Sunday Wants # 117

Sunday Wants Sept20

Plaid Sweater  |  Sequined Floral Sweatshirt  |  Turquoise Coat  |  Printed Skirt Polka Dot Sweater  |  Draped Cardigan  |  Plaid Bag  |  Striped Top


11 thoughts on “Sunday Wants # 117

  1. Shira

    Omg. Tara I am so upset right now. Basically I own that blue coat from last year in a neon red and light gray. And last year I was thinking, why why why can’t it come in a pretty blue? That’s what I really wanted!! So now…. here it is and I own a bazillion coats but THIS was really my dream. 🙁 ALTHOUGH….. maybe I should try selling!!! OOOHHHHH 🙂 LOL. It’s so goood!

    1. Tara

      I remember the coat looking so cute on you! It also comes in more of a cobalt color that looks really nice too. I’m sad it isn’t included in the current 25% off promotion or I would have been very tempted to order. I would try selling one of yours if you really want this color 🙂


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