Come on, Spring!

So I’ve been thinking….maybe if I wear Spring colors enough it will decide to get warm and actually stay warm??? It is so cold outside today…I swear it feels like it could snow…which its not supposed to do. However, we are supposed to get about 3 inches of rain tomorrow and are already under a flood watch….sounds great!


Blouse, Cardigan, Pants: New York & Company
Shoes: Target
Bag: Coach Kristin

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22 thoughts on “Come on, Spring!

  1. Michelle

    I love seeing that shirt on you!

    I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather, too! It is tough not too when all the stores start stocking the spring clothes!

  2. Tara

    Jenni- Thank you, I needed layers for warmth today! Unfortunatley, the shoes are not recent, they are from about 2 years ago…which is a testament to how well Target shoes last lol!

    kerrie- I figure the brighter, the better!

    PetiteLittleGirl- Thank you, I cannot wait for consistent nice weather!

    Jan- Thanks so much 🙂 Shoes are old, unfortunatley.

    Judy- Thank you!

    Michelle- Thanks so much….we need warmth lol!

  3. Hope

    Boy sometimes I forget about NY and Co, but this outfit reminds me that they have some really cute things!! It just makes me smile…

  4. Kish

    Great combo. I really like the blouse, especially the ruffles! Yeah!
    Do you have any cute rain boots to weather the…er, weather tomorrow?

  5. Mommyblogger

    How pretty you are! I love Spring & love Spring colors. Hoping it hurries on up too, I’m tired of winter 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    I love this combination oh so much! Really this makes me think of Spring and Summer and the bright colors we all get to wear. I love how you are wearing them now! 🙂 You look adorable and comfortable!


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