Five Business Casual Outfit Ideas

Five Business Casual Ideas You Need to Try Now

One of the main reasons I started this blog years ago was to help women realize that dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring.  It is possible to have personality in your wardrobe at work while dressing appropriately.  Today, I am sharing five business casual outfit ideas that I think can work for most job settings.  Keep in mind that what is acceptable to wear at my job may not work in your office…always be aware of your office climate to judge if a specific outfit will work for your setting.

Statement Piece

1.  A Statement Piece (original post here)

You should have something in your closet that makes you feel…and look…confident.  For me, this dress makes a statement with the bold colors and pattern, and I feel amazing in it.  Not everyone feels comfortable in a bold print, so my other suggestions for a statement piece include a fun colored blazer, a great red dress, or a patterned skirt.

Subtle Print Mixing

2. Subtle Print Mixing (Original post here)

Print mixing at work can be intimidating.  I’ve found it best to not go crazy with it when I’m teaching.  Here, a simple striped skirt (similar) and polka dot blouse (similar) go together perfectly because of the black and white colors in both pieces.  If you do want to go a bit bolder, such as pairing the skirt with a colorful floral top, I would recommend wearing a solid colored cardigan or blazer over your top to tone down the look and keep it professional.

Denim Jacket

3.  A Denim Jacket (original post here)

A denim jacket is a stylish goes-with-almost-anything alternative to a blazer or cardigan.  The key to pulling this off is to make sure your jacket fits well and has no rips or tears.  This might be the piece you leave at work to throw on over your outfit when you get chilly.  Keep in mind, be sure to check if wearing a piece such as this is appropriate in your workplace, as all situations are different.  I’ve gotten a ton of use out of my denim jacket, some alternatives are here and here.

Unexpected Color Combination

4.  An Unexpected / Fun Color Combination (original post here)

One of my favorite things to wear to work is an unexpected / fun color combination.  Here, I started with my blouse and pulled two colors from it, teal and peach.  Make sure the pieces you are choosing are tailored and fit well.  Also, keep your shoes and bag neutral.  This teal pencil skirt is one of my favorites, I own it in several colors.

Fitted Trousers

5. Fitted Trousers (original post here)

One of the hardest items to find when building a work wardrobe are great fitting pants.  So many seem to fit great in one area, but then be super baggy or unflattering in others.  My absolute favorite work pants are these fitted trousers from Banana Republic.  They are constantly coming out with new colors, so I add to my collection often.  I love the slightly cropped length, as they can be worn with both flats and heels.  Some other fitted trouser options can be found here and here.

Five Business Casual Ideas 2

22 thoughts on “Five Business Casual Outfit Ideas

  1. Lindsay Ava

    I really love your business casual looks, my favourite is the second with the black & white striped skirt. I just love black & white in general and it looks so put together but with a twist 🙂

  2. Laura

    I’m a professional and work in the office, so I especially loved this post! I loved all your outfits as well! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Danielle Arsenault

    You always do business casual so well! I am fortunate that my work is super casual so I can pretty much wear whatever I want, but I always love your dressier looks – your style is anything but boring!
    xoxo Danielle

    For the Love of Leopard

  4. Kathleen Harper

    This is such a great post! Love the cumulation of your polished work clothes; you’ve definitely found the perfect balance of fun and appropriate.

  5. Belindq

    I find it a bit uncomfortable to wear my statement dress which is a white and floral dress. As I seldom wear printed clothes, my colleagues will tease me when I wear the floral dress. “Are you going for a date/wedding dinner/formal occasion?” And of course I don’t get to wear such a stand out dress too often as opposed to a basic one.


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