Drying Out

So as you can see from these pictures, it is absolutley disgusting out here. Crazy puddles, mud everywere, roads flooded. Pretty much really yucky!
This weekend I am headed to my mom’s house to spend the weekend with her and my sister. It is my brother’s bachelor party weekend, so my husband and father and brothers will all be in NYC, so we are having a girl’s weekend. Fun, fun!



Cardigan: LOFT
Blouse: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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14 thoughts on “Drying Out

  1. Lisa

    hi i love your blog 🙂 you’ve got amazing style! i super love your bright pink blouse it’s so pretty and perfect for spring.. heheh too bad the weather isn’t better!

    i’m a new follower would love for you to follow me too!

  2. Elle

    I love your outfit! Though the umbrella is such a show stealer! I love the bright color (haha new accessory for the Spring? 🙂 )

    I can relate to the yuck on the road…I can’t wait for a good rain (aka one that takes place while I am sleeping) to wash away the dirt and then a very sunny day to dry everything up!

  3. PetiteXXS

    I recognize that blouse! I did a post on it a while back and really liked it, but didn’t end up keeping because it was a tad too big on me. But it looks great on you!

  4. Elegance Personified

    Yucky or not, you have made a fine choice Tara and you look great in your incredible Hot Pink Blouse and Gray Loft Cardi. Both your photos are so cute, including the one from the back showing off that incredible umbrella which goes great with your outfit. Congrats to your brother on becoming a groom!!


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