Layered Geometric Skirt Business Casual Outfit

Although I love this skirt, I have a feeling that it is going to be hard to style many more ways.  For now, I’m doing doing a layered look with chambray and a purple sweater for a geometric skirt business casual outfit that is anything but boring.  If anyone has any other suggestions for it, feel free to let me know 🙂

Layered Geometric Skirt Business Casual Outfit

Skirt: J Crew (similar here )
Blouse: Ann Taylor (similar here and here)
Sweater: J Crew (similar here and here)
Shoes: Ann Taylor (similar here and here)
Bag: Henri Bendel (won from giveaway)
Watch: Michale Kors (similar here and here)
Bracelets: Stella & Dot 1, 2, 3
Necklace: Stella & Dot
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81 thoughts on “Layered Geometric Skirt Business Casual Outfit

  1. Meghan Mee

    ooh I really love that skirt too! such a fun color and so pretty on u 🙂 Maybe add in some sequins with a sequin tank over another blouse 🙂

    XO Meghan

  2. Gwen Kaufmann

    Hi Tara, I
    have been lurking at your blog for some time now and I just love your style for
    its colorfulness! Since you don’t shy away from colorful outfits, I would
    suggest to pair the skirt with either a green sweater or a yellow blouse to
    really set off the print – possibly muted by a neutral cardigan or blazer if
    you need to tone it down. Oh, and any nude top would of course work, too. And
    if you are brave, any other print (e.g. polka dots or stripes) picking up the
    navy or purple of the skirt can be cute. I am looking forward to you venturing
    into new pairings with this lovely skirt!

  3. Lioness

    purple goes very well with hunter green. Try a green sweater/cardigan for color or all the grays and creams for neutrals:) I love your blog because our styles is so similar. We have so much of the same pieces especially from LOFT. Thanks for the many inspirations. Where can I find that navy stripe kinda peplum top you pointed a few days back? HELP!!

  4. Misty Bennett

    I love how you’ve styled your skirt today! That’s one of those items that would cause me to think too hard about what to pair it with, but as I’ve learned from you – you don’t have to be matchy. 🙂 I’m with Sharon S. I think cobalt blue or chambray would be marvelous! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. createthatoutfit

    It’s so pretty. I think it would look really good with a white blouse and a pretty, colorful statement necklace. And heels 🙂 Also I think it would look good with a black blouse or t-shirt and a leather jacket. Just some ideas!

  6. Agi Mayer

    Love the outfit. You could try it with a button top and a cardigan, or a t-shirt and blazer for a more casual look. What about pairing it with your J Crew polka dot sequin top? A black turtleneck perhaps.


  7. Red Peeptoe Pumps

    This skirt is so cute, and you are rocking it. I think it would also look great with teal or blue, like the gorgeous cobalt blue blouse you wore a few posts ago! It would also be fabulous with black tights and boots!

  8. beautygirl24

    I think pairing different shoes and accessories are going to be key! It looks great the way you’ve styled it here!

  9. Megan Maddison

    Love this skirt. I think you could style it different ways for sure! Can’t wait to see how you do.


  10. Valerie

    LOVE this outfit! A navy or white blouse with a statement necklace would be alternative options. Or a jean jacket layered with a fuscia top would work too! I see that this skirt is dry clean only though…in your experience, do you always dry clean these items or do you try to hand wash at home?

  11. becauseshannasaidso

    It’s one of those that is super cute styled just a few ways….sometimes we have those a amazing pieces that might not be very remixable, but still ones we MUST have in our closets. I love it!

  12. Ginny Mossman

    I love today’s styling with the skirt. I’m wondering about a yellow or orange top with it. I also think I’d love a navy sequined top like jCrew has layered with a chambray like today’s look.

  13. Bravoe Runway

    That was probably the first thing that popped in my head when I was tempted to click buy on this skirt. White shirt with statement jewelry, pink sweater, something yellow? Good luck with that skirt my friend 🙂

  14. Tara

    Thanks! I’ve been meaning to pick up a navy blouse, this should be my incentive! I definitely don’t wash skirts every time I wear them…but yes, I would bring this to the drycleaners….I also have dryel at home, not sure I would use it on this skirt though

  15. Tara

    Thank you so much, I do really love color! For some reason this skirt stumps me though! I do love the suggestion of green and yellow and will have to play around with it! And I think polka dots could be really fun too!

  16. Audrey @ Putting Me Together

    Love it!! I love the layering. The chambray gives the outfit another dimension. Hmmm other ways to style it? Besides the obvious black or navy shirt or sweater, no idea. I wonder what the designers had in mind when they created it.

  17. celmcrae

    Just wondered if this skirt is a petite or regular length. I am 5’3″ and sometimes I feel like these pencils are too long on me. If this is a petite do you wear the same size as in the regular length or do you go up a size. Thanks!

  18. oomph

    this is a really pretty combo of purple and gray. i’m sure you will come up with many creative combinations…can’t wait to see 🙂


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