Snow in the Spring

For real. I thought we were done with the disgusting, snowy weather. Apparently, I was wrong. I woke up today to snow, and my school ended up having a 90 minute delay. Total insanity when it was almost 80 degrees out a week ago!
Anyway, my extra 90 minutes this morning allowed me to get my outfit together and take pictures for the Petite Fashion Challenge, which will be posted tomorrow evening!
On to today’s outfit. I have totally been on a teal and purple kick recently, so here is my latest creation…


Cardigan: Banana Republic
Blouse: LOFT
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: Target

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16 thoughts on “Snow in the Spring

  1. Callandra

    Awww…I read your title before I got to your post and was thinking…”Wow! I hope Tara hasn’t had to put up with more snow!” The good news is you look fabulous in all of your color 😉

  2. Kish

    Sorry about the “surprise” weather…as one of my kids said, we have “bipolar weather” here in Houston, too. This is a great look on you! I have this same skirt but in a burnt orange color! I may have to try purple and turquoise (which seems to be a hot color right now on several other blogs that I’ve read) b/c those colors look great together with the way that you styled your outfit.

  3. hurricanekerrie

    Love all these colors! It’s so cohesive… I’m still marvelling at it… The shell is gorgeous with the skirt but when you threw on the cardigan… wow. 🙂 I will have to copy this color combo sometime. Amazing!!!


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