82 Stunning Blue Black Hair for the Gorgeous You


Blue black hair is both mysterious and stunning without overwhelming you. Since Snow White’s ebony tresses were first wished by her mother, we have all loved black and blue hair. The combination is somewhat sultry when we think of Rita Hayworth during Hollywood’s Heyday or innocent and flirty like Audrey Hepburn. And of course, the divine Ms. Elizabeth Taylor.

Our collection has the best looks for blue black tresses, streaks, and combination to a mixture of hues.

Beautiful Blue Black Hair for Casual to Elegant Styles

1. Stunning Cobalt Blue in Soft Waves

Make a stylish statement with soft waves in a layered shag. Cobalt blue highlights make this modern style truly eye-catching and riveting. Watch them look at you!

blue black hair

2. Sexy Shiny Ebony Curls with Steel Blue Streaks

nothing says sexy than long black hair falling like a silky waterfall at your back. But add in gorgeous curls that you would love to run through with your fingers and steel blue streaks, you would own the room.

3. Beautiful Blue Black  Hair Brushed Up in High Volume Waves

Be a diva in looks and glamor with a brushed up style that speaks volume – literally and figuratively. You don’t need to accessorize if your curls are these beautiful with the perfect shade of luscious black hair.

4. Easy Cornflower and Sapphire Streaks for Shoulder-Length Hair

Soft and casual layered shoulder-length hair becomes more interesting with two tones of blue – gentle cornflower and chic sapphire.

5. Sexy Sleek Hair with Denim Streaks

Sleek is always sexy, and a middle part makes for an empathic style statement. Highlight with blue denim streaks for understated rad.

6. Sexy and Glamorous Straight and Loose with Flirty Layered Fringes

Oh, la la la! French straight-up fringes make the look stylishly cosmopolitan. It’s sexy with those long locks free and loose, but the flirty layered fringe notches up the chic and trendy factor by 10x.

7. Cute Leather Black Hair

An easy-to-maintain style that can easily take you from business brunch to after-dinner beer. Enjoy the comfort of a short haircut and trendy, rare leather black hair.

8. Easy Medium Length Black Hair with Blue Streaks

Sexy soft curls make this medium-length style more fashionable. Blue streaks make a subtle snazzy, stylish statement.

9. Stunning Blue Black Hair with Cobalt Highlights

Beautiful curls with eye-catching cobalt highlights make a complete style stunner. You will love to run through your fingers for that messy but feminine look. Or you can spritz on more product and wear the look with a sophisticated twist for sexy chic.

10. Feminine Soft Curls on Ebony Hair

A perfect smile for a perfect style. Dress up classic wavy locks by finger combing the edges. An uneven side part can also add volume to an already trend-setting style.

11. Be the Diva in Long Curly Hair

Curly hair is always stunning. But wear your tight curls long and loose, finger comb and get a deep side part and the style becomes devastatingly beautiful. Set the trend and free the diva in you.

12. Cute Layered Bob with Navy Highlights

The uneven razor-cut edges make this short cut very interesting and a notch close to rocker chic than pixie prep. The navy highlights don’t hurt either in adding some street cred to this cute but still punky style.

13. Gorgeous Soft Black Curls with Navy Edges

Make long black hair more beautiful with soft curls that invite attention. If you don’t want to color your hair entirely, then add color to the edges. In this style, the color highlights extend to the middle back with soft and subtle highlights on top.

14. Ravishing Layers in Deep Royal Blue and Silver Highlights

Be sexy casual in a layered shag that you would love to style. It’s versatile, and the colors are eye-catching. Ravish the eye with the sumptuous color combination and a one-sided deep side part that highlight your face and the gorgeous hair.

15. Alluring Layered Long Hair with Steel Blue Highlights

Shiny dark tresses are attention-getting with a sophisticated choice of steel blue highlights. You get the metallic sheen and the radical vibe of blue hair without being too “out there.” This is a perfect style for both business, pleasure, and personal style.

16. Pure Indie with Indigo

Long and free locks in pure indie indigo can bring out pictures of acoustic guitars and lone songwriters.

17. Easy and Romantic Blue Black Hair with Indigo Highlights

Soft and easy for a little sleep-in with your loved one during weekends.

18. Eye-Catching Sleek Long Ble Black Hair

Glamorous and just made for a stroll in the red carpet.

