110 Stunning 60s Hairstyles That Will Get You Nostalgic!


In this article, we take you on a journey back to the ’60s hairstyles to explore some of the best hairdos that came along during that period. So this is going to be one for those who are into the vintage styles that are an undeniable source of inspiration to many of the new techniques that have been appearing nowadays. The age of icons surely provides some of the best styles that might get you remembering the good old days. The era of the ’60s produced many iconic hairstyles. There were different arrays of style going from the long hippie-type style to short-cut hairstyles.

Here we made sure to collect the styles and involve all the dramatic hairdos along with the ones that are a bit casual and evergreen as well! You can see how these hairdos have inspired stylists on the runway too. Models and celebs alike are wearing these ’60s look, and we are all for it! If you lived through the era, you would surely get nostalgic as you lay your eyes on this one. Here we present to you our collection of the best ’60s hairstyles, some of which can still be sported by you today

Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic looks

Marilyn Monroe was a style icon, and her looks were all that people talked about in the ’60s! You were sure to see her beautiful and bold styles and fall in love with them. Here are some of her looks and some that were recreated as well.

60s hairstyles

Hair pinned on top

Pinning your hair on top was a necessary and simple hairdo, and adding volume to the bangs was also popular. You can see these hairstyles being sported by artists in movies and advertisements as well.

Do It Youself at Home!

If you have a themed party to attend to and are in a budget, then you can surely get these looks done back at home! You can take some pins and use them to get the same effect.

The pulled up bun

Take some section off from your hair and pull the rest into a bun! It is as simple as that and has the comfort and elegance that you may desire in your hair as well.

Elizabeth Taylor’s headband look!

Elizabeth Taylor is a timeless beauty, and all love her iconic ’60s hairstyles! Her beauty has elevated even this simple headband look, and we find it to be stunning! There are many other headbands looks here as well!

Ruffled red hair

Red hair is captivating and has that fiery fall effect to it that everybody admires! You can see the colors here are stunning and were widely used in the ’60s hairstyles. Make sure you get the cuts right to try this one on!

’60s flip hair

The flip hair was widely popular in the ’60s and here is a look that you can take some idea from! The ends here have been flipped, and you can do the same with some styling tools as well.

Ann-Margret’s Look

Ann-Margret’s inward curled puffed up hair here has that ’60s hairstyles vibe on point! You can wear this to any themed party, and we are sure you will love it once it’s done.

Julia’s Event Hair

Julia Roberts carried this hairstyle with so much grace and elegance, and we are a fan of her stunning looks! Here she has her hair back, and that has kept all the focus on her face beautifully.

Wavy Bob hairstyle

Bobs were one of the popular ’60s hairstyles, and there is no denying that this look here is still relevant! You can get the dark base and light blonde hues here to get the same effect!

 Volume on back

There was a lot of volume on the end of these half-up bouffant 60s hairstyles! The loose hair on the front has added an element of grace to the whole look as well, and we are all for it.

The beehive Updo

Beehive updos are classic ’60s hairstyles, and there is no denying that! You can see that there were ease and comfort to these hairdos, and that made it even more popular among the young women of the time.

Judi Dench’s look!

Judi Dench has had this short hair on her for quite some time now! You can see her short hair has that perfect cut and it looks relaxed and effortlessly beautiful on all occasions without styling!

We heart it!

These laced tied up looks are the significant ’60s hairstyles, and we heart them for sure! You can see how graceful it looks from all angles and has us going aww over this romantic look.


Ideal for frames

If you are used to wearing frames or glasses per se, then these hairdos are perfect for you! They are short and have layered backs that keep the hair from getting in the way of your frames.

Kerry Washington

If you have short to medium length of hair, this look is perfect for you! Kerry Washington looks fantastic with these bangs, and they frame her face well too! Make sure you get the ends right in this one.

Zendaya’s big hair

Only a few women pull off this big hair look with ease and Zendaya is undoubtedly one of them! Her big curls here help make the hair look healthier and thicker, and there is added shine in this look too.

Big hair Updo

This look is one of the best ’60s hairstyles out there, and you need to give this one a try. There is a retro glam in this look, and we love how photogenic this is!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn has sported a lot of iconic ’60s hairstyles, and here is one of her inspiring looks! The majestic bun on the back has so much of volume and height, and we love it.

