Max(i)ed Out in AC

After doing a not so fabulous paint job at our old apartment on Saturday, my husband and I headed down to Atlantic City for Sunday and Monday. My parents recently bought a house about 20 minutes from there, so I’m sure there will be many upcoming trips 🙂
I am totally breaking two well known petite fashion rules: wearing long dresses and large prints. I loved this dress when I saw it, so really don’t care lol! I’m sure I will get a ton of use out of it this summer! I’m already planning on wearing it to a baby shower in a few weeks.
Are there any fashion rules that you break often??




My sister thinks she’s so funny trying to ruin the pic….little did she know I’d post it anyway haha!

Dress: Banana Republic
Bag: Coach
Necklace: F21

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16 thoughts on “Max(i)ed Out in AC

  1. hurricanekerrie

    I think the dress is super chic! I think the pattern on your dress is gorgeous. I’ve been wanting a new maxi lately. But “want” is the operative word. Now, I really, really want one.

  2. b_ra

    I think your “rule breaking” ended up being really pretty. I don’t think the dress overpowers you at all despite the length and print.
    I love your purse! It’s so pretty!

  3. Jenny

    I have recently just started wearing maxi dresses some solids some with prints! I.LOVE.THEM. I think you look amazing!!! I am 5’3 had no idea that there was a rule for us short people…oh well!!
    You look good!

  4. Beautygirl24

    Very cute Tara! Like you, I’m petite but decided to be brave this season and buy not only a maxi dress, but also one with a leopard print! I just featured it on my blog. I love this one on you because it fits your body so well. Cute colors too!


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