Five Ways to Wear Pink Jeans: Gap Skimmer Jeans

It’s no secret that Gap is my go-to store for jeans.  On weekends, I pretty much live in my Gap skinny jeans.  For spring, they have come out with the Skimmer jean in a fun array of colors and prints.  When I was recently given the chance to try a pair, I jumped at the opportunity.  The color choices range from neon to pastel, and I was instantly attracted to the neon pink color.  I know they will be a part of many colorful outfits this spring, and will transition easily into summer.  They are also perfect right now for adding a cheery pop of color to brighten up the winter.  Here are five ways to wear pink jeans that I have come up with, both casual and a bit more dressed up.  Which is your favorite?


The New Skimmer. The length of the season. Starting at $69.95.
Five Ways to Wear Pink Jeans

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Jeans provided c/o Gap.


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37 thoughts on “Five Ways to Wear Pink Jeans: Gap Skimmer Jeans

  1. jesscause

    I have been meaning to get my butt into The Gap and give those a try … I am for sure gonna now!! I love the stripped blazer one … I have a pair of bright pink pants and I am for sure stealing that one … already pinned it!!



  2. Sarah C.

    Ooh, these are fantastic! I’ve been wanting to try these. They look great on you and I love the color!

  3. Chelsea Mac

    I just ordered a pair of these in their dot print; I considered another in pastel, but slowed my roll a bit! Can’t wait to get them in!

  4. Lauren

    man, you did so many great outfits with those jeans!! I have a pair similar colour so this is definitely expiring me to experiment. My favourite is the mint and pink one with the lovely nautical refreshing!! xo

  5. Jenny Lauren

    Wow Tara, I’ve seen a few other bloggers do this challenge in the last few days and I must say that your 5 looks are by far my favorite! Each look is so wearable and I had no idea neon pink jenas could be worn in so many ways! Those jeans look fabulous on you too!

    xo Jenny


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