120 Neat Bowl Cut Hairstyles With a Modern Twist For Women


Bowl cut hairstyles were a product of the ’80s, and many women sported them. The straight fringes on the front characterize the haircut, and the rest of the hair has the same length or is cut in short length! You can see that these looks were trendy back in the days and actresses and celebs wore it too! There are many variations of this look, and you can see them making a comeback as well!

If you are intrigued by the idea of the bowl haircut, then check out the compilation of the haircut here! There are options for everyone, and with the modernized twist to these looks, you can look fashionable as you do so! There are colors and hues that you can try on to make your hair have that oomph that you want! Here are some ideas for you if you are looking for a low maintenance hairdo down below!

Pixie cut

The pixie cut has been known to be a haircut for mature women. You can see how these short layers here are flattering to look at and suit many face shapes as well! You need to try these on once to know why so many people rave about it!

bowl cutKristen Wiig’s Hair

Here we have the beautiful Kristen with her amazing bowl haircut and she manages to carry it off so well! This eye-catching look has been worn by many celebs as well. Try this one on to look as graceful as she does!

Bright Blonde

All love bright blonde hues. This has been a favorite shade among many. This classic hairdo looks very lively and gives a happy flair to the overall outlook. The fashionable accessories fall perfectly with the aura.

Dark hair

Dark hair is an excellent color to add depth and needed dimension into the hair! You can get this haircut and make the cuts appear even sharper with these deep hues on! Give this haircut a try and see the difference yourself!

Sporty Look

She makes this look so alarming and sporty. Can you imagine yourself in one of these hairstyles? You need to get yourself an appointment today and get this captivating look!

Bob cut

This classy bob has made its way back into the modern day fashion as well. They have a fuller look on the top and is sure to make you feel good. Try this one with varied hues on your hair!

Green-ish Flair

This mushroom haircut was surely worn by many back in the ’80s and ’90s. They can be thought of like a more extended version of the bowl haircut. This light green hues in the hair are also adding flair to the hairstyle!

Uneven Sides

This look is undoubtedly for the ramp! There are uneven layers of hair on the sides and is not a look we expect to see in daily life! You can see how the hair has a shine and volume to it as well!

Round Undercuts

The undercuts have been an addition to hairstyles for countless years now. The blonde and black hues can make a massive difference in the way your bowl cut looks. The faded sides are also flattering here!

Miley’s Bowl Haircut

Miley Cyrus has not only had a lot of hits in her music but has also had some great haircuts! Her hair is a major fashion statement! Her bowl cut gained a lot of popularity back, and many fans wore it to look as alluring as she did!

Lively Look

The bright red tones in the hair have made it a lively look. You may have seen these looks on many people, and it has that fresh and flirty vibe to it for sure! This is an ideal look for everyday wear as well.

Black Hair

There is some bowl cut for black hair in here and we are sure you will love some of these. There is so much you can do when you have your dark hair styled into a fresh looking haircut. This helps the face structure to be apparent and we love how neat and flawless it looks!

Playful Hair

Check out the use of colors here and we are sure you will love this playfulness that it has! The dark roots fade into a slightly brown and then has a lighter shade at the base. You can see such looks being worn by models and fashionistas!

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you can try on this hairstyle for yourself! The bowl cut has sharp edges and when you straighten them, you can see how sleek and neat they look. You can see how smooth this look is here!

Monochrome Beauty

The black and white picture captures the beauty of the haircut here. The puffed up look has that captivating element to it and we surely recommend this one for all women who prefer a vintage look.

Cherry red shades

Shades of red represent love and passion and the fierce colors are sure to give you an edge! The cherry red has a shine to it that is loved by stylists as well! Check out these hues on the varied hair length and shapes here!

Bowl With A Tail

Here we have round, good, old bowl cut is rocking the long hair on the sides which kind of look like a classy tail. There is a modern twist added to the basic hairstyle which makes it more approachable!


Inward Turned hair

Styling your hair can surely make it look gorgeous! You can use your styling tools to create an inward wave in the end layers of your hair. This creates a chic and elegant look for you!

Rough Cuts

There are uneven layers in this haircut and they have that rough vibe to them! You can see how this hairstyle has that edge to it because of the added layers!

