New LOFT Shell

So this weekend I used the last of my LOFT giftcards. I guess that means no more shopping for me for awhile. I did pick up this LOFTshell, which was on sale. I also own the skirt that has the matching print, but I figured that was ok. With the 30% off going on, I also picked up a new skirt, which Iā€™m sure you will all be seeing soon!
This shell has been worn so beautifully by Callandra, Jan, and Liane that I had to check it out. (Sorry if I’m forgetting anyone, feel free to link in the comments if so) I loved it when I put it on, and could not resist its charm! I decided to pair it with this J Crew skirt that has been sitting in my closet, unworn since last spring. ( I know Kileen has an almost identical one from recently, I think) You will definitely be seeing a lot more of this skirt!


Cardigan, Shell: LOFTNecklace: Ann TaylorSkirt: J Crew Double Serge Pencil SkirtShoes: Steve Madden

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17 thoughts on “New LOFT Shell

  1. kileen

    yay for the abstract floral print!! i love the blouse and it’s so pretty paired with the purple skirt! i’m hoping they still have small sizes left my in store too cause i have a gift card that needs to be used up! šŸ™‚

    cute & little

  2. Michelle

    Gorgeous! That shell looks great with the purple skirt! I did not make it to LOFT this weekend. Have not been since January! Wow! But that shell will definitely have me in the store soon!

  3. Jamie

    I agree with Elizabeth — this outfit is one of my favorites, as well. The bright fuschia color of the skirt really complements the lovely pastels in the shell. Just gorgeous!

  4. Elegance Personified

    Tara you look awesome in this bouqet of spring colors you have sprung onto your outfit! That skirt is incredible, a classic pencil style in a fun, vivid purple color. I love the shell too. I know you have the matching-print skirt (which I picked up myself a few weeks ago at Loft, with some other things.) I would have bought this blouse too if I had seen it. Bummer.


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