Because Shanna Said So: Guest Post

Guest posting today is my good blogger buddy Shanna from Because Shanna Said So.  I love this gorgeous lady’s creative outfits, and I know you will too!  Take it away Shanna….

Hi, Mix and Match Fashion Friends!! If you are wondering who the heck I am, let me make a very informal intro. My name is Shanna, I blog over at Because Shanna Said So and if you decide to read my daily doses, you will find 75% personal style and the rest, well I can’t guarantee what you will read. It will most likely encompass my kiddos (my two minis), life lessons or adventures that are currently going down in my world.

I am so excited to be here today while Tara is off gallivanting some place fabulous. We can all be jealous together. Tara and I have been blog buds for quite some time and was thrilled that she actually chose me to take over her oh, so fab blog today. She is one of my daily reads and have “followed” her since I started blogging almost two years ago. Yes, I know, she is that good!
Anyway, as I mentioned a few seconds ago, I blog mostly about my personal style, which is all budget friendly because you know, I have TWO kids and am no longer a DINK (Dual Income No Kids).
I thought I would share a few of my favorite summer looks. It might be cooling down where you live, but I am from Texas, so we actually have about another month or maybe more of heat.
I cannot categorize my style into one word. I love everything. I tend to lean toward more Bohemian, feminine, mixed, girly, fun, classic and trendy looks…see, I told you I am all over the place. Hopefully, my uncategorized style will inspire each one of you. So, here goes. Let me know if you see something you like. I hope you do!


Because Shanna Said So



I told you I am a tad bit all over the place with my style. Which one is your favorite? Feedback is key. I honestly love them all, but also want to post more of what mine and Tara’s readers relate to. So, let us both know.
I hope you swing by my blog, Because Shanna Said So and that we both make new friends today. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest; each one showcases a little bit more about me. I look forward to seeing you soon!! xoxo


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13 thoughts on “Because Shanna Said So: Guest Post

  1. Lauren

    Yay! So excited to see Shanna guest post! She had so many great looks this Summer. I don’t even think I could pick a favorite out of this abbreviated list!

  2. Susan

    I love the bohemian Zara dress and the camo pants! But actually Shanna can not screw up an outfit. She has a gift for putting things together and making it easy to copy for my own wardrobe. I am glad I found your blog! Susan

  3. Whispering Style

    Hi Shana! You look lovely and beautiful on all of those looks! I would say I’m also “all over the place” regarding my style, like you. It’s fun to try everything that makes you feel happy 🙂 Eclectic style is great! You look stunning! such a beautiful sense of style !

    so happy to read your guest post 🙂



  4. Lou (whatlouwore365)

    I actually really like the Wallis kimono’s that I’ve seen on your IG. I don’t shop in Wallis, as I said to Tara a while back, it used to aim at the older lady but maybe they are upping their game a little. I did mean to take a look at the site after I saw the kimono’s but like you I have a daughter and time got away from me!


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