96 Stunningly Deep and Alluring Blue Hair To Try This Season


This article covers up on stunning hairstyling options you can try with the beautiful shade of blue. So if you are a person who is a fan of blue hair, you’ve just landed on the right page. Even if you are not you might as well be after taking a glimpse and going through the stunning blue hair styling options we have in store. This exotic and alluring hair color can be tried on with different hues of the color and different hairstyles.

This not-so-common hairstyle although looks inspired by anime characters, actually has been in inception from the early ’90s. This is one hell of an eye-turner hair color that defines your spontaneous and outgoing personality. Also, you can wear it on with different color tones and match it up with the right haircut to get the hairstyle that defines you.

Long Blue hued hair

The blue hair color will look attractive on your long hair. They can increase the charm your hair posses and make head turns wherever you go. Either straight or curvy, the color hues reflect brilliantly making your hair look alluring. This hair styling option will provide you bold and appealing looks. So, when are you trying it on your hair?

blue hair

Short Wavy Hair

This hairstyle makes your hair look like a work of art. Just like the waves on the blue ocean, the blue hues on your wavy hair look so beautiful. You can experiment with the color shades and find the one you love or settle with the blue pastel hair that will look just perfect on that wavy hair.

The Kylie Hair

Well, how could we miss the Kylie hairstyle here? As done by Kylie, one shade of the blue hair has been put over the base of her natural hair color. It seems that the beauty of the hair is dripping down along with the hues. You can try them with your natural hair and also a different shade of blue and see how pretty it looks.

Dark roots with blue accents

This hairstyle makes you try on the blue colors on without you losing your real hair color. Yes, let the natural hair you have been a base to the blue color shade that you want on your hair and see it re-defining your style. This way you can reflect a new style of yours, but without changing what you are.

Hints of pink?

Here we have another beautifully fantastic blue look for you. It includes more than one hues of the blue color and gives some hint of pink hair which is a shade of purple that sits on a different shade of bluish hair. The hair looks glooming with colors, and the hairstyle looks quite interesting to match your personality. (wink)

 Dark to light faded color

The beauty of blue color is apparent here with the use of dark and light shades of the color hue. The dark tones of the color can be used on the base of the hair with pale light shades coming down to the hair tips. This is of that kind of blue hair tips that might do the magic for you on any particular day.

The basic ombre hair

Now here comes the blue ombre hair, the beauty of ombre hair-do is majestically visible with the perfect blend of the different blue color shades. See those light blue-hued hair falling from the dark blue hair or the purplish blue toned hair; it makes the hairstyle stand out from other ombre hairstyles.

Light fun shades

The light blue toned hair or the sky blue as my artistic mind would like to say works like a charm with the right hair cut and the way the lighter shades are played with upon your hair. They portray the beauty of the clouds dancing on the clear blue sky. Isn’t it mesmerizing to watch?

The transformation from black to blue

This section is for those who are confused about how to transform your darker brown or black hair to blue or for those who are scared of how it might look. You can see how your hair might glow with those blue hues blending onto your hair. You can choose to go full blue or let some of your natural hair be with these blue shades.

10 Sleek, long hair
Flower headband on blue hair

If you think that coloring hair doesn’t provide other difference in look just then the color itself, then you might have to think again as you can use different hair accessories to enhance your appearance. As shown in the picture the flower headband is one of the many choices that not only suits but highlights your blue hair.

Age is no barrier

Now when it comes to coloring your hair, people who have crossed their youths may think: Nah, I’m too old for that! Well, you’re never old to try something that you want. Moreover, when it comes to blue hair color, the pictures below show how you can make your hair look charming despite that your aging.

Dark brown and blue combined

The beauty of blue hairdo is there with any hair color that you have been its dark hair color or light hair color. Here the artistic working of bright blue hair over brown makes the hair look like a waterfall. That’s truly majestic!

Hints of blonde

The blue hair color is not only charming when it is put on over blonde hair colors, but the reverse is equally alluring. As shown the hints of blonde tone over the blue hair dye looks attractive.

Central braided look

There will be tons of styling options that you can choose in not only color shade but also with the different way in which you can feature your beautiful hair and wear it like an ever-present crown like the central braided style shown here.

