110 Edgy and Vibrant Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyles of The Season!


Getting a new haircut can be exciting and scary at the same time! But if you are planning to get a short hairstyle, we recommend the blunt cut bob this season. The bob haircut has made a lot of noise this season and can be titled as the trendiest hairstyle of the past year! From celebrities to Instagram models, everyone tried their kind of bob and undoubtedly inspired many to it on as well.

When you explore, you will find countless styles for your bob and will manage to look fabulous! Here we have gathered ideas that you can use for yourself. There are textures and colors that you can try to spice up your regular hair! We are sure you will find the inspiration you need to change your haircut as you reach the end of this compilation! Choose the one you like from 110 blunt cut bob hairstyles here!


The middle part

The middle-parted hair has gained a lot of popularity as celebs and stylists recommended them. This partition adds a transition to your hair. If you have a round face, then this is the partition you should opt for. It creates a well-balanced look and also adds a slimming effect to your face!

Stylists have been recommending this central part to make a round face seem more oval since the oval face shapes are considered to look the best! Here are some looks to inspire you!

blunt cut bob

Casual blunt cut bob!

If you are not into looking too extra, then this is the one for you. There are variations of blunt cut bob for everyone, and you can find the one that you love the most! Here are styles with multiple textures and partitions.

If you are looking for a toned down version that you can wear every day, you can try these looks on. These hairstyles have a relaxed and effortless vibe to them as well that will give you a natural look.

Get your bangs on!

Bangs are the easiest and the most common addition to any hairstyles. You can instantly see the change in your whole look. There are styles of bangs as well that can match you the best. Here we are talking about the famous front bangs.

These bangs frame the face and also conceal a high forehead! If you want some fine lines are your concern, they will also be hidden as you try these bangs!

Feminine looks

You undoubtedly desire a feminine touch to your look. You can see how getting a bob haircut and styling it makes so much difference. The touch of grace that a perfectly styled hairstyle adds to your whole attire is on a whole new level for sure. Here are blunt bob hairstyles that are sure to get the lady in you excited!

Brunette Hair

There has been an age long battle between who has it better? The blonde or the brunettes! There is no answer to this it seems like, but you can surely try on these hues to decide which color suits you the best!

Here are some brunette hair colors with the blunt cut bob and we do recommend this to everyone!

Rough and ruffled!

The messy is the new perfect. Many celebs and influencers have tried on this ruffled hairstyle, and we have fallen in love with it too. There is a natural touch to these looks and has a relaxed vibe to it as well.

You can wear these looks on those days when you have no energy at all for stying your locks.

Hairstyles for fine hair

Long Hair

Do you not want your hair to be long and yet stylish? Then there are some of the options that will surely grab your attention. Keep a long hair that falls on your shoulders and then cut your hair in a blunt cut bob.

This is an excellent variation of the long bob, and we love how it can look both stylish and casual by the way you style it!

Kylie Jenner’s Hair

Kylie Jenner has set the fashion world on fire a lot of times. Her looks and style have influenced many women to be bolder in their hairstyles choices. Her met gala look also made the blonde blunt cut bob famous!

Many admired her hairstyle, and it has become a fashionable look among youngsters! Try this one and look as glamorous as she did!

Side parted blunt cut bob

Side parted hair has been loved by many for the transition it creates on the hair. You can see this look being sported by many women. It may be one of the most popular hairstyles for you to try on!

This look works for both a casual look and a formal occasion as well. Keep a length that you are comfortable with as well.

Textured hairstyle

No doubt adding a bit of texture to your hair will make it look better. It makes you look more put together and adds that chic ladylike appearance to the hair as well.

You can add these textures using some heat or opt for heat fewer options as well. Many YouTubers can guide you through this process.

Chic look

This look right here is sleek and chic! You can wear this when you want to look polished and more put together. There is no doubt that the hair gets its flair as you get them colored!

Here is a look that everyone finds approachable. You will need to style it for sure and also use products to tame the flyaways!

Short bob!

There is absolute comfort associated with short hair. You can make any hairstyle appear funkier and fun when you have short hair! There are plenty of options of blunt cut bob here for you, and we are sure you will love them.

