103 Adorable Time Saving Braid Hairstyles For Kids All Ages


If you are a mother, then you are sure to have the pressures of getting the hair of your kids done each morning! You can use these braid hairstyles for kids for such occasions! These are easy to do and will surely save you time! We have compiled the best hairdos for all hair lengths and textures, and these will surely be helpful for the days to come!

Here are our best collection of braid hairstyles for kids that you can navigate through!

Tied at the back

The hair has been tied at the end, and the braids here are well done too! This is one natural look and is sure to give you some time off!

A toddler’s Updo

These updos here are adorable and have a smooth touch to them! The sides here have the braided curls, and the whole look is perfect for special occasions!

braid hairstyles for kids Ponytail

These little black girl braided hairstyles are beautiful, and once you get the hang of it, you can get them done in a matter of minutes! Make sure you try it out once.

The designs on the sides

This is one beautiful hairdo for sure! The bun on the top is gorgeous, and the braided sections have the perfect designs on the temples that make it exotic!

Blue Accents with black hair

Adding color to the braid hairstyles for kids can make them look stunning! Here we have a bold color option for you to try out. The blue accents are working well with the black hair.

Beaded hair

These kids braids with beads have us going aww over how perfect it looks! You can add the beads with some beautiful colors to make the hairdo appear fun!

The one for boys!

These braid hairstyles are not only for your baby girls! They work out well for your baby boys as well! Here is a look that can inspire you.

The Sectioned front

Here we have options of braids for kids with long hair. You can add some sections on the front to create designs and make this look pop!

 Sweep it to the side

One of the easiest ways to keep your baby’s hair in place is to let it sweep to a side! Braided sections work well when placed on an angle as well.

Heart shaped Hairstyles

If you have braid hairstyles for kids, then you can mold it to look like any shape! Here are the heart-shaped hairdos that can set you aside from everyone else!

The adorable lace ribbon

You may have seen black kids braids hairstyles pictures online and may be wondering how to make them unique. You can add a ribbon to make it so!

The multi-elements

There are a lot of elements in these toddler braided hairstyles with beads! There are sections and designs that all work together to make this a unique look.

Beads and ribbons

Toddler braided hairstyles with beads can be time taking to do. But they are sure to look great for a long time. You can let this hairdo be for some day without you needing to fix it!

The slanted hair

The designs here are beautiful, and the basic look here is a braided slant! You can start braiding at an angle, and it will look stunning once you are done.

Thicker chunks

If you want a thicker looking braid, then you can take bigger sections of hair and make it into a tight twist. These sections are stunning once you’re done.

Braids on the front

One of the most natural and most comfortable braid hairstyles for kids is this one here. It has the twists on the front, and they can be perfect for school days.

Sections and braids

You can see these braids here have parts taken from the front, and it all looks great! You can try this one on for a different appeal!

Tugged on Braids

One great way of making your braids look great is to pull on them from either side. It can make the graceful appeal that everyone loves.

Create your waves

Braid your hair and then create these section here. You can create these waves and get the appearance of a heart shape on them!

The classic braids and bun

This easy braids for kids are perfect for moms who are always in a rush! You can braid a section and then put it into a bun, and it’s done.

Thicker on the ends

These sectioned braids have a sleek appearance, and the ends get more abundant as we reach the base. The beads and ribbons make it look even better.

Curls and braids

There are tight curls in this natural hair, and the twists on the sides have given it an edge! You can make your kid happy with this.

The upside-down braids

This one is a bit unique, for sure. The twist starts from the base, and they are tied on top as we reach the crown area.

The hair tie effect

Once you tie your hair in a certain way, you can tug on them and get this effect! Make sure you use tight hair ties to get this done.

Triple Pony

If you are looking for something fun, try this one! There are triple braid hairstyles for kids here, and you are sure to love it.

Perfect Halloween Look

There is more pressure to get the hair done during Halloween! This cat ears braid hairstyles for kids has that unique appeal to it!

Thin Braided Bun

The braided hair section here meets into a bun at the base! This hairdo looks effortless and is time-saving as well. Make this your new look.

The Intricate Designs

There are so many intricate sections here, and we love how it makes an instant impact. These are perfect for days when your kid needs to attend a special occasion.

Curly hair on the front

The braids here start at the end, and the top has the curly hair. These are perfect for any hair texture and length.