 Add some curls!

With you already having blue hair color and looking for some change to make it look different, you don’t have to find an excellent method or any expensive accessory, just adding some curls might get the job done.

The bob variations

The different variations of Bob hairstyle go exceptionally well with the different hues of blue. The variety that you pick is up to you depending upon the nature of the hair you possess. Wear it, and it will be yours!

High pony

This section depicts a high pony hairdo on the blue hair. The color can be different along with the blue tone that you prefer. This adds up another hairstyle to your set of options that might come handy some day.

Hairdos for special occasions

If you want a different hairstyle for any special event that you want to pull off on your beautiful blue hair, there are many to go to with these section providing you some ideas of creating a difference on your hairdo.

The long bob

The long bob is a favorite hairstyle of many girls, and this hair is one of the most suited hairstyles for having a blue hair color as it provides an added advantage of selecting any shade of blue available.

The pop of colors!

This section provides you with a very ravishing hairdo that shows what it looks like to have a rocking hairstyle, the fierce and fiery hairstyle might not be everyone’s choice but just seeing one might rock your day.

Shades of lilac mixed with blue

Here we have another picture to show you how well the blue hair goes along with other color and their shades. The lilac mixed hair color looks pretty and pleasant to look at. Try out the blue over different shades, and you won’t regret.

The blues and blacks!

Blacks and blues are a classic combination. You have to add the darker shades of black shades on the base and work your way into the colors! They can sure turn out stunning and look the best. You can style it any way you want, and it still looks great!

Back view of colored hair

You want your hair to look great from all angles for sure. There should not be any aspects left to your hairstyle that make it look unflattering! Make sure you get them done well and check the way it looks from the back as well in the salon!

Purple, sea green and blue!

If you are baffled about what colors to decide on, then you need to choose the colors that you have shortlisted! Here we have the lovely blend of purple with blue and sea green, and they are beautiful in all aspects! Try them out for a stylish effect on your hair!


Central parted long hair

If you have long hair, you can wear it in a lot of ways. The basic way to style your locks can be to part it in a central fashion and let the hair fall on either side equally. You can keep them sleek as well by straightening them!

The combo of blue and purple

Blues and purples are not too far on the color scheme and are pure colors that are complementary to each other! You can get inspired by these looks here and opt for a darker hair approach for an everyday wearable look with an edge to it.

Platinum blonde mixed with light blue shades

All are loving some colors, and the platinum blonde is undoubtedly one of them! Everyone from celebs to their stylists loves these hues, and here they pair well with blue tones as well. Just try them on once to know the difference!

Add some hair accessories

Adding on hair accessories can make your hair look more stylish for sure. You can create an effort and look like a perfect person on certain days with these clip-on hairpins! Here we have flowery ornaments that you can add to your hair for a festive vibe!

Blue and blonde

Blonde hair is a part of almost all hair trends out there! There is no denying that the hair has a chic appearance to it when you add blonde hues on them. Make sure you balance them out and use it to match your skin tone to look your best!

Short hair with blue hues

If you have short hair and you are looking to add some flair to them, then you need to try on these blue shades here! They are stunning, and all love the tones and tinges here! You can get them done at your salon today and see why we love them so much!

Demi Lovato’s hair ideas

Demi Lovato is a beautiful singer for sure, but her hairstyles are also equally loved by all! You can see how her dark roots and toned hair works out well for this rockstar vibe that she has on in this picture! We sure admire a well put together look like this!

Everyday Braided Look

Braids are an easy hairstyle to do and are also a great hairstyle to try on! They can make your hair look so much stylish. They have that well put together vibe to it, and we are sure you will want to try them on for yourself!

Alluring look with blue

There are deep, intriguing tones and looks that you can create with these blue shades here! You can make yourself look stunning with the perfect tone of blue and this look right here is the proof for that! Make sure you get the makeup also just right to complement the look!

Light blue

You can opt for a lighter shade of blue to add them on as a blue hair highlights or as a full-on color for your hair! You can get them to look the best when you pair them up with darker shades of blue as well!