These hairstyles are funky and have the spunk to them as well. Choose the basic shades of colors or go bold with a punch of colors to make things spicy!

Single layered blunt cut  bob

Layered haircuts are famous for adding depth and volume to your hair. There is no doubt that short layered hair is also a popular trend to follow.

If you are not looking for these short sections, opt to keep your hair in a singular length! Here are some safe options for you to choose from!

Burst of colors

Many bold colors are giving us major envy right now. These colors are nothing short of excellent and are sure to make you feel attracted towards them for sure!

If you are into bright hues, opt for reds and blues! A pastel pink or turquoise green are also equally popular. If you want to stay on the safer side of colors, opt for the browns!

Emma Stone’s Hairstyle

Emma Stone has tried on this messy blunt bob hairstyle, and she makes it look effortlessly beautiful! You can see how her natural skin tone shines through with the use of these colors!

The Lob

Many swear by the lob for all seasons and occasions! There is no doubt that lob is the safe ground for all people who want a longer length to feel comfortable.

Here are some excellent lob hairstyles that are sure to entice you! Many celebs have worn this look and are a flattering look for most people!

Mature Look in medium length haircut

When you are a certain age, you may think that you are not supposed to experiment with colors and hairstyles and stick to one safe look that works for all!

But that is not the case today. You can choose to go as bold and brave as you want to be and have fun with your hairstyles as you like. You will surely find the looks that make you look the best.

Pulled back hair

Keep your hair pulled back and pin them as well to enjoy the day without being bothered by them. You can see how easily you can achieve this look. There are not many layers here, and the simplicity is admirable.

Vintage Vibes

The blunt cut bob is not a new hairstyle to hit the market. Many women have tried on this look back in the day as well. The style remained evergreen and surely made a big comeback!

Here are a few looks from the days gone by and women wearing the blunt cut bob.

Red Carpet Looks

Red carpet needs everything to be perfect! You need to try on these looks too if you want to look as polished and pretty as these stars do. These blunt cut bob looks are one of the most popular looks worn by celebrities in 2018!

Chin length

If you are not able to choose between how long or how short to keep your hair, we have the idea that you need! Here are some chin length hairstyles that are sure to make it into your list. These are neither too short nor are they too long! These are just the perfect length!

 Black Hair

Blunt cut bob works great for black hair. We are sure you will fall in love with the way your hair looks when you try on these styles. Having dark hair can mean you have thicker hair. There are layers that you can add to your locks to make them look a bit less puffy!

You can opt for bangs and also try on some textures on your hair. You can see why we love this option for black hair. There are countless options for this hair color!


Dark roots

Dark roots with lighter hair colors work so well. Many have sported this hairstyle, and we admire it as well. You can try on bold colors to go with the darker roots as well. You can see how the hair gets added dimension and depth with the dark colors as a base!

Ombre Hair

One of the coolest hair color trends of all times is the ombre hair. Get your blunt cut bob in an ombre hair, and we love the results here. You can see how nice the hair look when you choose shades that suit your skin tones.

Face Framing bang

The side bangs here frame the face well and also help you conceal your high forehead. The look right here has the side swept bangs, and we love the youthful vibe that it has! The blunt cut bob here gets a slightly soft look, and we do recommend this!


If you are a teen and are in the lookout for some fun hairstyle, here is the section for you right here. These have a lot of texture to it on the first one. The one on the base here is the sleeker one! These bob hairstyles have a happy vibe to it!

Magazine covers!

These looks here are surely looking polished and pretty. They are looks that you would see in a magazine cover. You can try on some of these looks, and we are sure you will love it!

There are many hair colors here, and the ones that speak the most to you are the ones you should try on! Here are some very polished looks for you!

Selena Gomez’s look

This smooth and sleek hair has been worn by Selena a lot of time. The highlights here are blonde and are pretty in her dark brown hair. Her look is relevant and is being worn by many women!

Polished Look

These hairstyles here are so beautiful, and they have undoubtedly been put together with a lot of effort. You can also achieve the same look with some styling tools and conditioning products! Check these out, and we are sure you will fall in love with some of these.

Shoulder length bob haircut with bangs!