Green and blue

A medium sized bowl will be perfect if it is textured with cold dyes. There is a varying hue of green and blue. It is an extremely flattering look for every skin tone. You can also alter the darkness of the hues to match your skin tone!

Grown-out bowl-cut

Once your bowl cut grows out, it will still look great. Here you can see how the hair will slowly reach the eyebrows and create an illusion of a longer bang. They look great either way so you do not need to get it trimmed each day!

Messy Look

Being messy is the new perfection for sure! You can see how ruffled hair also manages to still look great! Your hair will look great even if you have just rolled out of bed!

Red Flames

Red fiery hues are the color of the season. These can be classified as the bowl cut of 2018! The thin layers at the back are sure to entice you as well! Try this one for a bold look!

Curled Locks

There needs to be some sort of texture into your hair once in a while to really spice things up! Here is how your bowl cut will look with curls on them! We have a bowl cut fade option for you as well.

Mary J. Blige’s Blonde Hair

Here we have Mary with her stunning blonde hair with a bowl cut. She manages to carry it off well for sure. You can try this look on and know why we are such fans of the well-done haircut!


Accessories to your hair

There are many accessories to your hair that you can add to make them pop! Here we have some funky glasses and earrings that you can try on to make your haircut look better!

Fiery Red

There are many red hues out there that you can try on! Here is a fiery red shade that you are surely going to love! The bowl haircut comes out well in this shade and gives it an alluring effect!

Purple Hue

There are purplish tones and tinges in this hairstyle that we love! You need to try these on and know for yourself how they add that touch of soft glam to your look. Check out these options here and you will be enticed!

Christina Ricci’s look

Christina Ricci has the layered hair here with frontal bangs like a bowl cut. You can see the layers on the sides and front are uneven and they frame the face well too! Her look can be copied and recreated by anyone!

Baby Bowl

Bowl cuts are a classic choice for babies as well! They are the best choice for toddlers and many moms opt for this look. Here are some options that you can choose from for your kid and give them a hassle-free hairdo!

Rihanna’s Bowl

Rihanna is a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and hairstyles! Her bowl cut here is surely a look that you would want to carry! The dark shades on the front or the ombre blonde on the one below; which one do you prefer?

Model Hairdo

This longer bowl cut is a look worn by models back in the day. You are sure to have seen this haircut on the celebs on some movies as well! This can surely make you feel a bit nostalgic for sure!


This look right here is simplistic and is a Korean bowl cut. They have loved this haircut and have been wearing it for long! You are sure to love this one here when you check out some of the K-pop singers and actors as well!

Pink and Orange

The fade on the back here works well with the pinks and oranges and you are sure to fall in love with it! These hues are working well together and we can see how they bring out the warmth in the pale skin!

Chestnut and Bangs

The chestnut brown hair here has bangs on the front and they make a beautiful pair! These can be categorized as the bowl cut of 2018! The base here is dark black and that brings out the colors even more!

Magazine cover worthy

These hairstyles here are so unique and stylish. They can be seen in fashion magazines and surely are a bold color for anyone to try on! Here we have so many colors and textures that work well to create a look out of this world!

Leopard Shades

Stylists take the inspiration from nature most of the time! Here we have a leopard pattern done on the hair with the dark base and lighter brownish hues follow! The ends are again darkened for the perfect illusive look.

Side Sweep

Side swept hairstyles are famous as well. They help keep the hair away from the face and form a hassle-free look that you can wear every day! Try this one for a casual relaxed vibe!

Cool Hairdo

There are some fresh and trendy hairstyles that you can try on to look great every day. We have compiled some beautiful hairdos that are sure to make you feel relaxed and naturally beautiful! Try this popular look and spice up your natural hair!

K-Pop Style

These bowl cut Korean looks have been around for long. You can see how fresh and healthy this hair looks. This hairstyle not only works for women but have also been a choice for men. The versatility is what makes this look approachable!


There are a certain shine and luster to this hairstyle that makes this our favorite look! You are sure to love this one once you give it a try! This has that modern element to it that is wearable as well!

Chocolate colors

Who does not like chocolate shades in their hairstyle? They have been incorporated into the hair by many stylists and we love the results! They look stunning and work well for any occasion whether formal or informal that you need to attend!

Short Hairstyles

The bowl cut is a hairstyle that has short layers to it! You can see how these layers here are flattering for all. There is side swept front here and that makes the whole look perfect for women of all ages!

