Red Remix

Another Tuesday….another day of wearing red to support public education! I wore this cardigan a few weeks ago, and because of a lack of red in my wardrobe, needed to pull it out and remix! So I think we are finally close to picking out all of the paint colors for our condo…just one more to go, and its finding a green for our guest bedroom! For some reason, that has been a real tricky one for us!

Cardigan, Blouse, Necklace, Belt: LOFT Pants: Express Shoes: Nine West Bracelet: Lana Bracelet c/o Simply You

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26 thoughts on “Red Remix

  1. Tara

    featherfactor- Thanks 🙂

    Amy- Actually, its every Tuesday lol! I’m pretty sure its a nation wide thing, and we have to wear red until further notice 🙂

  2. Bethany

    Green paint was difficult for us but I found a really nice one from Lowes–Eddie Bauer in Bayleaf. It’s not too dark and covers really well. By the way…I love this outfit. I have the top and wear it with a teal cardigan (combo from you) and I get a lot of compliments!

  3. hurricanekerrie

    The pink and red look so lovely on you. I’ve never paired these two together. Maybe it’s about time. Love how the ruffles on your blouse make things even more interesting.

  4. Hope

    That cardigan brings a tear to my eye because I had the same one and ripped a BIG hole in it back in November. I haven’t found a proper replacement yet. It’s that nice deep shade of red that’s tough to find! Sigh- It looks fabulous on you!! 🙂

  5. Michelle

    Gorgeous pairing!

    Good luck with the paint! You may already be doing this, but I want to suggest…buy a small sample of about five paints that you like, and paint a square foot or so on the wall for each. Look at them for a few days in different lights. My husband and I made the huge, huge, huge mistake of just going from the paint card. So awful! We lived with orange, very orange, paint all over downstairs (eek!!), and unfortunately our master bedroom still looks like a baby boy’s room (blue) after two years! We fixed the downstairs last summer, and this summer we will finally fix the master.

  6. Sherry Jarwin

    I love the red – I will start wearing red on Tuesday. I am a huge fan of teachers!! And I DO think I need to try to style red and pink together. I have been seeing it a lot. You look gorg. Cheers!

  7. Jan Russell

    So vibrant and pretty! No idea what kind of green you are going for, but we just painted our basement Sherwin Williams Lemongrass and I love it! Good luck!


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