Wild puffed up look

There were a ton of wild ’60s hairstyles and here are some that might even give you a laugh! These are surely not making a comeback soon and are hard to imagine as a look women sported back then too!

Curly hair twists

This is one natural look, and the only thing you need is to curl your hair correctly for this one! You can see the twists here, and they will come out more if you curl well.

Twisted Top-knot hairstyle

For a fun and vibrant look, you can take the braided sections of your hair and then pin them up into a top bun! You can see this top knot here, and it looks stunning and comfortable as well.

Brigitte Bardot’s looks

Brigitte Bardot’s hair here is an inspiration for many! You can see how graceful this picture is and there are no major hair styling done to this either! There is just an everyday simple look here.

Easy hair

This is a relaxed look and has little elements to it! You can opt for this simple look if that is your vibe!

Top tied pony

There is a top tied pony here, and the rest of the hair can be made into a wavy look! You can add big, voluminous curls at the base and get this look!F25



Spunky look

This is one spunky look that you are sure to love! You can add colors to this short look and wear it to any occasion that you need to attend.

Chestnut hair colors

There are chestnut hair hues in this look here, and we are sure you will love this look! Add darker shades to add depth and lighter tones to highlight the hair.

Vintage curls

These vintage curls are perfect, and they have that depth to them that we love! The short hair has waves on them and is a look for a model for sure!

Detailed Updo

There are so many details on this updo here, and we can see the rolled up section on the top! The top has been pinned down well, and you can wear it for a special occasion!

 Cheryl Cole’s Look

Cheryl Cole has this perfect bun look here, and we are sure you will love this. You can see the colors here are gorgeous and is ideal for weddings too.

Wedding Day Hairstyles

These hairstyles are beautiful, and you can wear to the wedding day as a bride or the bridesmaid! You can add pins and ornaments to the hair, and it has a graceful vibe to it! Here are some looks for reference!

Finger Waves on

Finger waves are beautiful and were used excessively on the era of the ’60s! You can get this look done at your home, and it only requires some effort. You can get it done in all hair lengths!

The humorous one!

This can be called the funniest hairstyle in here. You can see that it is enormous and you can surely have a laugh as you lay eyes on this look.

Hair accessories

You can see that the use of right hair accessories can make any hairstyle look stunning! You can add scarfs, headbands, and bows on the hair to make the hair look more polished!

Diane Sawyer

There is so much class, and elegance in this look and you can wear this yourself as well! You can try on this short hairstyle as this is an approachable look for all women.

Braids and curls

The twists and curls look a classic one, and you can see how these work together so well! You can add curls on the base to any hairdo, and it all looks stunning as you do it.

Twiggy’s hair

British supermodel Lesley Hornby is also known as Twiggy has always experimented with short hairstyles and we are in love with how it looks! There is a chic elegance to this look that we recommend to everyone.

Catherine Deneuve’s hair

The French actress, model, and occasional singer Catherine Deneuve have these majestic look on her! You are sure to love this look once you are done! There was a lot of volume on this look, and we love it!

Short pixie

These 60s hairstyles for short hair are the perfect look for everyone who loves an effortless look! You can see that they are relevant today too and you can wear them without much styling as well.

Diana’s angelic looks

Diana Argon’s hair manages always to look good! You can see the variations of the hair on her, and they are all on point! Take inspiration from the Glee actor and wear these to your liking!

Rihanna’s style

Rihanna has been a fashion icon for a long time now, and we are in love with these red tones on her! They flatter her skin tone well, and the bow on top with a scarf is perfect!


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Retro wedding

This is one retro look and can be worn to a retro-themed wedding! If you are a fan of the ’60s hairstyles, then this is sure to be on the list of your must-try hairdos.

Victory Rolls

There were many variations of the victory rolls, and this is simply one of them! You can see that the roll on top has been pinned down on the top and it looks perfect for all occasions!

’60s short hair

This short hair look is ideal for the exciting events that you need to attend. You are sure to love the finger waves on the front and the pinned down back with this smoky eye look.

Everyday casual

This is a casual hairstyle section here, and you are sure to love them for your everyday look! There is not a lot of bling here and is a low maintenance look for sure.

The Queen’s way

Aretha Franklin and her music touched everyone for sure! You can see her look here has one of the most significant impacts on many! The volume and thicker section of hair are admirable.

