91 Iconic Ariana Grande Hair Ideas for The Die Hard Fans!


Ariana Grande hair is a topic most fashion magazines and beauty gurus tend to talk about! The singer and actress have had immense success in her carrier, and her style has been appreciated a lot too. Her hairstyles have evolved, and the transformation is something to admire. She has gone from experimenting with a plethora of reds to sticking to her ombre hair. You can usually spot her in her classic high ponytail and time, and again she adds on a few accessories to make the hairdo look more polished. No matter what look she tries on, she looks great!

People have criticized the ‘thank you, next’ singer for always having on the same hairdo. The criticism focuses on the use of the same wigs over and over, especially considering how she has her styling team. Her fans are always loyal and have loved her adorable hairdo, though. She has made this to be her classic look, and people recognize her from the same hairdo often! It can be said that it is her style that separates her from everyone else. Here are 91 of her most talked about hairstyles that you can try out for yourself this season!

The transformation 1

There is Ariana Grande hair extensions tutorial that you can take help from to get both of these hairstyles she has on. It is quite the transformation from long hair to short ones in here.

ariana grande hair When heading out in a hurry!

If you are heading out in a hurry, take tips from Ariana and try this look here. Some strands of hair are left on the side, and the hair colors make up for the last minute look.

Natural curly hair

Ariana Grande real hair length 2020 was the talk of the town. You can see her naturally curly hair on this image here, and you are sure to have been shocked at why she wears wigs so much instead of her beautiful hair.


Half up ponytail

This is one unique look. It has a ponytail on the top whereas the rest of the hair has been left loose. You can see the colors in here are stunning too with ash blonde tones with a dark base.

Back in the day

Ariana Grande hair 2020 may not be the same as this one here, but it sure reminds us of her younger days. Her hair is in a sleek pony and has red tones on top.

Sleek hair with a low pony

She has opted for an elegant pony in here, and she looks simple yet well-put-together in this image. You can try on the same color as it is the trend loved by all celebs currently.

Loosely Pinned

There are loosely pinned side sections of hair in here. You can see her platinum blonde hues and the hair has the natural thickness to it. These wigs are easy to purchase as well as style.

DIY Heatless curls

There are many Ariana Grande hair tutorials that you can find on the internet. Beauty gurus and fashion bloggers all help to recreate her looks and come up with effortless curls too. This is one of those heatless curling methods.

For the stage

When you are on the stage, you sure want to look your best. Her long pony hair has the black veil with a bow on top, and the thickness here is what we love.

Red hair to ombre hair

Ariana Grande hair evolution can be seen in this image here. You can see her with cherry red hair on the side and see her transform to an ombre hair with a high pony on the other.

Lavender, Lilac tones

Lavender shades are the new blonde for sure. Everybody is getting attracted to these hues, and celebs like Ariana are making it even more accessible and famous. Get a wig like her if you are scared of hair damage.

Rings on Highpony!

There are rings added on to the center of the pony here, and you can see how they help to make the hairstyle stand out. The thick hair is every girl dream for sure!

As adorable as can be!

There are many adorable looks we have seen on Ariana Grande, and this is undoubtedly one of them! These space buns are aptly placed on top, and they have the perfect balance to them too.

Lazy day hairdo

When you are feeling sluggish and barely want to do anything, this hairstyle will be your savior! You can see her natural hair in here, and she has pinned them down and headed out casually.

Approachable, every day look

Ariana Grande hair is attainable and has the perfect everyday wearable vibe to them. This is a girl next door look that you can sport if you are a teenager and her fan!

Bangs and crimps

Adding crimps on the hair here has been a trend for a long time, and celebs love getting them! You can see how she has bangs and the crimps all on the same hairdo here.

Red side pinned hair

The side pinned hair in here has the perfect shine and depth to it. It helps her pale skin and is ideal for anyone in the same skin tone area. Follow her olden hairstyle and get this look if you love it!

Side braided hairdo

Side braids are easy to do, and they look adorable. Here we have Ariana herself trying on these twists. She manages to look stunning and youthful on these sectioned off braids on her natural hair.

Bare minimum look

You can keep things to a minimum if you are not looking to be too extra! Here are some tips you can take from Ariana and try on the minimal makeup look with a pure pony.

Braids in pony

Adding twists to ponytails are nothing new for sure! Some people have loved these hairstyles, and with Ari herself wearing this look, we are sure her young fans will follow the trend.