Braid Hairstyles For Kids For Vacation

This look is approachable and is perfect for the days when you need to head out to vacation with your kids! The beads and ornaments make it adorable!

The crisscrossed braids

These quick crossed over sections makes the braided hairdo look amazing! This is a simple trick, and it makes everything look perfect.

Add these clasps!

Add some clamps on the hair, and it can make your kid’s hair look amazing! They instantly add a fun side to the braids. Do try this out on.

The wedding day hairdo

Braid hairstyles for kids are perfect for weddings and other such joyous occasions! You can get these braided updos, and we are sure everyone will love this look on your baby.

Twisted braids

There are two sections here on these braids! The smaller braid is hidden in the top, and then we have the rest of the hair in twists.

Big sections

One of the easiest ways to get braid hairstyles for kids is to get the scalp separated in significant, clean parts. Then you can tie the rest in a ponytail.

Short hair

These braids for a little girl with short hair are easy to do as well. You can see the ends here have clear beads on them, and it goes well with all outfits!

Braids and pony on top

The combination of braids and ponytail is an excellent option! The twists here are on the top, and the rest has been pulled up into a bun.

Salon hairdo

If you are not good with the hairstyles yourself, then you can get them done on a salon. They will turn out great and the last longer as well. These are the easy way to get the hair done for a longer time.

 Brown hair

The hair here has a dark brown hue to it, and we love how it adds to the depth of this look. This is a great color to try on.

Mini Bun on top

This is one look that we are stunned by! It is sure to get you all the compliments on your skills. The small bun on top makes all the impact.

Unique Accessories

Here we have a braided hairdo that has rubber made spider add-ons to them! These can be a weird way to wear the hair for sure. Get this done during Halloween.

Space buns for kids

Space buns are two buns placed on the top, and they are sporty as well as cute. These braided buns are extra special.


These braid hairstyles for kids have many variations that you can try. Here are children’s braids black hairstyles that you can take some inspiration from.

Sleek Pinned down look

Pinning the hair down on the scalp can get the hair look sleeker. It keeps the flyaway in place and it perfect for summers.

Direction of braids

Here the braids have been done from both directions, and it has given it a unique appeal. It is the best style for small kids.


These braid hairstyles for kids are perfect for all festive occasions and parties! The double braids are beautiful, and the accessories on them work well too.

Beautiful from all sides
The thick bow!

Add some color

You can add some color and add fun into a look here by using these hairpins. The side braids are the base here, and they look beautiful.

The simple braid

The simple hairdo is time-saving and can be done in a matter of minutes. These are ideal for school days. Try adding a flower pin on the sides too!

Intercrossed sections

The detailed sections of tiny braids on the top here are exquisite. You can see the rest of the hair falls freely, and the top is what makes all the impact.

A braided pony

Ponytails can be simple and get monotonous after some time. You can create a high pony on top like this one to create a different look.

Back to school hairdo

This look here is a back to school hairdo, and it has the perfect balance to it! You can add beads and ribbons to it as well.

The flower hair band

The green flower hair tie here has made these braid hairstyles for kids look gorgeous. They have a charming appeal and is readily available everywhere as well!

Adorable side braids

The side swept thick braids have yarn on them that make it look perfect. You can add colors to them and make them pop out even more.

The red ribbon

A pop of color is always appreciated on all occasions! You can add this red ribbon with rhinestones on top to make this hairdo perfect for all events.

Colored hairpins

These tiny hair braids are beautiful, and the colorful flower add-ons to this look make it stunning. Get these pins and add them to create a fun look.

DIY project

This is a do it yourself hairstyle that you are sure to get done after a few minutes! They are comfortable and have that charm to them as well.

Yellow beads

Adding beads are the perfect way to make the hair look fun and colorful. The yellow beads here are giving us summer vibes strongly. The sleek appearance is lovable too.

High Pony

If you want to tame the hair and keep the flyaway at bay, you can braid all the sections of hair and then keep it into a high pony.

The dedicated hairdo

There is a lot of angles here, and these clasps help too! You will need to be dedicated and be very careful to get this look completed with perfection.

Stunning braids

These braids are favorite of many and all for the right reasons! You can see the twists started from different angles, and it all has a lovable appeal.

