75 Black Braided Hairstyles To Add to Your To-Do List!


Black braided hairstyles are some of the trending styles of the year, and so we had to write an article on it! These hairdos are perfect for black women of all ages, and there are ways to make this a great look for each occasion. You can look powerful and have this strong aura about yourself with these braids. Check our collection to get an idea about what works and what doesn’t for women with natural hair. With braids being the hairstyle that everyone loves, we made sure to add more than seventy ideas for the same.

These braids are not only a hairdo, but they are also something that shows off the roots of the people. Since most of these hairstyles are of African descent, they make people feel good about their relationship to the region. You can choose the needed hairdo for yourself if you want to get that chic look. With the celebs on the internet wearing all these hairstyles daily, we are bound to love them. There are hair extensions and accessories that you can add to these hairdos that can amp up the whole look. Check out the pictures here if you want to feel good soon.

Here is our collection of black braided hairstyles for you to get inspired by in 2020.

black braided hairstyles

The black braided hairstyles featuring box braids

Box braids are one of the most loved African forms of braiding that has taken over the internet. You can see the twists resemble a box shape once they are done. These hairstyles are protective, and they will keep the hair away from the pollution. You can add hair extensions to give yourself this stunning look. Ask your stylist to amp up the look and give it a close look. There are ways to revamp the look.

You can learn about it from youtube videos and try it when you have some free time in hand. We love how celebs like Taraji P. Henson has styled her hair with such black braided hairstyles multiple times. You can also copy her style and live your life to the fullest—the ways to do that start by getting yourself the perfect color and hair extensions. Check online reviews of the nearest hair salon out there, and you can book a place soon!

Half and half hairstyles

This is an exciting concept in the hairstyling department. You can see them in most women during the spring. The top half of the hair is tied down, and the rest is left loose. You can also take the time to add on some black braided hairstyles on to your list of to-do things this year. It keeps the hassles of flowy hair away from you, and at the same time, it also makes you capable of showing off your feminine side. So if you want the best of both looks, this is the way to go!

These hairstyles are great for any occasion. They are suitable for a wedding, but they are also comfortably worn in the day time for a work out session. You can see kids wear them to school and colleges as well. If you are looking to get a flirt and sexy style, choose any of these half-up black braided hairstyles, and you will be good! So get ready to see the compliments flowing through, and you will adore the smile on your face as they do! Here are some excellent ways to keep your hair managed for the season.


The choice of Senegalese braids

Senegalese braids are a form of protective hairstyles that can give you a boost of confidence. These braids are looking beautiful on artists out there. You can see it in the music videos of these artists. So it has created a lot of curiosity among the youngsters. The best thing is that these braids last for a long time. We can undoubtedly say they look good for eight to sixteen weeks. It does not cost much, and the way it charms you is a bonus.

This thick braided look can stir up the best in you. If you feel like adding that needed lift to your face, this is a perfect choice. We also have some ways for you to spice them up. The jewels and the accessories are a world for you to check out. Hurry and decide on the best look of your life. When you get your braids done, they will keep you looking gorgeous and feeling great for a long time.

Fulani braids to try out

Fulani braids come from the Fulani tribe of the African region. We all love the idea of black braided hairstyles, and when they talk about Fulani braid arises, we like to endorse it. They are characterized by the middle sectioning of the hair with the braids. You can also get some hair beads and rings on the hair with these Fulani braids. We love how these hairstyles are looking great for summer days when it is too hot to have loose hair.

Summer surely calls for a hairdo like this, which keeps you cool and feeling beautiful. The trends with colorful beads and colorful hues on them are a great addition. They are cornrows that are created to protect the hair. And the best thing to try this year is these plaits. If you are not sure how to style them, look at these images, and get inspired. As it ties you back to the roots of your nation, these braids are an excellent choice.

Crowned braided hairstyles

These are the best-braided hairstyles for black girls of all ages. You can see how the crown on the top makes for a perfect look. It adds the needed height to the hair and also gives it flair. If you have never tried this look before, you need to try it out today. With the ease of the internet, you can create braids on the hair with ease. You can also get braided hair extensions.