For a sporty day

She has a sporty look on here with her braids on a half up half down ponytail. If you wake up late in the mornings, this is the look you can pull off in a matter of minutes.

Night out

If you are heading out tonight, look as polished and pretty as Ariana in this ponytail look. You can copy her style and be the center of attention everywhere you go!

Long and thick

Every girl wants long and thick hair. You can see her sporting her full wig here, and it is sure to steal your hearts as it did ours! Get the same look for yourself, ladies!

Close up portrait

This is a close-up picture of Ari, and you can see how stunning she is! You can see her makeup and the hairstyle too. The braids and the rings on them are the perfect addition.

Charming and pretty

She always manages to look attractive, and this is the look that describes it the best! The singer and actor have always had a beautiful girl next door look that is perfect from all angles.

Concert Ariana Grande hair

Ariana Grande wore this look to her Manchester concert, and she looks stunning. There are three braids in here that are placed on the sides and the front. They have rings on them, and we love how it turned out on her.

Hints of grey

If you look closer, you can see the signs of grey on this look that we are sure you will love. The grey can be spotted on the thick hair below her brownish hues.

Casual look

If you want to copy Ariana Grande hair and look flawless, this is the one to go for. It is attainable and has a relaxed vibe that everyone can pull off.

Let it loose

This was the Ariana Grande hair down 2020 hashtag that we all were curious about. She let her hair down as she went out for her date day and we love how casual yet fun this look is.

Chic and fun

There is a lot of fun in this hairdo here. You can see her enjoying herself, and the blonde hues are suiting her well too! Try on the same color for a fun and fashionable look.

For all teenagers

Ariana Grande hair ideas inspire all teenagers to try on her looks. This one here is for the youngsters. Her hair has some color of brownish tones, and the slight waves are effortless.

Sloppy Pony

This pony is not as firm and strong as the ones we are used to seeing on Ariana Grande hair profile! Here her look is a bit sloppy and makes this a natural look to carry off.

The bow look

She has tried on the bow a lot of times too. The shine in the material that makes her bow adds to the look. You can try on the same for yourself for a themed party!

Frizzy hair

Here she has frizzy hair on her, and it still makes her look beautiful. You can spot her in her signature high ponytail, and she pulls off this look like no one else can.

The colors game

Back in the day, Ariana Grande hair was all about using a lot of vibrant colors on them. These colors pop out and show off the best youthful side to everything. The makeup here is colorful too.

The barbie fantasy

If you want to live your Barbie fantasy, follow Ariana Grande hair ideas from this look here. You can see how the dress she has on makes this whole attire even more charming.

Winter look

In the winter, your hair suffers a lot of damage! They are usually dull and need moisture. It is best to leave your hair subtly without getting much styling on them like the hairdo here.

Majestic Look

She has a great look here, and there is no doubt on that! You can try on adding the shiny veil material and get the whole look for yourself too, which makes this an exciting look.

Late night appearances

As she graces the late night shows and makes TV appearances, Ariana undoubtedly tries on interesting and charming looks. Here you can see her

Sparse short bangs

Bangs work well for all Ariana Grande hair looks! You can see how thin and spaced out these bangs are. She has changed up her usual long bangs look and tried something fresh for her hair here!

Shaped up pony

You can create a pony in different ways, and one of the basic methods is to have the sections drawn out clean and clear! You can try on any look as long as you get these sections done well.

Ariana top knot

Ariana Grande has her hair on a high bun in here that seems to be mysterious as well! You can see there are braided and knotted sections there. She sure knows how to keep everyone guessing!

Ready for all events

She always seems to be ready for an event. Here she poses for the media as she makes an appearance for the American Music Awards. Her signature hairdo follows her and complements the whole look perfectly.

Braided space buns

There are Youtubers and beauty gurus online that have tried on the Ariana Grande hair on their respective channels! They inspire and help youngsters to get the look that the singer carries off gracefully by creating easy to follow tutorials.

Mid-length red hair

Back in the day, Ariana Grande hair was more about the punch of colors and less about the cuts! Here she has kept her hair neither too short nor too long, and the results are stunning.

Keeping it casual

Ariana has her hair game ideally on point when it comes to making it look casual. You can see how her locks are always perfectly falling, and the eyeliner is also always looking good!

