Making a Statement

So my husband and I have an exciting weekend coming up that consists of deciding on paint colors and looking for various other items for our condo! As long as everything goes well, we will be closing in a few short weeks, and I can’t wait!!

Now that we are back into frigid temperatures here in good old NJ, I needed to pull out a sweater to keep me warm…which I should not have to do since its SPRING lol! However, it did give me a chance to bring out this LOFT sweater that has only gotten a few wears.

I decided to pair the sweater with my new statement necklace that I love from Simply You. Simply You contacted me to see if I would be interested in some of their jewelry. Once I saw their website, I immediately said yes! There are so many pretty, affordable pieces on the site. I was really impressed with how quickly my jewelry arrived, and it was packaged beautifully, with each piece in its own little pouch. Be sure to check them out!


Necklace: c/o Simply You (Meadow Necklace)
Sweater: LOFT
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden

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10 thoughts on “Making a Statement

  1. hurricanekerrie

    I’m sure there’ll be at least one exciting color for your paint choices haha 🙂 Doesn’t everyone need a statement wall, too? Love the color of this sweater… tan and purple, huh. I think I’ll have to try that combo next week. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Jan Russell

    You look gorgeous, that sweater is so pretty on you! And I can’t wait to see how your condo comes along once you are settled in and make it your own! Good luck with your paint – are you doing those sample jugs? They are SO worth every penny to find the exact color you want 🙂

  3. Mommyblogger

    Love that sweater. It’s cold here today too so I’m sporting a sweater as well. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Tara

    Thanks so much everyone…I think we now have almost all of our paint picked out! And Jan- yup, we have a whole wall in our kitchen painted with random colors lol!

  5. PetiteXXS

    Very cute necklace! I was raised in a boring white-walled home and have never been allowed to paint in any of my rentals, so being able to (at least try to) paint walls is one of the things I’m looking forward to when buying a home!


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