120 Stunning Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas to Rock This Season!


Blonde balayage is a hot hair coloring trend. Balayage took over the internet, and women loved the way it worked out for them as well. This is a hair coloring technique which adds highlights to your hair to make them pop! Unlike the ombre hair coloring method, here you cannot see any sharp transition lines of the hues! You can try out adding colors in any manner, and it will look stunning. There are tutorials online here that can help you to get them done at home. But we do suggest you head to the salon to get it done.

You are sure to be loving your reflection on the mirror when you get yourself the blonde balayage. You can try on any of these combinations that we put together down here. There is no denying that these are the best hair coloring trend, and the blonde is undoubtedly a classic touch to it! It will add the needed flair to your hair and make it look stunning no matter what hairstyle you choose to try. You can take help from your hair stylist and choose the intensity and depth of the hues to match your skin tone perfectly as well.

Here are 120 Stunning Blonde Balayage Ideas to Help You!

Blonde balayage on short hair

If you are looking for blonde balayage short hair ideas, then look no more! Here are the best of the styles compiled for you! You can see these have the charm and elegance to them, and it seems youthful too! If you have short hair or are looking to get your hair cut, then you need to try these out!

blonde balayage Waves add to the effect

You can add some volume to your hair by trying out these stunning waves. They add body to your locks and make them shine! You can see how the blonde hues are shining through as light reflects from them. Take some time in the mornings and get this look for yourself!

On the lighter side

These are some of the bright blonde balayage ideas that you can try out. The hair colors in here have an ash blonde hue on them, and they highlight everything perfectly. You can check out some of these hairdos and get inspired to try out these lighter shades for yourself. They can try out the shades with something dark to balance things out!

Long thick hair

There are many hairstyles on the internet today that incorporates long hair on them! You can add extensions on to your hair if you have a shorter length to get this look here. You can try out any of this style here with the blonde balayage when you have a longer length of shining locks!

Lighter on the ends

Balayage is all about adding on the highlighting shades on to your hair. You can see how the ends in here have the blonde hues on them. They are adding a different dimension to the locks. If this is your style, then here are some ideas you can get on board with. Keep darker shade on the top though!

The bob haircut

You can try the blonde balayage bob haircut, and we are sure you will never be more satisfied with anything else! You can see how the shades in here add to the hairstyle and make the bob as trendy as ever. Make sure you style the hair by keeping them sleek or adding on some waves as well.

Golden touch

There are many colors that you can add to these blonde shades to make them pop! Here there is a touch of golden hue on the blonde balayage, and we love how it all merges well together. You can try on the same for yourself, especially if you have a yellowish undertone in your skin.

A mix of dark and light hues

Adding light colors to dark ones can make for the perfect highlight! You can see this blonde balayage on dark hair and get inspired to try them on here! We compiled the ideas that we thought would work out for women of all ages. There is an ideal balance in here with the dark and light hues working together.

The go-to color

If you are not one to try out a new hair color with some dark streaks, then you can try out this subtle blonde balayage here. You can keep things simple and keep the colors more natural like the one in here. Try out the same for yourself if you are willing to keep the hair looking effortlessly beautiful!


For medium hair length

These hair coloring ideas work out well for the girls with a medium length of hair. We have everything from platinum blonde to brownish shades of the blonde hues in here. You can go on full with the tones or try out keeping the roots dark as well. You are sure to love these looks in here.

Darker on top

There are ideas on blonde balayage Pinterest, and they are sure to entice you. Some stylists suggest this idea to most women. You can try on the shades of your choice and keep the top section of your hair darker. You can choose black as you darker shade or even keep them dark brown out there.

Side swept hair

You can try on any of the hairstyles out there when you have the blonde balayage on them! You can see the side swept hairdos here and get the same for yourself. The slight waves on them add to the body and texture of the hair. Here are a couple of ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Curls that add texture

Adding curls to your hair can make the hair look textured, and it gets the body that your locks require. You can keep them rolled up all night using some heatless hair curling technique as well. If you are not concerned about hair damage, then you can take the heating iron and add them to your locks quicker!