19. Casual Shoulder-Length Hair with Chopped-Off Edges

Something comfortable that can take you from a romantic coffee date to grocery shopping.

20. Stunning and Beautiful Big Soft Multi-Hued Curls

Cerulean and baby blues make this multi-hued big soft curls such a stunning style. Wear it long or short, and the hairstyle is still eye-catching and remarkable in its own right.

21. Elegant Disco Retro Midnight blue Black Hair

You need to channel some Diana Ross – full beauty and diva!

22. Pretty Long Dark Sapphire Hair in Soft Gentle Waves

A perfect style for a romantic getaway. Be ready, though, and he will probably run his fingers through your hair over and over.

23. Layered Fringe in Long Blue Denim

Some casual chic for ladies who lunch and who are married to celebrity rappers.

24. Pretty Sapphire Layered Locks with Big Soft Curls

Young and chic that would be lovely in libraries, classrooms, and casual pizza game nights with college roommates.

25. Stylish Silvery Multi-Hued Blues in Indigo and Cobalt

Biker beauty makes this perfect.

26. Stunning Blue Silver in Buns and Braids

If you can’t make up your mind, go both ways.

Choose double high buns for something playful and weekend-easy. Or you can go for the orderly and traditional braid. Either way, the color is fun and stunning and just perfect for somebody who wants to be a little more different than others.

27. Sexy Layered Curls in Midnight Blue Black

The enchantress that can rule the night. From the classroom to cocktails, the style is sexy and sultry.

28. Stunning Tight Curls in Punk Navy

Grab everyone’s attention with a punk navy color. Beautiful curls are just the add-on.

29. Stylish Classic Bob

Add subtle sophistication to this classic cut.

30. Casual Chic in a Messy Shoulder-Length with Sapphire Edges

Enjoy a hassle-free day with a messy but stylish hairdo – color makes a difference.

31. Exquisite Balayage in Soft in Indigo and Royal Blues

The colors are delicate, but the style is super stylish. Romantic and feminine, the style can go from Starbucks to bride with its versatile style.

32. Casual Chic in One-Sided Bob with Cerulean and Aqua Fringe

A stunning statement of both character and fashion.

33. Easy Layered Shag with Azure Highlights

take it easy with fuss-free hair. You don’t even need to spray on hair product.

34. Sexy Chopped Off Bangs

Long hair becomes subtly sexy with sultry bangs.

35. Striking Messy Layered Long Hair in Electric Blue

All the right moves and color.

36. Sexy Stunner in Long Black Hair with Big Gentle Curls

Extensions or not, enjoy the attention and the sexy style.

37. Sexy Chic in Denim Blue Highlights and Leather Black Hair

Low-key styling is perfect.

38. Flashy Stunner in Electric Navy Highlights

Rizty color for a classic cut.

39. Rocker Flash in Layered Curls with Cobalt Highlights

Let’s go wild and free. Bring the beer.

40. Sexy in Ultra-Long Midnight Blue Black Hair

Enjoy brunch with some sexy hair.

41. Feminine Messy Bun for Blue Black Hair

Have fun and a casual Saturday morning brunch without thinking of your hair. Simply twist in a bun and enjoy your toasts and eggs.

42. Romantic Fishtail in Charcoal and Midnight Highlights

Traditional but pretty.

43. Layered Biker Chic in Punk Blue

Inspired by dreads and a radical biker chick.

44. Sweet and Simple Casual in One-Length Cobalt

No need to wait with this sweet and simple style. The color is eye-catching and fresh.

45. Stylish Retro Waves in Silver Blue

Holywood glamor will get everyone’s attention. The perfect style for a dressed-up evening.

46. Snazzy One-Length Bob in Sapphire

Wind-blown comfort that you can enjoy hassle-free.

47. Dazzling Gorgeous Tight Curls in Magnetic Black

Let the queen in you rule!

48. Easy Middle Part Layered Long Hair

Simple and polished.

49. Classic One-Length Onyx Black

Tuck one side behind the ear and enjoy an easy style.

50. Romantic Soft Waves with Ultra Marine Hues

Fine hair gets more volume with waves. Dazzle their eyes with hues of siren blues.

51. Casual Uneven Parting for Long Denim Blue Hair

Want to enjoy a lazy day? Just let your blue black hair hang loose and free.

52. Cool and Sassy Waves with Cobalt and Indigo Balayage

The wave-like coloring is perfect.

