Wearing Red (Shoes) for Ed(ucation)

Tuesday, another day to wear red to support public education….honestly I am starting to run out of red inspiration! I broke out my red shoes that are kind of painful, hoping to break them in a little bit better, and I actually made it through the day with them on (although it wasn’t the most comfortable!) I have been so busy recently and definitely will be for the next few weeks, so please bear with my sporadic posts. My brother’s wedding is this Sunday and we are getting ready to move soon so things are kind of crazy. We have the walk through for our condo tomorrow as well as the wedding rehearsal, so it will be a busy day!

Cardigan: Anthropologie Lace shirt: The Limited Pants: Express Shoes: Steve Madden

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13 thoughts on “Wearing Red (Shoes) for Ed(ucation)

  1. Cee

    Definitely a great choice to wear the red shoes with your outfit. I’m trying to picture it with other colors — black? Safe and classic, but red? Yes, takes the outfit to a whole ‘nother level.

    This is such an exciting time (and week!) for you, Tara. I wish your brother all the best and crossing my fingers that your condo walkthrough goes well without a hitch.

  2. Hope

    Good luck with the move, I hate moving BUT the results are so worth it!! 😉 No worries about lack of posts, you need time now!

    Btw, I LOVED that you had a cat named “Marmalade”. That’s the cutest name!! 🙂

  3. hurricanekerrie

    These shoes are so cute, though. They work perfectly with this adorable floral cardigan!
    I hope they get better as you wear ’em. Good luck on the move and have fun at the wedding.

  4. Tara

    Thanks ladies….this is such a busy time for me, but luckily all good things! I’m so looking forward to the wedding and moving 🙂


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