and readers will be helpful!

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21 thoughts on “Teachers have Class and Style

  1. Vicky

    Great idea, Tara! I didn’t know teachers have a reputation for being frumpy. All teachers I have met are pretty well dressed. 🙂 Wait till you check out the engineers, you might change your mind about teachers. lol.

  2. Cassandra

    What a great idea! I am not a teacher (yet), so maybe this blog feature will give me some ideas for when I graduate in 2-3 years and am stepping out into the world of teaching.

  3. AppGal

    Great idea Tara! I agree that many teachers are in desperate need of fashion makeovers. The teachers at my school are (for the most part) so frumpy! I will definitely be submitting a pic 🙂

  4. Tara

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback ladies! I am really looking forward to this feature, I also really want to see what other teachers are wearing!

    ReallyPetite- Have your friends send in some outfits! That would be awesome!

    MJ- Yes, definitley send one in 🙂

    AppGal- Yay! I look forward to your outfit!

    Cupcake Adventures- You should send in a picture! I’m so excited to see everyone’s outfits!

    Also, if you ladies have blogs, send me that link in the email so I can be sure to link to you!

  5. Karen

    Love your blog! I’m a speech pathologist in private practice and in a preschool…I try to look cute and put together everyday but mostly wear jeans, cords etc bc skirts aren’t preschool friendly…I’m usually playing on the floor or sitting in tiny chairs! I do have a lot of the same LOFT pieces as you do so I love to see how you wear them!

  6. Michelle

    Great idea! I think I can put something together for it! 🙂 So glad you gave such a generous deadline for our homework. :p Oh geez…I was super cheesy there. :p

  7. Darcie

    Great idea! I have always tried to dress a little more on the stylish side, not wanting to look like a frumpy teacher. So glad you are trying this. I will try to send something in!

  8. hurricanekerrie

    Hooray for teachers! I just sent my info in! It’s supposed to be business casual (plus jeans) at my preschool but a lot of other teachers get away with wearing a school logo shirt and whatever on the bottom. When I wear skirts to school, I get raised eyebrows from some parties. But I like it, I have fun with it and the kids like my colored clothes, too.

  9. Ledda

    Great idea! I’m a kindergarten teacher working at a private preschool and wear jeans and flats most of the time because I have to go to the playground (sand), everyday. I love dressing up but there’s not much opportunities at work. I love Loft, BR, and JCrew, and many other petite friendly stores. Love your blog.


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