DIY Painted Chevron Curtains and Orange Accents

I am so excited to reveal my bedroom to you all….this may be my favorite room of all!
When I first started looking around the internet for ideas on house decor, one thing that I was immediately drawn to was chevron stripes. There were so many different ways to use them, and they made such a bold statement. I was especially drawn to using the chevron pattern for curtains, and I found lots of awesome pictures of rooms that did so. Unfortunately, every chevron fabric that I liked was WAY out of my price range, but then I stumbled upon Kristen F Davis’s design blog. She has a tutorial on her blog that shows how to paint curtains with a chevron pattern, which is completely awesome! Here are how my DIY painted chevron curtains turned out:

Painted Chevron Curtains
Painted Chevron Curtains 2
Our bedroom also has this interesting cut out on the wall that goes back a few inches where the bed goes. I knew I wanted this to be a bright, fun color so I chose my favorite color, turquoise. The wall and the curtains are actually the exact same color. The rest of the room is painted a darker gray, much more to my husband’s taste. I figure I got one wall, he got three lol.

Next, we decided to make a custom headboard using plywood, foam, and fabric from West Elm. We also bought a new gray and white striped (LOVE my stripes!) duvet cover from West Elm, which matched all of the pillows we had from our old duvet set.

I also decided I really wanted to make my accent wall pop with one of my other favorite colors, orange. We spray painted lamps that we already had orange. I also painted orange chevron stripes on a white tissue holder. I then found Etsy seller JModern and asked her to create some custom, modern artwork for me. I must say, she did a fabulous job, and her art turned out to be the fun, bold statement I so badly wanted!

Also, I’m such a dork, I found a dog bed for Zoey that nicely coordinated with everything!!

I’m sure this is totally too bold and crazy for a lot of you readers, but I love it, and it is so me! Pattern mixing, bold, bright colors….what more could I ask for??

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

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18 thoughts on “DIY Painted Chevron Curtains and Orange Accents

  1. Jennifer

    thanks so much for the mention in your blog! the artwork looks great in your room. 🙂 great color selection and I love what you did with your curtains!

    take care –

    Jenn @ JModern.

  2. AubreyOhDang!

    OH I love it! if you’re gonna go bold, go BOLD! I like how the zig zag stripes match the tissue holder. I love the bench at the end. and I’ve always wanted a big long mirror like that. Is it from IKEA?

  3. hurricanekerrie

    You’re right, this is so totally you– the colors, the patterns and the bold approach overall! Kudos. What an inspiring room to retire to at the end of a long day, huh?

  4. Michelle

    Very nice color choices! I love the bedding!

    Have you ever shopping at ZGallerie? They have a lot of bold color choices. I would consider them modern with an ethnic twist.

  5. Tara

    Thanks ladies!
    Michelle, there is no ZGallerie anywhere near me! I browse their website all the time though and love their furniture and decor…its just the kind of stuff you need to go to a store to see, I guess….too bad cause, I really love a lot of the furniture!
    Sara, the turquoise is Behr Mermaid Treasure and the gray is Benjamin Moore Hearthstone 🙂

  6. Marcie

    I love your bedroom. I think it is amazing!!!! I too am a fan of bold colors but incorporating them seems to be very difficult for me. It’s like a love hate relationship.

  7. Anonymous

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