Sunday Wants #4


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13 thoughts on “Sunday Wants #4

  1. Laura Holker

    I tried on the turquoise maxi at Anthro this week. It is SO long (I’m 5’7 and there was at least another inch of fabric on the ground), the armholes were huge even in the smaller of my two sizes, and the waist didn’t sit right and made me look pregnant. Major bummer because I was dying over the color and print!

  2. Lauren

    That yellow striped dress is so pretty! And that’s too bad it was too long Laura! It is such a pretty color and print. I’m 5’2 so that would probably be way too long on me too! xo

  3. Meghan Ouellette

    great maxi options. I’ve been looking to add one or two to the closet this summer. =)

  4. Tara

    I tried it on too yesterday and wasn’t very happy…I had the exact same complaints as you, though it was even longer on me, as expected. I kind of want to order it in petite to see if it is any better, but also don’t want to pay Anthro’s ridiculous shipping prices for something that most likely won’t work out…major bummer!

  5. Elvy G

    Love the yellow striped dress, shorts, and pineapple tee. I can never get enough yellow. And I’m loving all the pineapple printed stuff out there right now. Such a cute summery print. Have a great week!



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