Dark base and purple on the bottom

When you have a darker base on the roots of your hair, they look great! You can get highlights on them or even add the light blue to purple shades on the bottom like it has been done here! Just make sure the colors are well transitioned!

Event ready

This royal blue color can cut for you when you are attending a special occasion! These shades here are so beautiful, and we love the way it works with the purple tones as well. The style here is basic, but the hues make it pop!

Laid back Bun

The space buns here are laid back and surely give us a vibe that we love! There is a youthful radiance on with these looks, and we are sure in love with the way it has turned out here! The sections of hair on the front make a lot of difference to the look as well!

Hints of grey hair

These shades of grey or silver hair work out well as an ombre hair as well! You can get them done on yourself at a salon or do it yourself! These shades are getting a lot of popularity, and we love the hues and hairdos here!

Straight or curled up hair?

It can be conflicting to decide the look that you want to try on for your day! You can go for a straighten look or add some curls on the hair to make it look voluminous! You can get these hairdos and look awesome because of the hair color that you have on!

Casual everyday look

These looks right here are undoubtedly the vibe that you want going on for an everyday look! You can see that the hair has an essential everyday vibe to it. There are light to dark shades of blue here, and they are casual as well!


Magazine cover worthy

This blue highlight over the blonde hair gives a magazine cover fit hairstyle. It encourages you to be more artistic with the color tone as well as the styling option that you can think. Think out of the box; you might find your hairdo.

Curly hair

This section shows that the beauty of blue curls is more or less equally appealing as blue eyes to some. The blue tone on the tip of the kinks can be doing the trick. Ever thought of pulling off this magic? If not then it’s the time after looking at this picture below.

Deep  blue shades

The dark blue hues in the hair shown in the picture here shows how well it compliments your facial features. It just cannot help people from looking at you like the hair color demands for attention and equally deserves it as well.

Vacation Hair

Now if you are a working person and the blue hair is too outrageous for your daily life, you should not despair as the blue hues provides you an excellent vacation hairdo option. You can go with one of these looks for your next vacation.

Almost teal?

The hair here is almost teal, and we are in love with these shades. You can see how the braids here are beautiful, and they work out well with the grey tones on these as well! You can wear these with longer hair, and it looks great as well!

Afro hair

The blue afro hair is one of its types as it is scarce. It makes you appear as a bold and a strong character. A hero-figure woman with a sassy sense of style is what it would take to adopt this gorgeous hairstyle.

 Leave it loose

The loosely left blue locks reflects your relaxed nature and at the same time show your outgoing preference. Also with the availability of blue color tone, there would not be a problem for you with in terms of options.

Bright blue

The bright blue tones in the hair makes your hair look unreal. The blending of right color tone over the right style of hair makes your hair looks like one from a fairytale or of your favorite Barbie doll that you once played with and probably wondered how your hair would be if it looked like its hair.

Extra special

The special can be extra special with the different tones that you can find in the palette for blue colored hair. Either mix them up on your hair or work on along the steps from base to the hair tip as you prefer. Let out your shyness and let your hair make you feel extra special.

Winter Vibes

Well, your hair is like an ever blossoming flower isn’t it or should I say ever-blue flow with the blue color shade providing just what it needs to make your hair look fresh and blooming despite the season. Look at how the blue hair highlights go along with the snow and give winter vibes. Just amazing!

Blunt cut hair

Having a hair color is never dull when you can complement it with different style and own it. The blunt hair-cut is one of the techniques that go well with blue hair, and if it’s your favorite style, then you should be trying out some blue shades on your hair to spice up your style.

We are sure you have found the shade of blue to inspire you here in this article. We made sure to include looks that would suit women of all ages as well. You can find your hair texture and length and see what color would suit it as well. Make sure you match the skin tone to the color so that it flatters you well! You can ask your hairdresser to help you if you are not confident about these colors yourself! Choose the color and cut that you feel confident in and wear it to look slaying each day!

If this article was helpful in the quest of finding the right hue of blue hues for you, then show us some love and give this article a big like! You can also share it with others who you know would love to try on the blue hair trend. If you have any queries or suggestions for us or want to share your hair coloring experience with us, use the comments section below and let us know what you think! We value your words and advice.


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