Hairstyles for long hair

If you are thinking of how to do 60s hairstyles for long hair, then you can take help from the many tutorials on the internet! You can use this backcombed look and add a bow to make it feminine!

 Puffed up pigtails

A puffed up hairdo can be the perfect look for everyone! You can see the hair on both sides here are left free, and the bangs help too! You can tie your hair on the back at the low.

Thick hair

If you have thick hair, you need to try out these ’60s hairstyles for sure! The waves on the hair add to the thickness of the look and make it appear healthier. Make sure you get these waves.

Thin hair with curls

If you are looking for 60s hairstyles for medium hair, then this is the perfect section for you! You can see the waves on this hair, and the deep shades in them make the hair look healthier too.


You can opt for a simple look and get this relaxed and effortless vibe to your hairdos! You need to get the hair middle parted and the bangs well styled as well for this look.

Angled Bob

There is an angle to this bob, and it has a slant that we love! They add that neat sleeker appearance to the hair, and it is widely popular in the current times as well.

Very ’60s

This look here is reminding us of the ’60s vibe. You can see how the veil and elegant hairstyles are flawless for this look. You can see the outdoor summer vibes are perfect for all occasions.

The Afro

The afro is a classic African hairstyle, and you can see how there is more glam in this look than any other! This is one natural hairstyle, and you can see that it is more relaxed and beautiful.

Pin curls

These pin curls are smooth and glamorous as well. You can get these done on your hair at home and get the appeal of ’60s hairstyles! These curls can be secured in place with some extra hold hairspray.


The side curls and the puffed up hair goes well with the retro vibe and is very photogenic too! You can see the makeup here is also like the ones done in the ’60s with big eyeliners!

Choppy short hair

The layers here are so short! You can see these choppy short hair layers, and they all are swept to a side to make the most of the look. You can wear this as an office look.

The bouffant

The bouffant here sported by Reese Witherspoon is one of the classic ’60s hairstyles you can try on. There is the volume at the back, and it pulls the hair to give it a lift and height as well.

Major ’60s vibe

When we look at these pictures here, we get a significant ’60s vibe! There is much inspiration you can take from this look here, and we are in love with how easy all these hairdos are.

Boho Braids

There is a certain bohemian vibe to this look, and there is a retro feel to it as well. You can add a classy headband like this one here to complete this look and have that edgy appeal.

Chic updo

This is a chic updo, and we can see this look nowadays too! There is no doubt that this look is still relevant, and you can add elements to it to make it appear fantastic!


There are many 60s hairstyles with headbands but here is a look that you might find in the runways! The makeup and attire are purely based on fashion weeks, and the leather headband is more of a fashion statement.

Half up beehive

The beehive hairstyles are always popular and seem to be incorporated in a lot of the ’60s hairstyles. Here we have a half up half down look, and it has a sheer elegance to it that is admirable.

Waves for occasion


The classic updo

All love these classic ’60s hairstyles updos! There is so much volume here, and we love how unique these are. Stay different and opt for this look here for the next event you attend!

Cute hairstyle

This is a lovely hairstyle, and we are in love with this short spunky hairdo! You can cut your hair into these short spikey sections and get them colored to achieve this same cute look.

Virna Lisi has a dreamy look going on here, and the Italian beauty has ticked all the boxes to look perfect! Her thin locks have been put together well and are a style that most can sport.

Retro look

Models in the runways are still sporting these type of retro beehive 60s hairstyles! You can see the rough edges, and the headbands here are an addition to this spectacular hairdo.


We are sure you have found the hairstyle that you want to sport to a themed party as you reach the end of this article here! You can choose any hairdo and get makeup and your clothes to match the fantastic trends of the ’60s! They are sure to get you to look fantastic and make you the center of attention. Get ready to receive compliments and welcome questions as to how you got the perfection into your look as you try on these vintage hairdos!

If you found this article to be helpful in your quest to relive the golden era or even find ’60s hairstyles that you can sport to a party, then show us some love! Give this article a big thumbs up and make sure you follow us for more on such content. You can also share it with your mom or grandmother and let them get a bit nostalgic about the styles that they admired or even wore back in the day! Help others reach this content and spread the joy around! We will bring more of such fashion related articles. Till then, stay stylish and stay tuned!



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