Youthful Bowl cut

A bowl cut works for all face shapes and can be worn by women of all ages as well! They really help to bring out the facial features and helps you look your best! This hairstyle has a vibrant vibe to it as well!


This straight cut layered bowl cut has a unique vibe to it and we love the way it has the long layers of hair here! You are sure to stand out in the crowd if you pair this look with the correct makeup and attire!

  Full Circle

There is a full circle that we see in this look here. You can wear this look irrespective of the gender as well! Just make sure you take the help of an expert hairdresser to get the ends done well!

Voluminous haircut

There is a lot of volume in this hairstyle right here and you can wear this look to any event as well! When it grows out, they will come closer to your eyes but you still do not need to get them trimmed!

Burgundy Tones

This one here is a bit unique for sure! But you can see how the hair has an edge to it with the cut and colors. The burgundy hues in here are sure to make you feel feminine and fun!

Neat Cut

The cut here in the base is what makes this hairstyle a popular and unique look! This hairstyle gets that edge from that neat looking cut down at the back. Try this one if you are looking to be different!

Sky Blue Hair

This bowl cut with light blue hues is surely not for the faint-hearted out there! If you are interested in using fun colors and hues on your hair, go for this one! You can also add the color to your brows!

Textures in your hair

There are wavy textures on the hair right here and it adds that touch of femininity to the whole look! You can try this one on when you want a Korean inspired soft look. You only need to use hair curling tools for a bit to get this look!

Blonde Highlights

The highlight game is on in this look right here! the blonde hues are the perfect highlight to add to your dark hair to make it look amazing! This is a edgy style and is sure to make you feel unique!

Ash Blonde colors

The ash blonde hue has been popular for some time now. Celebs like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian also tried on this hue and inspired many to try this! Check out these looks here and get inspired by your favorite celebrity!

Stunning Hair

This hair here is stunning and a look that anyone can opt for! You can see the casual relaxed vibe of the hairstyle and will surely be inspired to try it on once in your lifetime!

Gothic Look

Goth community has always accepted the bowl cut. There are many who wear this hairstyle to get a gothic vibe and we have one right here that you might like! There is a side fade and blunt fringes here that go well with the deep makeup tones!

Layered Hairstyle

Adding layers to your hair will even out the thickness it has and also help to add the chiseled image to your face! This is surely a look that many have tried on! Make sure you visit the salon to get this one done!

Bleached Hair

If you want to get colors like these, you will need to bleach your hair. The bleaching makes the hair lighter and helps you get the faint shades you want! They can be damaging to your hair so make sure you treat them with conditioning products once you are done!

Heart Shape

The fringes in the forehead here make a heart shape and it has a unique appearance for sure! If you have never seen this look, then you will surely be amazed! This is a look to try on for when you have a desire for a out of this world kind of image!

Auburn Shade

This color is the perfect blend of the blondes and the reds. They can be altered to fit any skin tone and is surely a color that was famous back in the ’80s. You may need to check in with your hairstylists before you get this color though!

The shape of your bowl cut

You can see from these images here that the bowl cut looks different in each face shape. Your head has a unique shape and so the layers you add  might accentuate that shape as well! You can check out some of the looks here to get the idea of the appearance of your hair!


Icy Bowl Cut

The icy shades in here are reminding us of the cold winters for sure! You can opt for such pale shades if you are a fan of blonde light hues!

Shaved Side

The bowl cut mullet is an old style. The side shaven look here is more trendy to be honest! You need to try this one on to know why we find this to be attractive as well as easy!

Bowl Haircut

This one can be called as the classic bowl cut and has that fine cut at the front here! You can see how precise the cut has been and the hair sits well on your face shape as well!

We are sure you have found out enough information about the bowl cut as you reach the end of this article here! They have been known to be a bit on the funny side of haircut, and many have even called it the worst haircut ever! But you can see that it can make you look flattering when you get it done nicely. Many loved this hairstyle and have been loyal to it as well!

There are many varieties of the haircut, and the best thing about them is that they are easy to style and maintain as well! If this article helped you find the bowl cut hairstyle for you, show us some love and like this article. Make sure you share this article with your friends to make them try this look on too! Do comment down below to share your opinions about this article! We love hearing from you! Stay with us for more of such an exciting topic! Till next time, this is a wrap!


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