109 Protective African Braids For Hot Seasons


Africa has a hot temperature; it is the hottest continent after all. So, people residing in this territory tend to protect their hair from the damage that can be caused by the sun. Therefore, various hair protective styles are discovered so far by the Africans, much of which includes the braids. These braids are so-called African Braids.

african braids

The African Braids includes Box Braids, Cornrows, Twists, Crochet Braids, etc. which uses hair-extensions to give the desired hair length, texture, and thickness to the person. It provides the person with both the advantage of protection and better appearance. Now, these hairstyles have come as a sense of fashion among the people and are trending worldwide.

Some points to remember before you rush into the trend:

  • Surf through the internet to be sure about the kind of African braids you want to do.
  • Give the precise description of the hairstyle (also length, texture, and thickness) you want to your hairstylist so that you don’t have to regret it later.
  • Be prepared about the time it takes to put on and put off the braids.
  • Know about the hairstyle problems, precautions, and cure if any.
  • Know about the cost of the extensions as well as the hairstylist cost to be sure.

Twist and Turns

Braids help you to maintain the flow of your hair to any side. Twist and turn your hair creating patterns to find new looks.

Differently Swiped Braids

There are various ways to style your African braids by leaving it down, and If you want to look sophisticated with it, Differently Swiped Braids is the one.

Fulani Top Knot

Fulani Braids are the best African hairstyles that use beads with the braids, cuff in the middle of the forehead, etc. like characteristics to gives the traditional vibes. Here, the Fulani is tied into a bun with the beaded-sides left down.

Black Marley Twist

Marley Twist is the thicker and less tight than Senegalese twist and if worn with a loose sleeveless, makes you look sexy.

Half Braided Hair

If you want to flaunt your facial structures then, braiding your front part of the hair towards the top can help. For style, you can criss-cross the braids.

Thick Box Braid

Box Braids are named after the box partition of hair to make a strand of the braids. The box braid can use extensions to define the desired thickness of your chunks.

Half Braided Waves

If your child is having an artistic function in his school soon, this Half-braided Waves can be a great hairstyle. The colorful beads added on the side, and the patterned braid on the top embellish the look.

Long Cornrows

Cornrows have never gone out of style as it is appropriate for universal attire. From sports to a party, people wear these braids. If you are up for some sassy look, adorn your hair with some beads.

Triangular parted Half-up Bun Braid

The strands are made up from a triangular section of hair whose half is tied into a bun. You can add highlighted extensions and a pair of glasses to give a classy look.

Box Braid with Unraveled Ends

If you want to add a playful side to your self-centered look with Box Braid, you can create the unravel ends either by adding crochet braids or burning the extension just a little above some inch at the end.

Havana Twist

The Havana Twist is thick and gives an appearance of locs due to the roughness. The twist provides a cool vibe to a person, and if you have inked yourself, you will rock the look.

One-side Swept Braid

If you want to show off your bubbly nature, this One-side Swept Braid with the hoop ring and natural makeup will help you up. Flaunt your neck area with a statement necklace.

Fulani Ponytail

The white highlights to the face on the dark skin, the beads on the ponytail and the white patterns cloth gives an angelic look to the model.

Unraveled Braids Top-knot

If you want some sexy curls to match your personality, unravel the African braids and then put a Top-knot with a middle partition to look adorable with it. Black colored clothes can add up the sexiness.

Thin Braids

Some people think extensions are bulky and burdensome. If you are one of them, this Thin Braids can be your hairstyle because it is created just with the natural hair on your head.

Senegalese Twist Large Bun

Senegalese Twist is excellent type as they give the tightened shape to your strands making it look neat. Putting your twist into a large bun will help with the styling.

Middle-parted Marley Twist

If your daughter brags about her mate coming up with new hairstyles every once in a while, you should probably get her a more fun hairstyle like Marley Twist to prove your coolness.

Wrapped Mohawk

Keep the sides flat by braiding it and bulge the middle section with twists to provide this Wrapped Mohawk African hairstyle. Wear a colorful ear-piece to give a striking look.

Highlighted Cornrows Ponytail

If you want to style your cornrows much more than just the braiding, you can pull it off into a ponytail for this centric appearance. You can add highlights to a strand for embellishment.

Huge Braid Bun

Beyonce looks fascinating with the Huge braid bun and the bold red lipstick. Add a statement earring to be as powerful as her with the hairstyle.

Brown Highlighted Mohawk

Another way of creating Mohawk is highlighting the middle section of hair with a contrasting color like the brown on black to flaunt the middle-portion of the head as Mohawk

Metallic Thin Cornrows

The Metallic Thin Cornrows will make you ready for a party with the beautiful statement golden ear-piece and necklace as accessories.

