Work Doesn’t Mean Boring Instagram Challenge March


My #WorkDoesntMeanBoring Instagram Challenge is officially back for March!  This week use the hashtag #WorkDoesntMeanBoring and tag me, @MixByTaraK , in your stylish work outfit on Instagram.  There were so many great outfits last month, I can’t wait to see how you all top it this month.  Be sure to scroll through the #WorkDoesntMeanBoring hashtag for loads of not boring work outfit inspiration.  For more information on this challenge, see my original post here.

8 thoughts on “Work Doesn’t Mean Boring Instagram Challenge March

  1. Jennifer Bowie

    I didn’t even realize the tag was part of a challenge, but even better that it is!

    You are right. A lot of style blogs and fashion blogs focus on outfits not meant for the professional world. And often, when they do, they are not practically priced. I’m glad I found your blog and the blogs of those who commented above. I too post about workable style and it’s nice to font see style blog sisters!


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