Straight cut hair

There are many haircuts you can add to your hair once they are styled and colored! You can see the long locks in here are cut straight across and that makes it look well proportioned! You can wear this if you are not interested in adding layers to your locks. They are comfortable to wear for sure!

Everyday perfect

Who doesn’t want a classic look for themselves? You want to look stunning each day, and there are ways you can achieve that for yourself. If you get your hair on the blonde balayage, then you are sure to look beautiful all day long every day. Here are some hair coloring ideas to help you out in case you are confused!

Pink Hues

There are a lot of colors you can add on to your hair to make them pop! These pink shades here are undoubtedly one of them! Keep the shades as light or as bright as you like to get the tone that you are satisfied with. Here we have some ideas if you need some inspiration.

Brown undertone

Balayage is a hair coloring trend that aims to add highlights to your locks and make them pop! Here we have the blonde balayage look with the base color of brown! You can use these earthy tones and know for yourself why we love this so much. The depth added by these colors are stunning, and it sure is admirable.

Vacation hair

If you are soon to leave for a vacation, then here are some hair coloring and styling ideas that you can take on! You can see the shades of blonde balayage in here and get inspired by them yourself. They make your hair shine in the sun and help your hair look stunning every day. These help you get the best photos as well.

Elegant hairdo

There is a subtle elegance added on by the use of these colors here that are striking. You can try out the same shade for the graceful appeal as well. You can see the golden hues in here as well with the dark black on top! They all merge well to form this majestic hairstyle.

Blunt ends

You can surely get any haircut you want when you have the right hair color on! You can see there are blunt ends on in here and they are stunning. The correct hair color can make your hair appear sleeker and give you the transition on the hair that you require. Here is an image with the same haircut.

Darker first

There are hair color ideas that you can try on once you get expert help! You can see the dark brown on top here. They are adding the depth to this hairdo and working out well with the rest of the blonde balayage. You can see the waves in here as well are adding on the texture.

Simply alluring

Some hairstyles can make your hair look stunning and attract you towards it. This is one of such hairdos. The colors in here are well done, and the way they transition from one look to the other is admirable. You will be pleased with this hairdo here for sure as the different intensities are creating this alluring illusion.

Youthful ones

If you are looking to appear younger or want that charming young appeal on your hair, then you can try on this look here. You can see how the blonde balayage trend here has the hair appearing sleeker and vibrant at the same time. There is a shade change once you move to the back here and they help to add brightness to the hair.

Yellow to green

You can add tones and hues on top of your color. You can see the yellow to green tinge on top here and get the same for yourself. This is a unique look, and you can rock them any season of the year. Here is the perfect blonde on the base as well and we love it!

Blonde balayage for men

Blonde is not just a color for women, and surely the blonde balayage is not a trend only limited to them! Some men experiment with the colors as well, and we love the way it has been used here. You can see there is a vibrancy to this look that works out well for the summer days.

Options to choose from

There are options here for your blonde balayage hair trend. You can see some of these colors in here, and they are adding so much flair to the hair. Once you get them done, you can attempt any hairstyle that you prefer. Check out the ones in here for ideas.

Deep Tones

There are darker tones of colors that work out for women with pale skin tone as well. You can see the short hair in here has the dark brown to black hues and we adore this one. Once you pay close attention, you can see that there are lighter brown tones on the bottom here as well.

For all occasions

No matter what your choice of color is, you can always try on the blonde balayage. If you are looking to add the depth to your hair and make them appropriate for all occasions, this is the section for you! You can try on some of these for a party or a day out as well.

Bold choices

This one here is undoubtedly a bold choice. You can see that there are hues of pink tones on the hair here that goes well with the blonde. You can try them on to add that oomph and flair to your locks that it may have lacked back in the day! Get the color that works the best for you.