Pineapple Hair

If you are looking for a challenging hairdo, then this is it! You can see how the shapes here are different and it all will take a lot of time as well.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are easy to do for sure once you get the hang of it! These are time-saving for sure and look like a waterfall too, which is a bonus!

A big blue ribbon

Go an extra mile with the way you do braid hairstyles for kids and add a blue ribbon on top! You can see the beads on the ends here, and they make it look perfect!

Flower Girl at weddings!

If your kid is going to be a flower girl at a wedding, then you are sure to want this look on them! The flowers on the front are perfect too!

Pigtails and hearts!

There are heart designs on the top here, and they have been made with tight braids! The pigtails on either side work well with the matching beads and ribbons!

Well sectioned hair

You can start this look with some sections on the back, and they move up to a bun on top! The metal clasps here are an excellent addition to it as well.

All about the designs

Braid hairstyles for kids are all about the designs that you create. You can see that the sections of hair here are braided and then tied down!

Bigger, bulkier braids

Take chunkier sections of hair, and then you can braid them to get this look! Make sure you use these braid hairstyles for kids at least once!

School day hairdo

These sectioned braid hairstyles for kids are sure to be loved by everyone at school as well. You can get this done back at home itself, and it lasts for some time without getting messy.

Half up hairstyle

Half up and half down hairstyles are always popular. You can see these braid hairstyles for kids a lot on the internet, and we love how chic they are!

Graceful one

This is a cute and adorable space bun and is charming as well. There are loose sections of hair here as well, and there are a lot of ornaments added to the look as well. Central Braids

Take the central part of your kid’s hair and then braid them to get this look. The braid can then merge with a ponytail and conceal the hair tie with the hair underneath it.

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Bun hairdos are perfect as they keep the hair away from the face and is ideal for summers. The sections on the front are well done, and the bun on the top has a thick appearance.

To a side

Braid all the section of hair at once at an angle, and then you can tie them on a side! You can see the blue, vibrant ribbon here adds flair to the hairdo.

Braid and tuck

You can take the three sections of hair here and get these braid hairstyles for kids. You can tie these twists and then flip them around to get this hairdo here.

Satin headband

The satin headband here are beautiful, and the white is perfect if you are getting your kid to a wedding. These braid hairstyles for kids can work out well for all joyous occasions! Tiny hair twist

If your baby has thin sections of hair with a short length, then you are sure to want to try this one on! You can twist the segment here and make the angles the same way too.

French braids

Braid hairstyles for kids can be a bit tricky to do! You can see the French braids here are simple, but they may take some time to get done. Make sure you have the skill perfected.

The basic look

This braid hairstyles for kids are perfect for mid-length hair. You can see the basic look is typical. You need to make sure that these sections are done well to get the same effect.

Crown Braids

Crown braids are adorable and are relatively popular as well. You can see how you can take a few sections and braid them. Pin them down, and you are done with it!

Alluring designs

These designs are accessible on the internet, and the sections are perfect as well. These hairdos may need some time to do, but the results are stunning once they are completed!

Easier than it looks

Sometimes hairstyles can be daunting, and it can make you scared to try them on. You can see these sections here, but they are not as hard as they seem. Once you learn how to do braids, they are comfortable.

Braids and curls with accessories

There are long curls on the back these light sections of twists on the front! The sides have a different direction of braiding done and has beads on the base too.

Maple leaf sections

Adding some design on to the hair makes it more detailed. It looks like you have put effort into your kid’s hair. This is sure to get the moms asking you for tips!

Easy hairdo

This is one easy braid hairstyles for kids, and we love how beautiful they are! The light blue ribbons here are adding the charm to the look and is a hairdo you must try.


This hairstyle here is cute! You can see the braids are clinging on to the scalp and then they fall freely on after that! You can get this braided section done at a salon too!

These braids hairstyles are easy to do, and they make your babies look adorable. You can try on different designs and add hair accessories to your braids to make them appear stylish as ever! If you have kids that go to school, then it sure can be hard to get new hairstyles done on them every day. This article was thus compiled to help you figure out the look that you want to try on the next day! These hairdos are sure to inspire you.

If this article helped you find the perfect braid hairstyles for kids, then give this a big thumbs up! You can also share this with other moms who would find this to be helpful. Share your thoughts with us using the comment box below! We will be back with more on such beautiful hairdos, so follow us! Till then, stay stylish!


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