53. Rock in Chopped-Off Deep Side Parting

Something cool and easy.

54. Cute and Sexy Layered Short Hair in Charcoal and Midnight

Be your playful self.

55. Pretty Blue Black Hair Worn Loose and Sleek

Fuss-free chic with a polished touch.

56. Casual Punk in Charcoal and Midnight Soft-Edged Curls

Young, vibrant, and trendy.

57. Indigo Love It in Long Soft Waves

The color will make waves.


58.Eye-Catching Electric Navy

Electrifying presence.

59. Pretty and Cute with Chopped-off Bangs for Blue Black Hair

French polish and casual chic.

60. Sexy Curls in Stylish Shiny Jet Black Hair

Kick it up with the flashy curls and subtle shine.

61. Romantic Simplicity with Indigo Highlights

The style is made for nice and leisurely weekends.

62. Stunning Long Blue Black Hair with Big Soft Curls

Beautiful style made for the romantic in you…and in him.

63. Soft Stylish Waves in Olive Black

The subtle colors make a personal statement. There’s nothing ordinary in you, and the waves are stylish and sophisticated.

64. Casual Fancy in Flipped Out Edges with Prussian Blue Highlights

Taking it easy during Sunday mornings.

65. Sophisticated Midnight Waves Tucked Behind the Ear

Polished and devil-may-care killer style.

66. Sweet and Sexy Curls in Onyx


67. Stylish and Classic Sleek in Midnight

Delicate polish that makes blue black hair deeply mysterious and eye-catching…

68.Classic Chic in One-Length Bob with Blue Highlights

Something easy-to-maintain for fuss-free daily styling.

69. Gorgeous and Sexy Big Curls

Dress up beautiful black hair with big curls.

70. Sexy Big Curls for Blue Black Hair

Enchanting and sultry looks make an attractive package with deep blue black hair with a touch of shine.

The curls are big and beautiful, and if you wear your long hair loose and free, you will probably capture a heart or two.

71. Lovely Sleek Lapis Shoulder-Length Hair

A straight-edge haircut is sleek and silky with lapis blue as the main highlight.

72. Stunning But Casual Ultra Long Blue Black Hair in Soft Curls

Go for comfort with an easy to adapt hairstyle. Wear a bucket hat or cap, and there is no hiding these stunning curls.

73. Sexy Jet Black Hair in a Side Part

Add volume to your jet black locks with an uneven side part. Tuck one side behind the ear for a sexy look but without becoming overly sultry.

Elegant and understated sexiness that you can take from the meeting room to cocktails after work.

74. Simple Layered Charcoal Black Hair with Blue Streaks

Go casual with this easy-to-handle layered long hairstyle for blue black hair.

75. Feminine Indigo and Spruce Streaks For Long Blue Black Hair

Black long hair can be boring sometimes. So add some volume with big curls in the edges. Then put on some very dark indigo streaks and a bit of spruce at the edges.

76. Sexy Curls in Indigo Balayage

Stylish soft curls fall like waves to frame your face with the perfect middle part. The style is sexy without becoming too sultry.

77. Pretty Weekend Casual in a One-Sided Style

Blue black hair is ideal for quiet weekends.

78. Sophisticated Brushed Up Deep Side Part

Fresh and sexy and perfect for the power-driven woman.

79. Dark Sapphire Highlight for Sleek Black Hair

Edgy but subtle, and quite perfect for blue black hair.

80. Classic Medium-Length Bob with Persian Blue Highlights

Spice up a classic hairstyle with Persian blue highlights. You get a youthful and hip vibe without becoming too attention-grabbing. If you prefer to be more subtle, you can settle for a deeper shade of blue that is more akin to black. Nevertheless, color adds a modish style to any classic cut.

81. Gorgeous Big Curls for Midnight Black Hair

Nothing says sexy and sultry than big curls are worn long and loose.

You can enjoy a comfortable morning just letting everything stay free, or you can dress up your hair with an uneven side part or slicked back. If you prefer, you can wear this in a tight chignon and notch up the sexy factor with loose stray strands.

82. Modern Big Curls in Metallic Dark Blue

Go full-on metal and fashionable with this big style. It’s pretty but so versatile. You can go sophisticated and wear it brushed up to frame your face. You can be feminine and casual and tie everything or part of your hair in a messy and twisty bun. No matter the style, the color is eye-catching, and the metallic sheen makes everything glitter with chic.





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