Get Fit 2015

After a not so great month diet and exercise wise, I’m pleased to say I’m back on track…and ready to get fit 2015!  December is always a horrible month for me as far as eating sensibly goes…all the normal holiday stuff plus my birthday does not equate to healthy food.  But I’m putting that month behind me, I’m back on the 21 Day Fix (you can read more about my experience with the program here), and I’m up way too early every morning to exercise.

One way to keep me motivated is by wearing cute workout clothes.  My favorite places to shop for workout gear are Victoria’s Secret (many people don’t even realize they have a sport line) and AthletaAnthropologie recently started selling activewear, and I’m anxious to check it out!  If I keep it up, I think it might be time to reward myself with a new outfit.  Some of my favorites are below!

How do you stay motivated to work out / eat healthy?

Get Fit 2015


Colorblock Tights

Striped Tights


Strappy Back Sportsbra

Triangle Printed Sportsbra

Mesh Tank


Floral Shorts

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19 thoughts on “Get Fit 2015

  1. Shelly Janac

    I always forget VS has workout clothes! I definitely find my motivation from finding a workout that is challenging but still fun…and accountability comes from finding a group of friends to work out with so I know if I miss someone is going to know!

  2. AvgGirlsGuide

    Totally hear ya! Starting a year with a vacation has me totally off track. haha. LOVE that VS sports bra. I’m working on a similar cute sports wear post however never thought about Victoria’s… awesome advice!

  3. stylishlyinlove

    Great picks to fabulous at the gym.

    Have a wonderful day!
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  4. AJ

    I don’t own any Athleta workout pants but I really want those striped ones! I do really like VSX’s workout pants, but not super in love with the bra comfort.


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