Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last weekend, I went with my family to see the Mets play in NYC at Citi Field (yes, I know they are horrible this year, what can I say?) A lot of you wouldn’t think it, but I am actually a HUGE sports fan! I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to the Mets in baseball, Jets and Giants in football, and Knicks in basketball. Which leads us to a little problem…what’s a girl supposed to wear when rooting for her team?

My dream when I was younger was to create a sports apparel line for women…but now there are actually a lot of options available for us. Victoria’s Secret Pink actually has a lot of adorable options for baseball and football. Note that not all teams are available, but check to see if yours is! A lot of the baseball stuff is on sale now as well. The shirt I’m wearing is from VS last year. Another option is to go get a cute t-shirt from the kids section, as they tend to fit smaller and look cute! I’ve done this as well. You could also find a cute dress or outfit in your team’s colors…there are many options available to us!

Tees by Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle
Hoodies by Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle
Sportswear by Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle
Tees by Victoria's Secret at ShopStyle

Old Navy has also recently gotten into the sports apparel.

Plus Tops by Old Navy at ShopStyle

I did a football apparel post last year, I’ll be sure to do another one soon as the season is quickly approaching! You can see last year’s post here.

Michelle also did a baseball post, see it here.

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