Add them to the hair, and you can accompany it with some other styles. A ponytail on the back is a good option. But you can also add a bun or let the hair loose. We are always looking to get the best style for our hair. And if you are feeling like getting a look worthy of appreciation, this can be the way to do so. You can go through before you decide to get braided locks.


Black braided hairstyles with ponytails

Hairstyles with ponytails are an easy hairdo to try out when you head out to the gym or the mall. If you want cornrows braided hairstyles, then you can pair it with a pony at the end. There are no forms of braids that you cannot accompany with these tied up hairdos. You can take the time to get your hair up in these twists before you secure the rest. You can also opt for a high pony and a low one.

When you wear your hair in this look, the personal charm comes out. You can get your locks to look its best when they are paired up with these African styles of pleats. When you are going to the gym or school, you can wear this hairdo. With the help of your stylist, you can get the braids on the scalp. They stay on for weeks, so the rest of the hair can be pushed to the back.


Yarn braids for black braided hairstyles

Yarn braids are a fun way to add color to your hair. There is so much spark added to the hair when you have these threads on the hair. You can see how they get the pop of color on your tresses. If you curl them, they add this flair to the hairstyle you are trying out. In case you wanted a lovely burst of color, you would want to get the yarn of reds, pastel pinks, and blues. They are a small way of making the best of hair color without using any chemicals.

This is one of the main reasons why we have yarn braids in this section. They are not famous for no reason. The sheer enjoyment of choosing a hairdo that can boost your day is good enough. You do not need extra styling when you have hair that speaks for itself like these tight braids. So what are you waiting for? Try the colors of the season and get the best of the material to add to your locks. Get the ideas of what hue to wear from the images on the internet. They are the black braided hairstyles to wear this season.


Black braided hairstyles with big buns

Do you need to go to a formal event? You can pin your hair down in a bun when you have to head there. The intensity of these hairstyles can be increased as you need them to. You can keep it as casual as you like, or you can play it up to get the princess hairdo you deserve. The formal styles are always lovely, and they have this feminine charm to them.

If that is all you desire, try the black braided hairstyles and pair them with a bun. The idea is to get the hair out of your way and make it look classy as you do so. Add on some curls and waves, and that can give you a majestic hairdo. You can roll up the hair on the back and pin It down to provide it with a charming look. Add your selection of flowers and hair jewelry, and you can get the dazzling look you deserve in some minutes.

The revival of loose ended braids

You can get yourself the braid hairstyles with weave as well. The options never seem to die out with these braids. There is always something new you can do with them. Recently we saw Jordon Woods in a music video where she wore the box braids with loose ends. It sparked a lot of conversation and made people try out the same. Her hairstyle has also made young women try the same look and wear it to schools and parties.

The comfort and the aesthetics of these hairstyles are what make it so appealing. The braids hairstyles 2019 has seen was inspiring. The perfection of the braids and the loose ends make the blend that brings everything else together. If you want to feel trendy and get the style you deserve, try this out! It will spike up the hair and add a bit of cool factor to anyone who wears them. There are ways to get these hairstyles on yourself. You can learn about them, and when you do, you can post pictures of that here. We would love to see them.

Micro braided hairstyles to try

Micro braids are an excellent way to get your hair managed. If you are not looking to get the jumbo braids and make a big splash of your hairdo, then you can try these smaller ones. In case you wanted to have yourself a subtle look that no one else does, this is your call! The braids are lovely, and the addition of ponytails and buns can tie the whole look together. Experiment more and get yourself the liberty of looking beautiful each day. Try out any of these styles that we are suggesting and get yourself a look to flaunt in the next gathering.

When you install micro braids, they last for three months. You can try to take care of them, but for maintenance issues, you need to take them out after that. They are low maintenance and thus are perfect for anyone who wants to get ready in minutes each day. With these ideal sets of black braided hairstyles, you can get the liberty of doing so. But be sure you do not make these micro braids not too small. Otherwise, they can tug on the hair and hurt your scalp!