Half up pony

Here is a half up ponytail look from Ariana Grande hair collection that you can sport to a date night! It works great for all teenagers, and you are sure to look extra adorable with this look.

The central part

There are many ways you can part your hair. The one here has a central partition that balances most face shapes out. You can try on the same look, especially if you have round or square face shapes.

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Tones we love

There are some shades of colors that we all love. They tend to be universally flattering for all skin tones. Here she has brown hues on her hair with a dark base as usual, and her curls on the bottom add the needed volume too.

The crimped hair

You can add crimps to the hair, and this was a popular style back in the ’90s for sure! Ariana seems to have revived the look, and her hair here has been tied up after getting it ironed.

Cat ears headband

As we said earlier, Ariana Grande hair has some added accessories to them. You can take some inspiration from this hairdo of hers and get yourself a cat ear headband. It sure works for Halloween!

Ash blonde anyone?

All love Ash blonde hues. Celebs and stylists alike are always intrigued by this hue, and most are wearing it too. The dark base and the ash blonde all over the hair is an attractive look.

Young Ariana

Back in the day, Ariana Grande was more into acting, and her hair was colored in a bright tone for most times. Here she has the cherry red colors on her hair, and there are layers on the bottom.

Thin hair ideas

There are light hair ideas you can get from Ariana Grande hair. You can see her hair here is sleek and face-framing mostly. You need to use conditioners and hair gels to get the same effect.

The extravagant look

Ariana Grande hair can be out of this world when she wants it to be! You can see her shiny hair bow that falls on the back like a train, and it has her looking majestic as always.

Tones of red

As you gaze on this look, you can see hues of red on top of her hair! There is slight maroon to burgundy shades she has on here, and you can see the braids on either side as well.

Thick, voluminous hair

You may not always have the perfect thick hair that everybody loves. But you can get the same thick and full hair effect from your extensions. You can use the blow dryer to add more body and texture to the hair.

Slight waves on long hair

She has thick hair extensions on this look here, and you can see the waves she has added there on the bottom. There is a volume in this look, and we appreciate how easy this hairstyle is.

Curly Hair

There are images of Ariana Grande real hair 2020 that you will find on the internet or even on your social media feeds. You can see her with her naturally curly hair, and she sure looks stunning.

Out of the fog

Ariana’s look here has been photographed to perfection. You can see her coming out of the mist, and her makeup still shines through. The long side bangs and the suit she has on makes this attire admirable.

Shine in the hair

There are many Ariana Grande hair color ideas out there, and they all are mostly on the browner side! You can see her sporting the dark chocolate hues on top and light blonde tones on the base. It has the shine that we envy for sure.

Simple and beautiful

Ariana Grande hair may not always have that extra oomph to it that some of her fellow singers may have! You can try on her simple side-parted look right here and head out to run your errands.

Her Ellen Appearance Look

Ariana Grande made her Ellen appearance and gave a fantastic performance of her ‘thank you, next’ song! Her half up ponytail works with her curls, and the whole attire is youthful and feminine in all ways.

Add some filters

These lilac shades on these hair are perfect when paired with the braided bun on top! You can add some filters on any pictures you take and look as cute as Ariana does in this image here.

Hues and tones

There are multiple hues and tones in this look. The darker base and the blonde, brownish shades on the hair has the perfect combination that everyone can try. She sure looks beautiful in this hairdo.

Girl next door look

This is the girl next door look, and we are suggesting this to everyone out there! You can straighten your hair and leave the hair loose to get the same hairstyle for yourself.

Take a selfie

You need to take a selfie when you get the Ariana Grande look. The side sweep here and the pinned down look is perfect for all seasons, especially the summers. So get ready to get this look.

As you reach the end of this article, we are sure you have found the look you want to copy from the singer. Her hairstyles are youthful and have a classic charm to them for sure. Though many may find it to be monotonous as she wears her hair in a ponytail most of the times, we can assure you that you will look good in these hairdos! You can try on her haircuts and look as polished and flirty as she does. Like all of us, Ariana has had issues with her hair, too, and we need to be considerate with her truth as well when we criticize her choices!

If you found this article to be entertaining and if it helped you find some hairstyles for yourself, make sure you give us a big thumbs up! You can share this article with other Ariana fans and help then find their favorite Ariana Grande hair from here! If you try them on, make sure to share your experiences with us in the comments box below. We always have such interesting and exciting content ready for you guys!


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