Side view

A hairstyle and hair color that you get needs to work out for you no matter what angle you look at it from! You can see the side view of the blonde balayage in here, and it looks alluring. You can try on the same for yourself once you get the tone and color that you desire the most!

Perfect Layers

There are layers in these hairstyles that you can get if you have thick hair. You can see that adding these layers can make your hair appear thinner and add the needed volume to it as well. There are dark hues on the roots, and they work out well with the blonde balayage that is going on in the back.

Ash blonde

One of the best hairstyle options that you can try is the blonde balayage and the best color right now to pair with it is the ash blonde! You can see the hues in here have an ashy tone to them and you can try on the same for yourself. Some celebs and stylists have adored this look as well.

Blonde and black

One of the classic combinations of hair colors that you can try out is the blonde with the black in this look here. You can try out the hues for yourself and get the look that most women find alluring. We have compiled some of the best styles in here with the same color mix in here.

The front sections!

As we said earlier, you can see that the blonde balayage is the trend that adds to the highlights on your hair. You can see the front sections of hair in here, and they are coated with these lighter shades. These are stunning as ever and can add the lightness that you desire for your face.

Highlights on

There is a golden shade of blonde added on as highlights on this look here. You can see the light shades are stunning and you can try out to get the darker hues on the base and add on the same yellow toned gold on top. Adding on these light tones on the darker ones can make your look complete!

Angled Bob

Bob is the hairstyle that made a lot of buzz on the internet back in 2018 and continues to be a rage among women of all ages. The bob here has been cut on an angle, and you can see how they are short at the back and longer as you reach the front sections!

Long bob with blonde balayage

Here is another variation of the classic bob that has more extensive sections on them. You can see the long bob in here, and they are stunning as ever. These can be the blonde balayage 2019 trend that everyone loves. The light shades in here are alluring, and we love it. Here are a few ideas for you to try.

Ash blonde on the bottom

There are shades that actresses like Kim Kardashian are wearing and they are surely getting popular! You can see that they are widely used on the blonde balayage hair coloring trend as well. Here are some of the images that can show you how the blonde on the base adds the perfect edge to this hairstyle.


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Red undertones

There are brown to red undertones on this hairstyle here. They are looking graceful, and we can see how they make the perfect balance with the black and dark shades on the top. If you have long hair, then you can surely look fabulous on this hair color. If not, you can add on the hair extensions with the same colors.

Waterfall Braids

One of the most exciting forms of hair braids are the waterfall braids on here! You can try out this one back home too. They form a stunning illusion like this one! You can see that the hair colors in here are adding so much flair to the twists. You are sure to love the outcome of this hairdo.

extensiveSalon-styled hair

There is no denying that the hair colors you try on can make your hair appear better, but they are better off done at a salon than at home. If you are new at the coloring, then you need to take help from an expert at a salon. Book your appointment today, and get the look that you desire the most!

The one with some bangs

If you add bangs to your hair, you can make your face appear slimmer and make it look a bit more framed as well. You can see how the hair falls on perfectly as you get them cut. Opt for a full frontal bang if you are mature, to hide any fine lines as well.

Sleek straight hair

You can try on the hair colors on any hair texture, but here are some of the best ideas for blonde balayage straight hair. If you have naturally straight hair or are looking to get them done permanently, then this can be the choice of hair colors for you!

As you reach the end of this article here, we are sure you have been inspired to try on this blonde balayage look here. There are options here that you can choose from, and they are going to work out for all skin tones! You can amp up your style and use the blend of colors that excite you the most! You can take these images here as a reference and help out your hair stylist to figure out what it is that you want. Be confident as you wear it as well!

Here we have the 120 stunning blonde balayage ideas that can work out for all women. If you found this article to be helpful, then show us some love by liking it. You can share it with other women and aid them to change their hair color into these beautiful ones here! Make sure you share your hair coloring experiences with others using the comments section below. We are always looking forward to your valued feedback here.


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