The sectioned Cornrows to wear

How can we start the conversation about black braided hairstyles and not mention these cornrows? They are a classic hairdo of the African culture that is widely popular. The look is perfect for anyone to try. You can see your favorite celebs and famous people with these cornrows. They have a valuable role in the hairstyle department, and you can wear it for a casual look. The style is a big statement maker, and we are all used to seeing them around.

The sectioned braids are beautiful, and we like how it keeps the hair in place. There are some hair extensions that you can add to get the job done as well. You can get your hair to look presentable with the use of these cornrows. In case you wanted a hairdo that speaks out about your culture and tradition, this is the one to pick. If the best styles are out there, you need to grab them when you have the chance.

Black braided hairstyles for short hair

Women have different needs and tastes. You can see how some women might feel when they see a look and do not know how they can get it for themselves. If you are someone with short hair, these black braided hairstyles are the ones for you. You can get the look with the addition of some hair extensions. The majority of these hairstyles require the length that comes from these extensions. So you can check out these black braided hairstyles with the weave and ask your hairstylist to give you the same!

Here are some ideas that you can benefit from looking at. Short hair is all the craze nowadays, and you will want to revamp your look with them. But if you are tired of the hairdo, try something longer. We suggest these long black braids accompany you as you move through the day and get your work done.

Colors to try with black braided hairstyles

Black braided hairstyles are looking to make a big comeback in the year 2020. You can look at these African hair braiding styles pictures out here that you can take references from. The colors, in particular, are a big craze for women this year. There are bright shades and some stunning and subtle tones in here that can make you feel like a new person. The charming blonde and reds will never go out of fashion for sure.

But the other shades that are making a lot of noise is the mull wine red and the shades of lime green and blues. You can see how we can add them on as a color for the full hair or get them as highlights. If your choice is to get hair extensions with the highlights, then look for those ideas online. You will get inspired by the hues and the flair that you can find on these wigs nowadays with the change in time.

Taking care of black braided hairstyles

When you have black braided hairstyles on you, it can be a hard task for you to take care of it. It has a lot of work that needs to be done for sure. You can see how they are making a big comeback now in the fashion department. And if you want to feel good, you will want to wear them. But you also need to learn how to take care of them. Here we are offering you some stunning ideas. They are comfortable, and all you need to do is make some minor changes here and there.

The first thing you need to try is getting rid of any chemicals that are in your washroom. Your shampoo and conditioner need to be friendly enough to be more helpful to your hair. Take sulfur-free shampoo and make the first move. The best thing you can do is to change your pillowcases and try out the ones with silk! They will reduce friction, and it can also reduce the flyaway in your hair. We would love the use of natural products to keep the natural hair from breaking apart.

Another thing to take care of is to get the hair clean. You do not want to keep the scalp dirty. Reduce all the buildup that you can get on your scalp as you move on with your chores. You need to get your hair washed well but also make sure the last residue of the cleanser is gone. Another thing is to get as much deep conditioning product on the hair as you can. Keep them moisturized if you want that classy look that shines through the day! If you are looking for that great hair, you need to put in the effort.

Get the look you deserve

As you are done with the article, we are sure you have an idea about what hairdo is best for you. Since black braided hairstyles are all about getting the roots protected and looking good without much effort for weeks, we know you will be interested in the idea. You are going to wake up each day, looking like a dream. So you can get up and head out. You will look balanced and well maintained. There is nothing that can make you feel better than the luxury of having a beautiful hairstyle.

The thing about hairstyles is that you can take the steps lightly and mix it up to get the perfect look of your life. There are colors and hair accessories that can give you a stunning style. With stylists making the best of this resurgent interest in the black braided hairstyles, they are all over the internet. We kept the hairstyles in this collection to a list that can give anyone a fair chance at trying it. There are Fulani and Ghana braids with other popular braiding styles here that can encourage you to change your look. The best techniques come from taking a bit of risk. So try it this year!


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