Gap Green Jeans Leggings

Let me start this off by saying no, this is NOT what I wore yesterday. I’m trying to review things for you guys as I buy them while they are still available, just in case anyone is interested. Obviously I’m not hanging out in a sweater in 85+ degree heat lol!

Colored denim is a big trend right now, and for some reason I have been obsessing over a pair of green jeans. I generally have great luck with Gap jeans, so when these popped up on Gap’s site, I patiently waited for a promo code before ordering (35% off, not too shabby). They are legging jeans, and they also come in pink and blue. I had never tried their legging jeans before, though I had tried some at LOFT but didn’t really care for them on me, even though a lot of you other ladies looked fab in them.

So I’m not too sure I’m loving these jeans…I just think I prefer the thickness of regular skinny jeans on my body type as opposed to leggings. I think the search is still on for green denim. I also don’t like all of the pulling in the hip area, but it’s also there in the model’s pictures, so maybe it’s supposed to be like that? Oh, and I also have them folded under to wear I would hem them if I kept them…they are definitely too long for someone my height (5″2′).

I also picked up this sweater over the weekend at H&M…it was just under $10 (full price) and also came in a camel/pink combo which was cute as well! I’m not sure I would actually leave the house in this outfit, but if I felt more confident in the fit of the jeans, who knows, maybe I would!

Gap Green Jeans Leggings
On the model:

Jeans: Gap (Other green options I’ll have to explore here and here)

Sweater: H&M (check stores!) Similar here and here

Shoes: Nine West (Similar here and here)

Ladies, would you wear colored denim?


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3 thoughts on “Gap Green Jeans Leggings

  1. Pamela

    I like them on you, too! But I know what you mean about preferring a regular weight denim. I have a pair of rusty red pants I’ll wear for fall. I picked them up this summer at Anthro for a song. I can’t see myself spending a lot of $ for colored denim. It’s a fun trend though!


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