Teachers Have Class and Style: February

I am so excited to present Teachers Have Class and Style, February edition!

First up is Melanie, who writes the blog Dressed to IL. She is a Reading Specialist working with teachers to improve their reading instruction, and with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.


Next we have Michelle, from the blog The Petite Fitting Room. She teaches 7th grade U.S. History. She got a great deal on this snood from ASOS, and only paid $7 for it!


Robin writes the blog California Dreams. She teaches 7th grade pre-algebra. Here are her outfit details: Anthropologie Deuxhill Cowlneck, LOFT belt (from a dress), Banana Republic Cardigan, Hue tights, Calvin Klein shoes.


Jenn writes the blog Complex Cardigans. She teaches 9th and 10th grade Algebra I.


Jo writes the blog Days Go By. She teaches transitional Kindergarten.


Kerrie is from the blog Books and Looks. She is a Preschool teacher who loves incorporating color into her wardrobe. She says it lifts her mood, and her students love it!


Kish is from the blog Me, Myself, & Style. She teaches 6th grade Reading/Language Arts.


Krissy writes the food blog Dainty Chef. She teaches 4th grade in NJ. Her jeans and top are from LOFT, and her boots are from Rack Room Shoes.


Lydia writes the blog Boy Howdy Daily. She is an 8th grade History teacher in Texas.


Fernanda is from the blog The Simple Life in the Midwest. She is actually still in college, in her last semester before student teaching. She hopes to teach upper elementary school.


Hope is from the blog Hope and the Dress Code. She is a High School Counselor.


Next up is AppGal, from the blog Musings on the Mountain. She teaches high school English. Here are her outfit details: Shirt: J.Crew Haberdashery, Skirt: Anthropologie Peppered and Striped, Tights: J.Crew honey glaze (c/o Slastena!), Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Ridgefield pumps
Headband: J.Crew gold bow


Our next teacher writes the blog Apples and Pencil Skirts. She teaches 4th grade. Here are her outfit details: Talbots pencil skirt, Gap outlet shirt, Target belt, Style & Co shoes, Leather jacket via Wilson Leather


Ashley is from the blog Classy Chassy. She teaches first grade.


Ashley is from the blog Ashley’s Antics. She is an elementary school, school psychologist so she works with age 3 through grade 5.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with my outfit from Thursday. I teach 5th grade Social Studies and 6th grade Special Education. Here are my outfit details: Cardigan, Skirt: LOFT, Blouse: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Target


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18 thoughts on “Teachers Have Class and Style: February

  1. Kristen

    I love this series! So great to see some fashionable teachers and I love the stylish examples they’re setting for the girls/women in their classrooms.

  2. ApplesandPencils

    Hi Tara–thanks for putting together another fabulous edition! I have awarded you AND all of the stylish teachers featured here the Stylish Blogger Award. I’m not able to contact all of these teachers directly, so I hope that they see this comment!

    For information on how to collect this award, please visit:

    Stylish Blogger Award

  3. Kish

    This is awesome! It’s amazing to know that there are so many teachers out there who put as much effort and care into how they present themselves as they do in presenting their lessons! Thanks, Tara!

  4. Melanie

    Teachers are smart, hot, and deserving of decent wages, healthcare, and respect! If you can read this, thank a teacher.
    Thanks for featuring some gorgeous ladies!

  5. Giuseppina Lubrano

    this is awesome! i’m so excited to see other teachers that i can relate to. i feel like the teachers at my school (for the most part) are TRYING to be as far from stylish as possible! 😉

  6. Elegance Personified

    Beautiful job, teachers. My favorites this time are: 1] (I have two runner-upps) Melanie and Kerri, two different styles, but both eclectic, stylish, fun and very put-together – love them both A LOT; 2] also two runner-upps, the stylish girls from Complex Cardigans, and Apples & Pencil Skirts; 3] Michelle (of course), 4] You Tara (of course), 5] Ashley, 6] AppGal also in a tie for #6] with Kish.


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