Highlighted Braids

Highlight your braided strands into a color that contrast your natural hair like the copper brown to black to give a better view of the head.

Braids Lob

Lob is already cute, and the addition of braids to the lob makes it’s much more adorable. If you want a chick vibes, add beads to the twists and wear pink lipstick.

Marine Braids

The hues of blue braids remind of the sea and oceans. If you want a mermaid to feel hairstyle, this Marine Braids will surely help you.

Half-up Box Braid with Side-bangs

The easiest way to look fine hair styled with the braids is to Half-up the Box Braids by creating bangs on the side and wearing a statement ear-piece.

Fulani Short Ponytail

If you want a traditional and modern look mixed up, this Fulani Short Ponytail African braids are great to go with your appearance. The old techniques of beads and forehead-ring are doing well with the ponytail and current makeup.

Four Thick Twist

The Four Thick Twist is created by parting the whole hair into four and twisting each section separately. Give a more relaxed vibe with the colorful t-shirt and round shades.

Middle Star-partition

Are you going for a trek to the Himalayas? Keep your hair safe from the damage by putting it into the African braids twist that doesn’t need more maintenance.

Thin Horizontal Braids into Thick Braids

Various thin horizontal braids are taken to create a dense twist in each divided section of the head where the horizontal-strands looks like shaved region.

Wavy Braids with Crochet-ends

Did you know boys think girls look sexy with the curls? Bring the sass out with the Wavy Braids and add Crochet to the ends for more curled effects.

Ponytail from Bun

The Ponytail from Bun is created merely by pulling out the hair out while making a bun instead of wrapping it inside. You can create patterns while braiding for decorations.

Convergent Braids into Curly Ponytail

The twists from the front are converging to the top of the head from different sides into a ponytail through which curls open up.

Jumbo Box Braids

If you want a bold look with African braids, wear this Jumbo Box Braids to give a strong girl vibes. Statement tattoos can be a plus point to showcase your power.

Pink Half-up Space Bun

Showcase your girly side with this Pink Half-up Space Bun and live your childhood dreams of having space bun with long hair.

Mohawk Ponytail

Mohawk Ponytail resembles a horse with short-hair on front and long hair at the back. It is merely created by twisting middle hair from side-braids up to the ear-section and then putting it into a pony.

Thick and Thin Braids

Showcase the flower child inside you with this Thick and Thin Braids and flower ear-ring that gives an angel vibe to the model.

Two-side Double Braid

If you are having a sports week soon, you can wear this Two-side Double Braid to look like a sports person with a winning vibe.

Pink Locs Front Braid

The Pink Locs Front Braid is dual-style that uses locs and braids together. The pink color, the front-braids, and the beads add the softness to the dreadlocks.

Tangled Box Braid

Box Braid can also be a great hairstyle during the beach days for the protection of hair. Tangle your hair over one another for this look.

Thick Cornrows

Thick Cornrows looks excellent on those girls that have broad shoulders and look physically fit with their body.

Bronze highlighted Wrapped Ponytail

If you want to emphasize the wrap and the ponytail, you can highlight the portions in more amount with a contrasting color like Bronze.


The Lob braids can be your day to day hairstyle if you are a busy person that does not have much time for their hair. Adding simple hoop rings can give you maintained the look.

Beaded Long Braids

If you can handle the pressure given by the beads at the ends, you can add a massive amount of patterned-beads at the tips to provide a beautiful ethnic look.

Red Highlighted Braids

Adding a few strands of red extension to your thin braids can give a fake impression of highlighted braided-hair.

Black Half Low-tied Braids

If you are much of a natural thing lover, you can have black extensions to create the braids. The half tie gives a bulge to your head.

Curvy Braid Ponytail

If the parallel cornrows are too regular, change your braids into curvy-braids and tie it into a ponytail for a tightened look.

Fulani Wrap

Create a crown with the back-half braided hair leaving the side braids on the front down for this fascinating Fulani Wrap.

Ashy Blonde Braid with a Beanie

african braids

If you are concerned about the damage of your hair-color moreover your hair then, frequently use beanies to protect it.

Light Brown Multi-pigtails

If your hair is oily and you do not have time for a wash, you can just put on many pigtails and for stylish look add an unusual ear-piece.

Crooked Fulani

The Crooked Fulani is much like a modern way than the traditional. The choice of army jacket and the white t-shirt with the hair vibes about a bold person.

Red Front Wrap Braid

Are you going to a party soon? Wear this Red Front Wrap Braid with an elegant dress to make the people compliment about you regularly.

Substantial Top Braid Bun 

If you are powerful enough to handle the load of this Substantial Top Bun, you will rock the bold look as carrying the weight all day around is tough.

