Wedding Fun

Since I am off from work this week and spending my time in crappy clothes because I am in the process of moving, I figured I would share some pictures from my brother’s wedding last weekend. The bride looked absolutley gorgeous, and they ended up with a beautiful, amazing, super fun day!! First up, here is the best picture of what my sister and I wore to the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunatley it was super chilly and I never got to take the cardigan off that I brought just to stay warm. My dress, cardi, shoes, and necklace are all from Ann Taylor. I know you really can’t see, but I am wearing pink shoes! My sister’s dress is a recent adorable purchase from The Limited.

Next is a picture of my husband and I walking down the aisle. Sorry, I know some of these aren’t the best quality!

The bride and groom outside of the church:

My sister and I (yes, it was pretty windy):

The girls and my brother:

Mother/Son Dance:

My cousin, sister, new sister-in-law, and me!

That’s all for now 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Wedding Fun

  1. Cee

    I loveee browsing wedding pictures, so thank you so much for sharing! Everyone and everything looked fabulous! I’m glad you had a great time 🙂


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