Many women are not comfortable with short hairstyles. They do want a more extensive section of hair to work with. Here are some shoulder-length blunt cut bob hairstyles that are sure to entice you. If you do not want to keep your locks too short, you need to opt for these looks right here!

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Everyday Look

Here are some blunt cut bob hairstyles that are more toned down and everyday wearable. You can see how subtle yet stylish these looks are and you can get them too! Book the appointment with your hairdresser today and get the look that you need today!

Middle-aged women

If you are in your 30s or 40s and are looking for an easy hairstyle that has its style factor, then this is the one for you. You can see how these women here are rocking the look and creating different looks with this one hairstyle!

There are varied options here for everyone. You can see how these hairstyles are well suited for women of middle ages. There is something for everyone in here!


Once you get yourself a layered blunt cut bob, you can expect a lot of volume on top! There are many short layers here in this hairstyle, and we admire how great it looks. The strands of hair here are sure to make you feel like it could cause flyaways!

You can tame these layers down with some holding spray or powerful hair gels! These hairstyles give the hair a healthy look.

Celeb Hair

There is not a day that goes by when we don’t see a celeb wearing a new hairstyle. The most famous celebs are wearing new hairstyles, and they influence their fans to try these on as well. Here are a few celebs that rocked the blunt cut bob and surely made it look great!

Bob for kids!

Making the right choice for a haircut for kids is hard. They need to be comfortable with the cut and also need to have their hair be manageable. This is a mom-approved hassle-free hairstyle for your kid; you need to try on these blunt bob hairdos here. These are worn by many children and will also make it easier on you moms to style their hair!


The process of change of your hair will be surely a time-consuming process! If you look up on the net, you will find a lot of before and after shots of these haircuts. No matter how long your hair is, you will feel terrific when you get it cut!

These pictures here are going to show you how great you can look as you chop off some layers off from your hair! These hairstyles are classy and trendy as well.

Angular bob

An angular bob has been a rage among women of all ages. You can see the hair strands are longer at the front and are shorter at the back. This gives you enough hair at the back to work with! You can create any look with this haircut for sure!

This hairstyle gets you a lot of length on the front and allows you to opt for other hairstyles as well. There are many ways you can spice this hairstyle up!


Adding waves to your hair will add the grace and femininity in your look that you desire. You can get these textures into your hair by using a curling iron or a straightener as well. Choose heatless options if you are scared of hair damage!

Check out some of these looks and try on the ones that you are comfortable with. You are sure to look your best when you are confident!

Well Put together

You can look very polished when you try on a blunt cut bob. You can find a lot of ways to style your hair and look fabulous. These are some options that are sure to entice you!

You will need to put in some effort to look this great for sure. But the results here make us feel like the effort is worth it!

Short middle-parted bob

The short middle sectioned blunt cut bob is Beyonce approved! There is nothing more you need in a hairstyle! You can see how she looks rocking in this look of hers.

You can opt for any color, and here we have a black and white ombre look for you as well. These shades can work for all skin tones as well. Try these and find the look that flatters you the most!

Glamorous look

Everyone has occasions where you need to look your best. If it is an exciting event and you need to bring out the inner diva in you, these are the bob hairstyles that you need to try!

The hair and makeup that you try on also make a huge difference for sure. You can see how the attire looks excellent when you style your locks!

The Blunt Bob

The basic blunt cut bob here with blonde hues are unique, and we love this style. You can surely try this look. It sets you aside from everyone and adds that needed flair to your appearance as well.

You can try this look no matter what age you are. Opt for colors that are flattering to your skin tone as well.

If you are an admirer of short haircuts, you are sure to have loved this article. If you have never tried on chopping your locks and wearing a short hair cut, this is your chance! These blunt bob hairstyles are stylish and age appropriate for all! The reason we love this style is that it adds so much style and oomph to your hair without overdoing it! There are elements that you can add to your bob and make them look even better!

If you loved this collection of blunt cut bob hairstyles, make sure you show us some love and like this article! Share it with your friends and family who are looking for a change of looks. If you try on these hairstyles, do share your experience with us! Comment down below to let us know how you feel about this compilation. We love to hear from you! Stay with us for more on such fashionable hairstyles; till next time, this is a wrap for this article!


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