Long African Braids 

The African braids have the advantage of providing you with the length of the hair you desire as you can add extensions to the strands.

Side-parted Long African Braids

You can side part your hair to create a one-side face-framing look with the Long African Braids and add arm jewel and some sexy dress to look striking.

Golden and White Highlights

Are you a metal fan? If so you can keep up with your fan following by putting funky colored highlights like golden and white to your braids and add some band tattoo too.

Thin Twists

The thin-twist is smoother and gives you a subtle look even if you don’t accessorize it.

Half Unraveled Braids

Are your children always bragging about their friend’s hairdos? Make them this Half Unraveled Braids to showcase your love toward them.


Braiding your already braided hair can add style to you. If you are tall then, the long braids will look quite right on you.

Side Fountain

The side above the ear where the braids are diverging outward into open hair on another part resembles a fountain with flowing water.

Faux Locs

Who says locs are always messy and dirty, these Faux locs looks neat and sexy. Add some beads and highlight to appear styled-up.

Box Braid Ponytail

Managing a box braid can be difficult as it is bulky and doesn’t stay at the place. You can grab it into a ponytail for the safe side.


If you are an artist particularly a dancer then, the classy low bun is a way to go for your performance as it helps to showcase your facial expressions.

See through braids

The See-through braids are achievable if you have thin hair.

Forehead Jewel

The middle part your head and embellish your hair with some dazzling golden forehead jewels to look astonishing with the twists.

Spiral and Curves

If you are a creative one, you will love to create the Spiral and curves on your head. Show your passion towards it by using various ideas to make it.

Goddess Braids

The flawlessness shown by the braids, tattoos, jewels, and the toxic eyes gives the Goddess vibe. You can add makeup to toughen your appearance more.

Magnetic Hair

If you are passionate about magnetism, this braid is perfect for you because the pattern is resembling the magnetic forces on the top of your hair.

Thick Lobs

The cute hairstyle is created using a full extension and has twists on the ends which must be done by burning the lasts of the artificial hair.


Unraveling the braids can give us beautiful kinks, and you can keep some of the extension attached to provide a different look.

Zig-zag Partitioned Twist

The Zig-zag partition with the twist makes you ready to party. The twists are attached to the surface instead of free-flowing, and the ends are unraveled to give chick vibe.

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Locs with Crochet Ends

Wear two different concept of protective hair into one with the locs and crochet hair where instead of rough, we have thin dreadlocks that looks beautiful with the end coils.

Natural Parallel Braids

You can do your parallel braids without using extensions to give more of a natural look. The smokey makeup to the dark twists will make you look empowering.

Red Kinks

These Red Kinks are one of the most beautiful coils I have ever seen. The dark red and the light-red together looks fascinating on the dark complexion.

Colored Braids

When it comes to braids, you can use the same color or different color extension to your hair and still look on point.

Alternate Ponytail

If you think ponytail is too simple, you can always style your hair by other braids. Wear clear glasses, hoop rings, and necklace to look classy.

Side-Love with Mohawk Twist

To create this hairstyle, you need to first make love on the side and the thin braids around it. Gradually after that do the twist with the hair in the middle and do the Mohawk there.

Half-braid Half Unraveled Kinks

The half braid on the front has some portion attached to the surface whereas some are above the ground giving puffed-up shape and then the rest is unraveled into kinks.

Twisted Braids

The Twisted Braids makes you look like an immature person because of the twisted braid that looks like pigtails. If you have watched the 1997 movie ‘Lolita,’ you will get a hint.

Braids Bangs

Braids Bangs are another way to looking classy like a celebrity mostly the opera singers or dancer. Wear smokey makeup with a black dress to go with the look.

Huge Divergent Braids

Divergent Braids are created by taking a center and then braiding all the strands from there by diverging.

Triangular-partitioned Half-up Bun

The Triangular-partitioned Half-up Bun has the crooked left braids and putting it up into a bun is a way to manage it.

Red Half-up Senegalese Twist

The Half-up Senegalese Twist is created to impersonate a long hair by not showing the root of the strands.

Greenish-Hued Banged-ponytail

Do you want to feel like emo with braids? Creating bangs with the pigtails is the best way to do it, and coloring green can give a specific look.

Side Wrapped Hip-length Braid

The Side-wrap Hip-length Braid is a red carpet look. The long braids and the body-con dress will flaunt your curves.

These were some of the African Braids popular among the people. People are Africa choose to use other hair extensions to protect their natural hair from the damage caused by the hot climate. But even if you aren’t an African, you can braid for styling sense. If the hairstyles inspire you, then try new innovative ideas to create braids and do inform us. If there are any recommendations related to the hair, we will be pleased to make changes.


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