Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy Picture Time!!!

It certainly has been a crazy past few days! I had almost forgotten how exhausting it is to have a Miniature Australian shepherd puppy! Bowzer has been doing really well though. He surprisingly completely slept through the night in his crate last night without making a peep….my husband and I were shocked! After having a rough first two nights with him, my husband’s friend suggested leaving some calming, soothing music on low throughout the night. We figured what the heck, might as well try it…and it totally worked! Zoey and Bowzer are starting to play together a little bit too, which is nice. Zoey was a little bit jealous the first day or so, but she is coming around. It is so much fun to have two mini aussies running around!!!
Of course, I also have to make sure that my pups are styling lol! Zoey is wearing a colorful chevron pattern Jonathan Adler collar. We got Bowzer’s collar from an Etsy shop called Funky Mutt. Funky Mutt has tons of cute stuff, I highly recommend them! Also, I knew I wanted some fun name tags for them that were anything but ordinary. I came across Sofa City Sweethearts on Etsy, and my do they have some adorable items!



Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy


Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy


Bowzer the Miniature Australian shepherd puppy

Zoey the Black Tri Miniature Australian Shepherd



Zoey’s Collar: Jonathan Adler (adorable Iphone cover in same pattern)
Bowzer’s Collar: Funky Mutt
Name tags: Sofa City Sweethearts

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One thought on “Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy Picture Time!!!

  1. Rhoda

    Omg!!!! Precious puppy! Those eyes are stunning! Yay, hardcore house training, and you’ll be set! 🙂

    My dad drove into town tonight to pick up 2 pups (Morkies). I will have the 2 young pups and my puppy for 2 weeks at my house! Ahh! Lots of work, but complete cuteness 🙂


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