So at work on Tuesdays, we are supposed to be wearing “Red for Ed” until further notice. This is to show support for public eduction, which is taking a really big hit both here in NJ and nation wide. This is my second week wearing red, and I’m worried I will run out of red things to wear quite quickly!!




Dress: ShopMamie
Cardigan, Belt: LOFT
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Bag: Coach Kristin

On another note, did you know that you can win a $1000 LOFT shopping spree? All you have to do to enter is become a fan of LOFT on facebook! You can also help them create their summer love list, and vote on your favorite items.
I entered the first day the contest opened, and there are some super cute items that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Enter the sweepstakes by clicking here!

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23 thoughts on “Tuesday!

  1. Beautygirl24

    I am not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog before (although I read it all the time), but I had to when I saw this outfit. It is so cute! I love the color combination so much! The camel boots and bag really compliment the red, black, and white. Love!

  2. cupcake adventures

    I know what you mean about red! I have no red except a red wool sweater. I did wear a red necklace today! I want to grab a red belt. We are suppose to wear red on Tuesday and white on Friday’s for our own unity to show support to get our contract approved. It’s getting confusing of what color on what day!

    p.s. your outfit is a great match of colors.

  3. Hope

    I LOVE this dress- It’s so cute. I can’t even comment about the negativity that is going around about public education b/c I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop! Argh!

  4. Melissa

    Loooooove this! I especially love the unexpected brown boots with the otherwise black outfit. So chic! That red sweater looks great on you.

    How about using just a red belt, or a red necklace? Would that count? You can use the same red pieces over and over again, too. Wear that cardigan buttoned up underneath the dress! 🙂

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom’s Closet

  5. Tara

    Melissa- I am definitly going to have to remix if this continues! I do have a skinny red belt, but most people are a little more hard core than that lol! Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Beautygirl24- Thanks so much:)

    cupcake adventures- I can deal with being told what color to wear one day a week, I don’t know about two lol!

    Hope- I hear ya…the whole situation is crazy!

  6. Elegance Personified

    This challenge would be right up my alley since I love red, it’s my number one favorite color and I do own a lot of red, too. You look beautiful by the way and I am envying both the boots and the purse. Black, White & Red is my favorite trio-color combination, ever. =)


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