Condo Living Room Tour: Teal and Green Living Room

So we are finally almost done with everything in our condo. The only major project that we have left to do is paint the master bathroom, which hopefully we will get around to this upcoming weekend. So I finally get to show it off! I figured I would start with our living room. I really wanted to make sure that more than anything our personalities were reflected in our condo. Our apartment really didn’t reflect either of us at all, so we wanted to do it differently this time around. I think you all pretty much know my style, which is patterns, and bold, bright colors. The husband is definitely a lot more subtle, he really likes simple with darker colors. So we have a lot of gray paint colors in the house, a dark gray couch, with some brighter accent walls and bright decor. I think it was a good compromise! I’m loving the way our teal and green living room came out!  I would say that throughout this whole process, as far as decorating, Etsy, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Ikea have been my best friends 🙂


Dog leash holder from Etsy seller




Couch: Macys, Rug: Crate & Barrel, Pillows: Etsy, Coasters: Anthropologie


Curtains: West Elm


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13 thoughts on “Condo Living Room Tour: Teal and Green Living Room

  1. Michelle

    You did a great job decorating! Gorgeous color scheme!! I love the crown-molding!

    Your LOFT cardigan is gorgeous! Love the pop you added with the belt!

  2. Sarah

    Great job on decorating the new condo!! Love the color combo. I like how it totally reflects your personality but I can see it as a good fit for hubby too. So cheerful! And your outfit today is cute as well.:)

  3. b_ra

    I really love how you decorated your condo. It’s so simple but the touches of colour really add personality. I love the red shirt too!

  4. Cee

    Amazing job on the living room! I love how you and your husband were able to compromise. I think that’s the biggest issue with my bf and I too — if/when we ever buy a place and we have to decorate. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do as nice of a job as you did!

  5. Jamie

    You guys did a great job combining your two design aesthetics. I especially love the curtains, and all the chartreuse accents!

  6. amy kelinda

    I love the rug and the shelves! They add so much punch to the room without being too over the top — very nicely done! Maybe you can come by and help me decorate my place when I eventually move, haha! You look super adorable in your Tuesday outfit, too — love the red top and the unexpected blue belt!

  7. triciathomas

    I love the way you decorate and I think we have the same wall color! Is is RH silver sage? I love all the little touches of color and dogs! You look beautiful as always!

  8. Jessica

    What a cute condo! I love the color combo you have going on and all the pops of color. Especially love the dog bookends, are they jonathan adler???

  9. Tara

    Thanks ladies…decorating was so much work, but also so fun! Tricia, the wall color is Benjamin Moore Smoke 🙂 Jessica, yes the bookends are Jonathan Adler….from Barnes and Noble…I fell in love with them and couldn’t resist!


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